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53:1  BY THE star when it declines
53:2  your compatriot¹ is not in error, nor is he deceived
53:3  He does not speak out of his own fancy
53:4  This is a revelation inspired
53:5  He is taught by one who is powerful and mighty.²
53:6  --(translation missing in source)-
53:7  He stood on the uppermost horizon
53:8  then, drawing near
53:9  he came down within two bows‘ length or even closer
53:10  and revealed to his servant that which he revealed
53:11  His³ own heart did not deny his vision
53:12  Do you⁴ doubt, then, what he beholds
53:13  He beheld him once agai
53:14  at the sidra tree, beyond which no one may pass
53:15  Nearby it is the Garden of Repose
53:16  When that tree was covered with what covered it
53:17  his eyes did not wander, nor did they turn aside
53:18  he beheld some of his Lord‘s mightiest signs
53:19  Have you thought on Al-Lāt and Al-‘Uzzā
53:20  and on Manāt, the third other?¹
53:21  Are you to have the male, and He the female
53:22  This is indeed an unfair distinction
53:23  They are but names which you and your forefathers have invented: God has vested no authority in them. The unbelievers follow but vain conjectures and the whims of their own souls, although the guidance of their Lord has long since come to them
53:24  Or is man to attain all that he desires
53:25  To God belongs the life to come, and this first life
53:26  Numerous are the angels in the heavens; yet their intercession shall avail nothing until God gives leave to whom He wills and accepts
53:27  Those that disbelieve in the hereafter call the angels by the names of females
53:28  Yet of this they have no knowledge: they follow mere conjecture, and conjecture is no substitute for Truth
53:29  Pay no heed, then, to those who ignore Our Admonition and seek only the life of this world
53:30  This is the sum of their knowledge. Your Lord best knows who has strayed from His path, and He best knows who has followed the right guidance
53:31  And to God belongs what the heavens and the earth contain. He will requite the evil-doers according to their deeds, and richly recompense those who do good works
53:32  To those who avoid the grossest sins and indecencies and commit only small offences, your Lord will show abundant forgiveness. He knew you well when He created you from earth and when you were still in your mothers‘ wombs. Do not pretend to purity; He best knows those who fear Him
53:33  Have you considered him who turns his back
53:34  giving little at first and then nothing at all
53:35  Does he know, and can he see, what is hidden
53:36  Or has he not been told of what is writ in the Scriptures of Mose
53:37  and Abraham, who was true to his covenant
53:38  that no burdened soul shall bear another‘s burden
53:39  and that man shall be judged only by his labours
53:40  that his labours shall be scrutinized
53:41  and that he shall be justly requited for them
53:42  that all things shall in the end return to your Lord
53:43  that it is He who moves to laughter and to tears
53:44  and He who ordains death and life
53:45  that God created the two sexes, the male and the female
53:46  from a drop of ejaculated semen
53:47  and will bring about the other creation
53:48  that it is He who bestows and enriches
53:49  He who is the Lord of Sirius;¹
53:50  that it was He who obliterated ‘Ād at firs
53:51  and then Thamūd, sparing no one
53:52  and before them the people of Noah, who were more sinful and more rebellious
53:53  The Mu‘tafikah² He also doomed
53:54  so that they were smitten by the scourge that smote them
53:55  Which then of your Lord‘s blessings would you deny
53:56  He that now warns you is just like those who warned the others before you
53:57  That which is coming is near at hand
53:58  none but God can disclose the Hour
53:59  Do you marvel then at this revelation
53:60  and laugh instead of weeping
53:61  Making merry still
53:62  Rather prostrate yourselves before God, and worship