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53:1  By the star when it inclines,
53:2  Your companion, (‘Muhammad’), has neither gone astray, nor has he erred,
53:3  Nor does he speak of his own fantasy.
53:4  (This glorious ‘Qur’ān’) is nothing but the knowledge of Allâh's Word that has been revealed.
53:5  (‘Muhammad’) has been taught (the ‘Qur’ān’) by one mighty in power (i.e. Archangel ‘Gabriel’),
53:6  Endued with beauty, sturdiness and wisdom. He grew clear to view
53:7  When he was in the highest part of the horizon.
53:8  Then he approached and came down.
53:9  He was as close to (‘Muhammad’) as the distance of two bows or even less.
53:10  So did (Allâh) reveal to His servant (‘Muhammad’) what was to be revealed (through the Archangel ‘Gabriel’).
53:11  The heart (of ‘Muhammad’) has not deluded him in seeing what he saw.
53:12  Will you then dispute with him over what he saw?
53:13  Indeed, he saw Him in another descent,
53:14  Near ‘Sidrat al-Muntahā’,
53:15  Near it is the Garden of eternal abode.
53:16  When ‘Sidrat al-Muntahā’ was covered with that which covers.
53:17  (His) sight deviated not, neither did it transgress.
53:18  Indeed he did see (some) of the Greatest Signs of his Lord.
53:19  Have you then thought carefully about al-Lāt and al-‘Uzzā,
53:20  and Manāt, the third, of the preceding two, the other?
53:21  Is it for you the males and for Him the females?
53:22  This indeed is an unfair division!
53:23  They are nothing but names which you have named - you and your fathers- for which Allâh has sent down no authority. They follow nothing but speculation and their personal desires although the source of inner guidance and spiritual transformation (i.e. the Glorious ‘Qur’ān’) has come to them from their Lord.
53:24  Or shall man have what he desires?
53:25  But unto Allâh belongs the ‘End’ and the ‘Beginning’ (of all things).
53:26  How many ‘Angels’ are in the heavens whose intercession avails nothing except after Allâh gives permission to whom He wills and with whom He is pleased.
53:27  Indeed, those who refuse to admit (the existence of) the ‘Hereafter’ have named the ‘Angels’ with female names.
53:28  They have no knowledge of it. They follow nothing but speculation. Indeed, speculation avails nothing against the Truth.
53:29  Thus, shun whoever turns away from Our remembrance. He seeks nothing but the deception of this ‘worldly life’.
53:30  That is their attainment of knowledge. Indeed, your Lord knows best the one who goes astray from His path; and He knows best the one who attains spiritual insight.
53:31  Unto Allâh, belongs whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth. He will chastise those who commit evil deeds with (the penalty of) what they have done, and will reward those who do virtuous good deeds with the best reward, (‘Al-Jannah’).
53:32  Those who avoid by all means committing the great sins and abominations except for minor offenses (let them be sure that) your Lord is extremely vast in forgiveness. He knows best about you since He initiated you from the earth, and while you were embryos in the wombs of your mothers. Therefore, ascribe not purity to yourselves. He knows best the one who acts piously.
53:33  Have you then seen the one who turned away?
53:34  He gave a little, then he refused to give.
53:35  Does he have the knowledge of the unseen, and so he is capable of catching sight of all things?
53:36  Or has he not been informed of what is in the Scriptures of ‘Moses’
53:37  And ‘Abraham’ who fulfilled (his function of promulgating the Message of God)?
53:38  No ‘Human Self’ will ever bear the responsibility of the sins of another.
53:39  Man will have only what he (seriously) strives for.
53:40  Indeed, (the fruit of) his struggle will be seen.
53:41  Then he will be rewarded for it with the fullest reward.
53:42  Verily, to your Lord do all things ultimately return.
53:43  He is the One Who makes (whom He wills) laugh or cry.
53:44  He is the One Who causes death and gives life.
53:45  He is the One Who creates the pairs, male and female,
53:46  From a semen-drop when it is emitted.
53:47  It is incumbent on Him to bring forth the second creation (the Resurrection).
53:48  He is the One Who enriches (whom He wills) and satisfies (whom He wills).
53:49  He is the Lord of ‘Sirius’.
53:50  He is the One Who put an end to the existence of the ancient people of ‘Ād’
53:51  And (the people of) ‘Thamūd’. He spared none of them.
53:52  (He put an end to the existence of) the folk of ‘Noah’ before them. They were more iniquitous and more rebellious.
53:53  He overthrew the subverted cities (of ‘Sodom’ & ‘Gomorrah’).
53:54  Thus, they were covered with that which covers.
53:55  Which then, of the marvels of your Lord, will you doubt?
53:56  This is a warner of the (series of) Warners of the ancient.
53:57  The approaching day, (‘Last Judgment’), has become imminent.
53:58  No one besides Allâh can disclose it.
53:59  Do you then wonder at this discourse
53:60  And poke fun at it instead of weeping,
53:61  While you are indulging in fun and amusement?
53:62  Thus, bow down in prostration to Allâh, worship (& venerate) Him Alone.