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53:1  By oath of the beloved shining star Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him), when he returned from the Ascent
53:2  Your companion did not err, nor did he go astray
53:3  And he does not say anything by his own desire
53:4  It is but a divine revelation, which is revealed to him
53:5  He has been taught by the Extremely Powerful
53:6  The Strong; then the Spectacle inclined towards him
53:7  And he was on the horizon of the highest heaven
53:8  Then the Spectacle became closer, and came down in full view
53:9  So the distance between the Spectacle and the beloved was only two arms’ length, or even less. (The Heavenly Journey of Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – was with body and soul.
53:10  So Allah divinely revealed to His bondman, whatever He divinely revealed
53:11  The heart did not deny, what it saw. (The Holy Prophet was bestowed with seeing Allah – see also preceding verses 8,9, 10 .
53:12  What! So do you dispute with him regarding what he saw
53:13  And indeed he did see the Spectacle again
53:14  Near the lote-tree of the last boundary
53:15  Close to which is the Everlasting Paradise
53:16  When the lote-tree was being enveloped, by whatever around it
53:17  The sight did not shift, nor did it cross the limits
53:18  Indeed he saw the supreme signs of his Lord
53:19  So did you observe the idols Lat and Uzza
53:20  And subsequently the third, the Manat
53:21  What! For you the son, and for Him the daughter
53:22  Then that is surely a very unjust distribution
53:23  They are nothing but some names that you have coined, you and your forefathers - Allah has not sent any proof for them; they follow only guesses and their own desires; whereas the guidance from their Lord has come to them
53:24  What! Will man get whatever he dreams of
53:25  So (know that) Allah only is the Owner of all - the Hereafter and this world
53:26  And many an angel is in the heavens, whose intercession does not benefit the least unless Allah gives permission for whomever He wills, and whom He likes
53:27  Indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter, coin the names of angels like those of females
53:28  And they do not have any knowledge of it; they just follow assumption; and indeed assumption does not serve any purpose in place of the Truth
53:29  Therefore turn away from whoever has turned away from Our remembrance and has desired only the life of this world
53:30  This is the extent of their knowledge; indeed your Lord well knows one who has strayed from His path, and He well knows one who has attained guidance
53:31  And to Allah only belongs all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth, in order to repay those who do evil for what they have done, and give an excellent reward to those who do good
53:32  Those who avoid the cardinal sins and lewdness, except that they approached it and refrained; indeed your Lord’s mercy is limitless; He knows you very well – since He has created you from clay, and when you were foetuses in your mothers’ wombs; therefore do not, on your own, claim yourselves to be clean; He well knows who are the pious
53:33  So did you observe him who turned away
53:34  And he gave a little, then refrained
53:35  Does he have knowledge of the hidden, so he can foresee
53:36  Did not the news reach him, of that which is mentioned in the Books of Moosa
53:37  And of Ibrahim, who was most obedient
53:38  That no burdened soul bears another soul’s burden
53:39  And that man will not obtain anything except what he strove for
53:40  And that his effort will soon be scrutinised
53:41  Then he will be fully repaid for it
53:42  And that the end is only towards your Lord
53:43  And that it is He Who made (you) laugh and made (you) cry
53:44  And that it is He Who gave death and gave life
53:45  And that it is He Who has created the two pairs, male and female
53:46  From a drop of liquid, when it is added
53:47  And that only upon Him is the next revival
53:48  And that it is He Who has given wealth and contentment
53:49  And that He only is the Lord of the star Sirius
53:50  And that it is He Who earlier destroyed the tribe of Aad
53:51  And destroyed the tribe of Thamud, not sparing anyone
53:52  And before them, the people of Nooh? Indeed they were more unjust and more rebellious than these
53:53  And that it is He Who threw down the upturned townships
53:54  So they were covered with whatever covered them
53:55  So O listener! Which favour of your Lord will you doubt
53:56  He (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him) is a Herald of Warning, like the former Heralds of Warning
53:57  The approaching event has come near
53:58  None except Allah can avert it
53:59  So are you surprised at this fact
53:60  And you laugh, and do not weep
53:61  And you are lost in play
53:62  Therefore prostrate for Allah, and worship Him. (Command of Prostration # 12