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53:1  I swear by the celestial body when it goes down to make an apparent descent toward and below the horizon
53:2  In confirmation of the truthful attributes of your compatriot Muhammad- who did not err nor stray from the path of safety and righteousness
53:3  Nor does he give utterance to words, moved by selfish motives, or utters error against Allah and commits his heart to inequity
53:4  But what he relates to you people is nothing other than a Quran revealed to him by inspiration from Allah, and it extends to all subjects treated
53:5  A Divine disclosure of knowledge to mankind, instructed to him by the mighty messenger of Allah the Spirit Jibril (Gabriel)
53:6  Who is endowed with power, wisdom and capacities of action, and in a majestic imposingly dignified appearance did he come forth into view
53:7  At first, when he assumed the astronomical horizon
53:8  Then when he moved down toward the visible horizon and came closer and closer
53:9  Until the intervening distance between him and Muhammad was no more than two bows length or even close
53:10  And through him -the spirit Jibril- did Allah inspire His servant Muhammad- with whatever was meant to be intimated
53:11  He -Muhammad- never devised a falsity nor could he change what his heart's ears have heard nor what his mind's eyes have seen
53:12  Wherefore, then do you people argue against what he saw
53:13  In effect, he- Muhammad- saw him- the Spirit Gabriel- on another occasion
53:14  At the site where he -the Spirit Jibril- took Up his station in the realm of heaven, a site designated " Sidrat Al Montaha "; (interpreted to be the boundary fenced by trees, where no one, spiritual or otherwise can ascend or descend beyond, unless ordained by Allah,
53:15  The site which is in close proximity to the heavenly paradise of supreme bliss where the righteous make abode
53:16  The site which no one can conceive what embellishment overlays it, a Sidra ornamented by what no eye has seen nor ear heard
53:17  He -Muhammad- never turned aside, nor did he lose sight of anything he was meant to see at that site, nor did his mind's eyes wander here or there
53:18  What he saw was indeed beyond human comprehension; he saw some of his Creator's wonders and signs serving to demonstrate Divine power and omnipotence
53:19  Do you -Meccans- see the idols Al Lat and Al 'Uzza you honour and revere and regard with extreme respect and devotion
53:20  And the other idol - Manat - third of the group
53:21  Have you chosen the idol you designated as male and left to Allah what you designated as female
53:22  But this is quite an unfair distribution
53:23  These are nothing but names you and your forefathers have designated and destined to the purpose of worship; names never authorized by Allah nor sanctioned. by Him They only follow the false suppositions and the incitement arising from the state of their minds and feeling albeit they have received from Allah the spirit of truth guiding them into all truth
53:24  Or does man think that whatever he wishes or desires is law
53:25  But to Allah belong the future and the present, the end and the beginning, all things to be and all that has been, and Hereafter and here
53:26  A good many angels in the heaven's realm cannot intercede on behalf of any being nor does their intercession avail any, unless Allah permits, and then, only on behalf of whom He accepts
53:27  Indeed, it is only those who deny Allah and Day of Judgement that designate the angels as females and add such feminine names to the angels' proper appellation
53:28  Yet they lack the knowledge giving firm belief of what is true on sufficient grounds, and they follow an emotion, they imagine, will direct them to the attainment and possession of the object from which, in their view, satisfaction is expected. But never does an unverified supposition or an opinion offered on insufficient presumptive evidence replace the truth or conformity with fact
53:29  Therefore, keep away O Muhammad from those who refuse to acknowledge Our message and choose to go by the world with eyes ever fixed upon worldly matters
53:30  For this is the ultimate end and the highest attainable point of their intellectual acquaintance with, and perception of, the facts and the truth. Allah is He Who knows best those who wandered from His path, the path of righteousness, and those who have been guided by the spirit of truth into all truth
53:31  To Allah belong all that exists in the heavens and on earth individually and all together, and all that exists in fact or in idea, and that which is or may be in anyway an object of perception, knowledge, or thought, and that which is done or to be done, and the attribute and the quality of every being in all respects besides all affairs, concerns and matters, so that He justly requites those whose works reflect the image of evil, and rewards those whose hearts are impressed with the image of virtues and their deeds with wisdom and piety
