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53:1  I call to witness every part of the Qur'an when it is revealed
53:2  That your comrade (Muhammad) has neither deviated (from true guidance in his practices) nor has he erred (in his beliefs)
53:3  He does not say anything out of (his own) fanciful desire
53:4  This (Qur'an) is nothing but (pure) revelation, revealed (to him by God)
53:5  The Lord of Mighty Powers has taught him (this discourse)
53:6  (The Lord) Whose powers become manifest in manifold and frequent ways, with the result that he (- this Messenger of God) attained perfection and fullest vigour (both intellectually and physically)
53:7  And he attained to the zenith of heights (in his spiritual ascension)
53:8  Then he drew near to Him and afterwards he descended (to mankind, for their guidance)
53:9  So that he became (as it were) one chord to two bows or closer still
53:10  Then He revealed that excellent and mighty (Qur'anic) revelation which He had to send to His servant (Muhammad)
53:11  Whose mind made no mistake in (the interpretation of) that which he saw (during the ascansion)
53:12  Will you doubt and dispute with him concerning that (sight) which he saw with his own eyes (it being no figment of imagination)
53:13  And, of course, he saw Him (in His another manifestation to him) yet another time
53:14  It was near the Sidrah which stands at the farthest end (of knowledge)
53:15  Near where also is the Garden which is the real eternal abode
53:16  (This was) when the sublime thing (- the Divine Manifestation) which was to cover Sidrah had covered it
53:17  (When he saw the Divine Manifestation) his eye deviated not (from the certainty of the Truth) nor did it wander away (from the invincible faith on which he stood)
53:18  (It was the moment when) he saw the greatly important signs of his Lord
53:19  Have you had a look at Lat and `Uzza (the gods of idolaters)
53:20  And another, the third (goddess of no account) Manat
53:21  What (an ignoble idea you have)! Are you to have sons and He daughters
53:22  That indeed is an unjust division (and unbecoming from your own point of view which looks upon the birth of a daughter with condemnation)
53:23  (The fact is that) these are mere names (bearing no significance) which you have coined, you and your forefathers, for which Allah has revealed no authority (for their being worshipped as gods and goddesses). These (idol-worshippers) follow nothing but mere conjectures and the fancies of (their own) minds. (They do this) even though true guidance has already come to them from their Lord
53:24  Can a person always have whatever he desires
53:25  Rather (all the blessings of) the Hereafter as well as (those of) this present life belong to Allah
53:26  Behold! so many an angel is there in the heavens but their intercession can be of no avail except after Allah has given (them) permission regarding him whom He wills and with whom He is pleased
53:27  (Verily, it is only) those who do not believe in the Hereafter and (who) give feminine names to the angels (because they ascribe them to Allah as His daughters)
53:28  But they have no knowledge of the matter. They follow nothing but conjecture, yet by no means can a conjecture be a substitute for the established Truth
53:29  So turn aside from him who turns away from Our remembrance, and seeks nothing but the present life
53:30  That is the highest attainment of their knowledge. Verily, your Lord knows very well those who go astray from His path, as He knows very well those who follow the right guidance
53:31  And all that lies in the heavens and all that lies in the earth belongs to Allah alone. The result of this is that He recompenses the evil doers according to (the evil of) their deeds and rewards those who do good deeds with the fairest reward
53:32  Those who avoid grave sins and open shameful deeds but (who are sometimes guilty) only (of) minor offences (will find) your Lord is Lord of immense protection (and resorts to His mercy in such cases). He knows you full well (since) when He created you from the earth and when you were embryos in the wombs of your mothers. So make no pretensions to the purity of your souls. It is He Who knows best who (truly and fully) guards against evil
53:33  Have you taken notice of the one who turns away (from guidance)
53:34  And gives but a little (in the cause of Allah) and does it grudgingly
53:35  Has he the knowledge of the unseen so that he can see (his own future)
53:36  Has he not been informed of the contents of the Scriptures of Moses
53:37  And (those of) Abraham who thoroughly and faithfully fulfilled (the commandments of his Lord)
53:38  (The Scriptures say that) no soul that bears a burden shall bear the burden of another (soul)
53:39  And that a human being will have (to his account) what he strives for
53:40  And that his strivings shall necessarily be seen (and evaluated)
53:41  Then will he be recompensed fully and fairly
53:42  And that to your Lord is the eventual return
53:43  And that it is He alone Who makes people laugh and weep
53:44  And that it is He alone Who causes death and brings to life
53:45  And that He Himself created the two species - male and female
53:46  From a sperm-drop when it is emitted
53:47  That it is He upon whom rests the raising (of the dead) again to life
53:48  And that it is He Who fulfills the needs and endows (the gift of) capital contentment, and grants wealth
53:49  And that it is He Who is the Lord of Sirius (- a star worshipped by some polytheists)
53:50  And that He destroyed the ancient (tribe of) `ad
53:51  And (the tribe of) Thamud, so that He spared not a single soul of them
53:52  And (He destroyed) the people of Noah before (them). They were extremely wicked and most rebellious
53:53  And (that it is He) Who totally pulled down the subverted cities (- Sodom and Gomorrah of the people of Lot)
53:54  So they were completely covered with that which overwhelms (when the punishment befalls)
53:55  (O human being!) which of the bounties of your Lord will you then doubt and dispute
53:56  This (Prophet) is a Warner (towards all the peoples of the worlds) from among the (series of) Warners (to one particular people) of old
53:57  (The Hour of punishment) that was (promised) to come has drawn nigh
53:58  None can avert this (doom) besides Allah
53:59  Do you then wonder at this announcement (and yet pay no heed to it)
53:60  (For on hearing the mention of the Hour of punishment) you laugh rather than weep
53:61  And you remain proudly heedless and haughty
53:62  You should better prostrate yourselves before Allah and worship (Him). [Prostration]