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77:1  And (by) the emissaries in a (continual) series with benevolence
77:2  Then (by) tempests (storming) tempestuously
77:3  And (by) the spreaders spreading
77:4  Then (by) the ones who separate with a (distinct) separation
77:5  Then (by) the ones casting a Remembrance
77:6  Excusing or warning
77:7  Surely that which you are promised is indeed befalling
77:8  So when the stars will be obliterated
77:9  And when the heaven will be riven
77:10  And when the mountains will be crushed
77:11  And when the Messengers' (time) is fixed
77:12  To whichever Day is (this) term appointed
77:13  To the Day of Verdict
77:14  And what makes you realize what the Day of Verdict is
77:15  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:16  Did We not cause the earliest people to perish
77:17  Thereafter We make the later generations follow them up
77:18  Thus We perform against the criminals
77:19  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:20  Did We not create you of a contemptible water
77:21  Then We made it in an established reposing
77:22  Till a known (term) determined
77:23  So We determined; so Excellent the Determiners are We
77:24  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:25  Have We not made the earth a receptacle
77:26  For the living and the dead
77:27  And We made therein lofty anchorages, (i.e., mountains) and We made you to drink water grateful (to taste)
77:28  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:29  Go off to what you used to cry as lies
77:30  Go off to a three-pronged (Literally: comprising three prongs) shade
77:31  With no plenteous shade and of no avail against the flames
77:32  Surely it throws up sparks like palace (s) (Or: dry faggots)
77:33  As if they were yellow (heaps) of cables (Or: golden herds)
77:34  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:35  This is the Day they will not pronounce (a word)
77:36  Nor be permitted to, then excuse themselves
77:37  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:38  This is the Day of Verdict: We have gathered you and the earliest (people)
77:39  So, if (ever) you have any plotting, then plot against Me
77:40  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:41  Surely the pious will be in shades and springs
77:42  And such fruits as they crave
77:43  "Eat and drink, rejoicing with wholesome appetite, for whatever you were doing."
77:44  Thus surely We recompense the fair-doers
77:45  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:46  "Eat and enjoy (your life) a little: surely you are criminals"
77:47  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:48  And when it is said to them, "Bow down!" They do not bow down
77:49  Upon that Day woe to the beliers
77:50  So, in whichever discourse after (this) do they believe