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53:1  By the star when it sets
53:2  your companion has neither strayed nor is he deluded
53:3  nor does he speak out of his desire
53:4  This is nothing but a revelation that is conveyed to him
53:5  something that a very powerful one has imparted to him
53:6  one endowed with immense wisdom. He came forth and stood poised
53:7  being on the higher horizon
53:8  Then he drew near and hung above suspended
53:9  until he was two bows´ length away, or nearer
53:10  Then he revealed to Allah´s servant whatever he had to reveal
53:11  His heart added no untruth to what he saw
53:12  Are you, then, going to contend with him regarding what he sees with his eyes
53:13  Indeed he saw him a second time
53:14  by the lote-tree at the farthest boundary
53:15  near which is the Garden of Abode
53:16  (This was) when the lote-tree was covered with that which covered it
53:17  His eye did not waver, nor did it stray
53:18  and he certainly saw some of the greatest Signs of His Lord
53:19  Have you ever thought about al-Lat and al-Uzza
53:20  and about the third deity, al-Manat
53:21  Shall you have the male issues, and He the female issues
53:22  That is indeed an unfair division
53:23  These are nothing but names that you and your forefathers have invented, for which Allah has sent down no authority. They are merely following their conjectures and their carnal desires although guidance has come to them from their Lord
53:24  Does man imagine that whatever he wishes for is right for him
53:25  To Allah belong both the Next World and the present
53:26  Numerous are the angels in the heavens; yet their intercession shall be of no avail, except in regard to those whom He grants the leave of intercession and whose plea He is pleased to accept
53:27  Those who do not believe in the Hereafter give angels the names of females
53:28  although they have no knowledge regarding that. They only follow their conjecture and conjecture can never take the place of the Truth
53:29  So leave alone those who turn away from the remembrance of Us and who seek nothing but the life of the world
53:30  that being the utmost of their knowledge. Surely your Lord fully knows those who have strayed away from His Path and He also fully knows those who are rightly guided
53:31  To Allah alone belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. He will requite the evil-doers for their deeds and bestow a goodly reward on those who have done good
53:32  on those who avoid grave sins and shameful deeds, even if they may sometimes stumble into lesser offences. Surely your Lord is abounding in His Forgiveness. Very well is He aware of you since He produced you from the earth, and while you were still in your mothers´ wombs and not yet born. So do not boastfully claim yourselves to be purified. He fully knows those that are truly Godfearing
53:33  (O Prophet), did you see him who turned away (from the Path of Allah)
53:34  who gave a little, and then stopped
53:35  Does he have any knowledge of the world beyond the ken of sense-perception, and therefore, clearly sees (the Truth)
53:36  Has he not been informed of what is in the Scrolls of Moses
53:37  and of Abraham, who lived up to the trust
53:38  "That no bearer of a burden shall bear the burden of another
53:39  and that man shall have nothing but what he has striven for
53:40  and that (the result of) his striving shall soon be seen
53:41  and that he shall then be fully recompensed
53:42  and that the final end is with your Lord
53:43  and that He it is Who causes people to laugh and to cry
53:44  and that He it is Who causes death and grants life
53:45  and He it is Who created the two kinds, the male and the female
53:46  from a drop of sperm when it was emitted
53:47  and that it is for Him to grant the second life
53:48  that He it is Who bestowed wealth and riches
53:49  that He is the Lord of Sirius
53:50  that He it is Who destroyed the ancient ´Ad
53:51  and Thamud, leaving no trace of them
53:52  and that He it is Who destroyed the people of Noah before for they were much given to iniquity and transgression
53:53  And He brought perdition upon the subverted citie
53:54  and caused them to be covered with that which He covered them with
53:55  So, which of your Lord´s bounties will you doubt?"
53:56  This is a warning among the warnings of yore
53:57  The imminent Hour has drawn near
53:58  and none but Allah can avert it
53:59  Will you, then, wonder at this
53:60  Will you laugh at it rather than weep
53:61  Will you occupy yourselves simply in merriment
53:62  Prostrate yourselves before Allah, and serve Him