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53:1  Consider the setting star.
53:2  Your companion [Prophet Muhammed] is neither astray nor being misled.
53:3  He does not speak from self-desire.
53:4  No less than inspiration is sent to him.
53:5  He was taught by one [angel] mighty in power,…
53:6  …endowed with wisdom.
53:7  [The angel] appeared while in the highest part of the horizon.
53:8  He then approached and came closer…
53:9  …until he was closer than two bow-shots.
53:10  [Through the angel Gabriel,] (Allah) conveyed inspiration to His servant [the Prophet] what He intended.
53:11  The [Prophet’s] mind did not falsify what he saw [in the vision of Gabriel standing on the horizon].
53:12  Are you going to argue with him about what he saw?
53:13  He saw (Gabriel) a second time [during the Prophet’s ascension to Heaven].
53:14  [He saw him] near the lote tree [guarding the Garden of Eden] beyond which no one may pass.
53:15  Near it is the Garden of Eden.
53:16  The lote tree is shrouded [in mystery] with what encircles it.
53:17  (The Prophet’s) sight never swerved or failed.
53:18  Truly, he did see one of the greatest signs of his Lord!
53:19  Have you considered [the goddesses] Lat and Uzza?
53:20  [Have you considered] the other one, the third one, Manat?
53:21  Have you preferred the male gender [for yourselves], and, for Him, the female?
53:22  That would not be a fair allotment.
53:23  These [goddesses] are nothing more than names you and your ancestors made up. Allah did not give you such authority. They follow nothing but conjecture and their own desires. Guidance has already come to them from their Lord.
53:24  Should humanity have anything it wants?
53:25  To Allah belong the end and the beginning.
53:26  No matter how many angels are in Heaven, their intercession will do no good. The exception is when Allah has given permission to whom He pleases and with whom He is pleased.
53:27  Those who do not believe in the hereafter give female names to the angels.
53:28  They have no knowledge about it. They follow nothing but conjecture. Conjecture is no substitute for truth.
53:29  Turn away from those who turn away from Our message. [Turn away from those] who only desire the life of this world.
53:30  (The life of this world) is the sum of their knowledge. Truly, your Lord knows best those who stray from His path. He knows best those who receive guidance.
53:31  To Allah belongs all that is of skies and Earth. He rewards those who commit evil, according to their deeds. He rewards those who live righteously, with what is best.
53:32  [He rewards] those who avoid great sins and shameful deeds except small slips. Truly, your Lord is immense in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings you from the earth. [He knows you well] when you are hidden in your mothers’ wombs. Therefore, do not justify yourselves. He knows best who has reverence.
53:33  Do you see one who turns back?
53:34  [He/she] gives a little, and then withholds.
53:35  Does he/she have knowledge of the unseen so that he/she can see?
53:36  Is (the one who shuns) not acquainted with what is in the Scriptures of Moses?
53:37  [Is he/she not acquainted with that] of Abraham who fulfilled [his duty]?
53:38  [They witnessed] that no carrier can bear the burden of another.
53:39  [They witnessed] that a person can have nothing but that for which he/she strives.
53:40  [They witnessed] that his/her striving will be realized.
53:41  [They witnessed that] then he/she will be rewarded with a complete reward.
53:42  [They witnessed] that to your Lord is the final goal.
53:43  [They witnessed] that He grants laughter and crying.
53:44  [They witnessed] that He grants death and life.
53:45  [They witnessed] that He created in pairs –male and female—…
53:46  …from a single cell lodged [in the uterine wall].
53:47  [They witnessed] that He promises a second creation.
53:48  [They witnessed] that He gives wealth and satisfaction.
53:49  [They witnessed] that He is the Lord of [the phenomenal star] Sirius.
53:50  [They witnessed] that it is He who destroyed the ancient ‘Ad…
53:51  …and Thamud and spared no one.
53:52  [They witnessed] that before them [He destroyed] the people of Noah who were even more oppressive and arrogant.
53:53  [They witnessed] that He destroyed the decadent cities [of Sodom and Gomorrah]…
53:54  …so that they have been consumed.
53:55  About which of the gifts of your Lord will you dispute?
53:56  This is a warner among the warners of old.
53:57  That which is approaching is near.
53:58  No one but Allah can unveil it.
53:59  Do you wonder at this recital?
53:60  Will you laugh and not cry?
53:61  [Will you] indulge in vanities?
53:62  Prostrate to Allah and worship.