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53:1  By the star when it falls.
53:2  Your companion [Muhammad] did not go astray nor was he misled.
53:3  Nor does he speak out of the vain desire.
53:4  It is but an inspiration inspired unto him.
53:5  He was taught by [Gabriel] the one formidable in power.
53:6  Master of strength and he [Gabriel] rose up in appearance most proportionate.
53:7  While he [Gabriel] was in the horizon the most high.
53:8  Then he drew near and lowered down.
53:9  Till he was at the angle of two bows or even nearer.
53:10  And then He inspired unto His slave what He inspired.
53:11  Then the [Prophet Muhammad’s] heart did not belie that which he saw.
53:12  Are you then disputing with him about that which he sees?
53:13  For indeed he [Prophet Muhammad] saw him [Gabriel] at the second descent.
53:14  Besides the Lote-Tree of the farthest boundary.
53:15  Besides it is garden of the welcoming.
53:16  At a time when He was covering the Lote-Tree with that which He covered.
53:17  The [Prophet Muhammad’s] sight did not wander nor did it [the sight] transgress.
53:18  Truly he saw the most great from among the signs of his Lord.
53:19  Have you seen the ‘Lat’ and the ‘Uzza’?
53:20  And ‘Manat’, the third one?
53:21  Is it that for you are the male and for Him the female?
53:22  That then is a division most biased.
53:23  These are but names that you have coined, you and your fathers. Allah has not sent down any authority by them. They but follow the wishful thinking and that which the souls desire while the guidance has indeed come unto them from their Lord.
53:24  Or is it that the man can get all that he wishes for?
53:25  But for Allah is the end and the beginning.
53:26  And how many an angel [are there] in the heavens? Their intercession avails nothing except after Allah gives permission for whom He wills and pleases.
53:27  Truly those who do not believe in the hereafter do name the angels with the naming of the female.
53:28  And there is no knowledge [certitude] for them about that. They but follow the wishful thinking and truly the wishful thinking avails nothing from the truth.
53:29  Therefore turn aside from the one who turns away from Our remembrance and does not want except the life of this world.
53:30  That is their limit from the knowledge. Truly your Lord knows all about the one who has gone astray from His way and He knows all about the one who has found the guidance.
53:31  And for Allah is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth so that He may reward those who have done evil because of what they have done and may reward those who have acted in excellence with the most excellent [reward].
53:32  Those who keep away from the major sins and from the offences except the minor ones. Truly your Lord is abundant in the forgiveness and He knows all about you when He raised you from the earth and when you were covered in the wombs of your mothers. So do not claim yourselves to be sanctimonious. He it is who knows all about one who safeguards his soul.
53:33  Have you seen the one who has turned back?
53:34  And he gives little and he became miserly.
53:35  Is the knowledge of the unseen with him so that he can see?
53:36  Or is he not informed about that which is in the scripture of Moses?
53:37  And of Abraham who fulfilled [the words].
53:38  That no bearer of a burden will bear the burden of another.
53:39  And that there is nothing for the man except that for which he has labored.
53:40  And that his labour will soon be seen.
53:41  Then will he be rewarded with the reward most fulfilled.
53:42  And that unto your Lord is the final end.
53:43  And that it is He who makes laugh and makes weep.
53:44  And that it is He who puts to death and gives life.
53:45  And that He indeed created the pairs, the male and the female.
53:46  From a liquid as it flows out.
53:47  And that upon Him lies the other creation.
53:48  And that indeed it is He who makes rich and makes upright.
53:49  And truly He it is the Lord of the Shi’ra [the Sirius].
53:50  And truly He it is who destroyed ‘Ad of the earlier times.
53:51  And Thamud and He did not leave any.
53:52  And the people of Noah before. Truly they were the most wrongful and the most transgressive.
53:53  And the city that was upturned He caused it to fall down.
53:54  So that He covered it by that which covered [it].
53:55  Then about which of the blessings of your Lord will you dispute?
53:56  This is a warner from the warners of the earlier times.
53:57  The momentous has drawn near.
53:58  There is no remover [of its woes] except Allah.
53:59  Do you then marvel at this discourse?
53:60  And you laugh and do not weep.
53:61  While you are merry-making.
53:62  So prostrate for Allah and serve [Him] truly.