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78:1  Of what do they ask one another (questions)
78:2  Of the tremendous tidings, (The Arabic word is singular)
78:3  Concerning which they (continue) differing among themselves
78:4  Not at all! They will soon know
78:5  Thereafter, not at all! They will soon know
78:6  Have We not made the earth as a cradling, (Or: level lands)
78:7  And the mountains as bulwarks
78:8  And We created you in pairs
78:9  And We have made your sleep for repose
78:10  And We have made the night for a garment
78:11  And We have made the daytime for (earning) a livelihood
78:12  And We have built above you seven strong (heavens)
78:13  And We have made a glowing luminary
78:14  And We have sent down from the clouds (i.e., rain clouds) pressing forth water cascading
78:15  That We may bring out thereby grain and growth
78:16  And gardens entwined
78:17  Surely the Day of Verdict has been (set) as a fixed time
78:18  The Day when the Trumpet will be blown; then you will come up in troops
78:19  And the heaven is opened, (and) so has become gates
78:20  And the mountains are made to travel, (and) so have become a mirage
78:21  Surely Hell has been observing, (i.e., in expectation of the criminals)
78:22  For the inordinate (as) a resorting
78:23  Lingering therein for epochs
78:24  They will not taste therein either coolness or any drink
78:25  Except scalding water and (overflowing) pus
78:26  An agreeable recompense
78:27  Surely they did not hope for a reckoning
78:28  And they cried lies to Our signs with constant cries (of lies)
78:29  And everything We have enumerated in a Book
78:30  "So taste! We will never increase you in anything except in torment."
78:31  Surely for the pious there is a place of triumph
78:32  Enclosed orchards, and vineyards
78:33  And youthful virgins, like of age
78:34  And a cup brimful
78:35  Therein they will hear no idle talk nor cry of lies
78:36  (It is for) recompense from your Lord, a gift, a reckoning
78:37  (From) the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, The All-Merciful; they possess (no power) of addressing Him
78:38  On the Day when the Spirit and the Angels rise up in ranks, they will not speak, except him (to) whom The All-Merciful has given permission and who speaks (Literally: says) right
78:39  That is the True Day. So whoever decides, should seek a resorting to his Lord (i.e., by doing righteous deeds)
78:40  Surely We have warned you of a near torment on the Day when a person will look at whatever his hands have forwarded, and the disbeliever will say, "Oh, would that I were dust!"