53:32  Those who avoid major sins and do not commit themselves to an evil line of conduct, but occasionally fall into mistakes, faults or errors may find Allah Ghafrun (Forgiving),and Rahimun (Merciful); He knows well your nature, your character, and condition of mind besides your disposition and your temperament; for it is He Who brought you into being from the earth, then He embedded you in your mothers' wombs; therefore justify not yourselves before him; He knows best those whose hearts are impressed with the image of virtues and whose deeds with wisdom and piety
53:33  Have you seen O Muhammad the one whose attitude has served to disincline him from reverence to Allah and to all that He has ordained
53:34  And when he gives he gives a little, be it what confers somewhat to the need or comfort of others or rendering a service, or giving one his due, or imparting knowledge, or giving help in some way or another, and yet he stops short and gives grudgingly
53:35  Does he have knowledge of what is to be, or will be, or does he know the unknown and realize the unseen and the events yet to happen and therefore he perceives them mentally or in a dream or vision or by sight
53:36  Has he not been informed of the contents of the Books of Mussa (Moses)
53:37  And of Ibrahim (Abraham) whose vows pledged to Allah, he faithfully fulfilled
53:38  That no soul bearing wrongs shall in any way bear the wrong actions of another
53:39  That nothing is considered one's own in Day of Judgment but only what he strove for and had endeavoured to attain
53:40  And that the advantages of his efforts will be seen later in the course of events and the fruits of his endeavours will ripen and glow here and Hereafter
53:41  Then will the end crown the deed and Allah shall requite him in full for the actions involving godly efforts directed to a definite end and for the deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety
53:42  Does he not also know that to Allah goes all, and is summed up in the ultimate state which is the end and the purpose for which all in all are destined
53:43  And that it is He Who created the emotion expressed by laughing with or without tears, and the emotion expressed by lamenting with tears and weeping out one's eyes or one's heart
53:44  And that it is He Who caused the assemblage of certain functional activities to manifest the property of-life, and it is He Who deprives of these activities and occasions death
53:45  And that it is He Who created the two sex divisions of organic beings and distinguished them as male and female
53:46  And that He derived these two sex divisions of organic beings from the male seed (Notfa) when emitted
53:47  And that it is He who shall effect the second creation when He restores the dead to life for judgment at the Last Day
53:48  And that He it is who gives possessions and abundant means; He makes people abound in wealth or natural resources, and it is He Who enriches man with heavenly grace or contents by the fulfillment of a desire or the supply of a want, and it is He Who effects the satisfaction and contented state of mind
53:49  And that He is it Who is the Creator of the dog star (the Sirius)
53:50  And that it was He Who annihilated the ancient most powerful earlier generations of the people of 'Ad -the first Adites- and raised their cities to the ground
53:51  And likewise did He annihilate the strong and talented people of Thamud (the Thamudites) and left not one survivor
53:52  And before them did He blot out of existence the people of Nuh (Noah) who never observed the principles of justice and were most disposed to be obstinately contrary to what is true, and continued to go counter to what is reasonable or required
53:53  And it was He Who brought to ruin and reduced to impotence the cities old Sodom and Gomorrah
53:54  To a degree inconceivable in imagination as to how they were berried the way they were
53:55  Therefore, which of your Creator's attributes, O man, gives you occasion to uncertainty and makes you undecided in belief
53:56  He, your compatriot Muhammad is a spectacle and a warning of a like kind to the earlier spectacles and warnings to you all
53:57  The inevitable Day of Judgment is drawing near
53:58  And no one but Allah can open up its point of time to the knowledge of the people
53:59  Does this discourse affect your emotion you people and excite your wonder
53:60  And you laugh to scorn and manifest contempt, instead of weeping out your eyes and your heart
53:61  And you express disapproval and decline to accept the message, searching hard for an error to help you refute your Messenger
53:62  You had better bow down in adoration to Allah your Creator, and prostrate your reason to His omnipotence, and pay to Him reverence and adoratio