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25:1  Blessed is the one who sent down the criterion upon His slave so that he may be a warner for the worlds.
25:2  It is He for whom is the dominion of the heavens and of the earth and He has not taken a child for Himself and there is no partner for Him in the Dominion and He has created everything and then has measured it with a perfect measurement.
25:3  And they have taken besides Him deities who create nothing but they themselves are created and they have no control over harm or benefit for themselves and they have no control over death or life or resurrection.
25:4  And the disbelievers said, “This [Quran] is nothing except a lie that he has contrived and other people helped him with it. Indeed they have come up with a wrong against their own souls and a false witnessing.”
25:5  And they said, “Tales of the people of the past which he has requested to be written and which are dictated to him morning and evening.”
25:6  Say, “It is revealed by the One who knows the secret in the heavens and in the earth.” Truly He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
25:7  And they said, “What manner of a messenger is this who eats the food and walks in the markets? If only an angel was sent down upon him to be a warner with him
25:8  or if only a treasure is bestowed upon him or if there is a garden for him where he eats from.” And those who have wronged their own souls said, “You are following but a man who is bewitched.”
25:9  See how they set the similitudes for you, therefore they have gone astray so they cannot find a way.
25:10  Blessed is He who if He so willed would have made for you better than that, gardens under which the rivers flow, and would have made for you palaces.
25:11  Nay! They have belied the hour and We have prepared a blazing fire for anyone who belies the hour.
25:12  When it [the fire] sees them, they hear its angry roar and its hissing yet from a far place.
25:13  And when they are thrown in a tight place therefrom, bound in chains, they will pray thereupon for annihilation.
25:14  Today do not pray for only one annihilation but pray for many annihilations.
25:15  Say, “Is that better or the garden of eternity which is promised to those who revere Allah?” For them it is a reward and a place of final ending.
25:16  For them therein is all that they wish for, they will abide therein eternally. It is a promise which is going to be requested from your Lord.
25:17  And a day that He will gather them and all that they worship besides Allah and He will say, “Is it you who have led these slaves of mine astray or is it they themselves who have led themselves astray from the way?”
25:18  They will say, “Glory be unto You it was not fitting for us to take allies besides You but You have given them and their fathers temporary enjoyment until they forgot the remembrance and so they became a people devoid of all good.”
25:19  Lo! They [the worshipped] have indeed belied you [the worshippers] in all that you say, so you cannot find an escape nor can you find help and whosoever wrongs his own soul from among you, We will make him taste a great punishment.
25:20  We have not sent before you from the messengers except that they indeed ate food and walked in the markets and We have made you a trial for one another, so will you be patient? And truly Your Lord is All-seeing.
25:21  And those who do not expect to meet us say, “If only angels were sent down upon us or only if we saw our Lord.” Truly they have grown great in their own eyes and they have trespassed a great trespassing.
25:22  A day when they will see the angels, there will be no glad tidings on that day for the evildoers and they will say, “Let there be a boundary that will completely safeguard us [from the fury of Our Lord].”
25:23  And We shall proceed to any deed that they may have done and We will make it like dust scattered away.
25:24  The companions of the garden on that day will be better as for the place of rest and will be most excellent as for the station.
25:25  And a day the heaven will be rent with clouds and the angels will be sent down again and again.
25:26  The true dominion on that day is for Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] and truly it will be a hard day for the disbelievers.
25:27  And on a day in which the one who has done wrong to his own soul will bite his hands and will say, “I wish I had taken a way with the messenger.
25:28  Woe unto me! Alas I wish I had not taken so and so as a friend.
25:29  Indeed he has led me astray from the remembrance after it had come to me. Truly Satan is a relinquisher for the human being.”
25:30  And the messenger said, “O my Lord, truly my people have taken this Quran as a thing to be deserted.”
25:31  And thus We have appointed for every prophet an enemy from the evildoers and All-sufficient is your Lord as a guide and as a helper.
25:32  And those who disbelieve said, “If only the Quran was revealed unto him in one piece” Thus [We have revealed it by stages] so that We may strengthen your heart with it and We have recited it [unto you] a measured recitation.
25:33  And they bring you no similitude but that We bring you the truth and a most excellent explanation.
25:34  And those who are gathered into hell on their faces, it is they who are worst as for the position and are most in error as for the way.
25:35  And indeed We gave Moses the book and We appointed his brother Aaron with him as an assistant.
25:36  And We said, “Both of you go to the people who have belied Our signs so We annihilated them a complete annihilation.”
25:37  And people of Noah when they belied the messengers, We drowned them and We made them a sign for the mankind and We have prepared for those who wrong their own souls a painful punishment.
25:38  And ‘Ad and Thamud and the dwellers of Ar-Rass and many generations in between them.
25:39  And unto each of them We set similitudes and each of them We pulverized a complete pulverization.
25:40  And they surely must have come upon the town on which was rained a woeful rain. Did they not use to see it? Nay! They did not use to expect resurrection.
25:41  And when they see you they but take you as a matter of jest. Is this the one Allah has raised as a messenger?
25:42  “Surely he almost nearly would have misled us from our gods had we not been steadfast to them” and in time to come they will know when they see the punishment who has gone astray the most as for the way.
25:43  Have you seen him who has taken his vain desires as his god? Are you then going to be a trustee over him?
25:44  Do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are but like cattle. Nay! They are the ones gone astray the most as for the way.
25:45  Have you not seen your Lord how He causes the shadow to extend. Had He so willed, He would have caused it to be still then We cause the sun to lower on it.
25:46  Then We will raise it up unto Us a gentle raising.
25:47  And it is He who made the night for you a dress and the sleep for you a rest and has made the day a resurrection.
25:48  It is He who sent the winds as glad tidings ahead of His mercy and We sent down from the heaven a pure water.
25:49  So that We may revive a dead land with it and that We may cause to drink from it many of those that We have created, - cattle and human beings.
25:50  And We have distributed it among them so that they may remember but most people refuse anything except ingratitude.
25:51  If We had so wished, We would have surely raised a warner in every township.
25:52  Therefore do not obey those who are ungrateful and strive against them with it [Quran] an utmost striving.
25:53  It is He who caused the two oceans to flow. This one is sweet and fresh and this one is salty and bitter and He has made between them a boundary and an unassailable demarcation.
25:54  And it is He who created human from the water and has made for him kinship through blood and through marriage and truly your Lord is All-powerful.
25:55  And they worship besides Allah what does not benefit them nor harm them and truly the disbeliever is a helper against His Lord.
25:56  And We have not sent you except as bringer of glad tidings and a warner.
25:57  Say, “I do not ask of you any fee for it. It is but for such one who may wish to take a way to His Lord.”
25:58  So put your trust on The Ever-living who dies not and glorify [Him] along with His praise and sufficient it is that He is All-acquainted with the sins of His slaves.
25:59  He who created the heavens and the earth and that which is between them in six periods and then He firmly established Himself on the throne. Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful]; ask such who is well acquainted with Him.
25:60  And whenever they are told, “Prostrate yourself to Ar-Rahman.” They say, “and who is Ar-Rahman? Are we to prostrate ourselves for whatever you command us?” and it increases them in aversion.
25:61  All blessed is He who has made in the heaven constellations of stars and has made in it a blazing lamp and a light-giving moon.
25:62  And it is He who has made the night and the day to alternate for such a one who seeks to remember Allah or seeks to offer gratitude.
25:63  And the servants of Ar-Rahman those who walk on the earth gently and when the ignorant ones address them they say, “Peace.”
25:64  And those who spend the night for their Lord prostrating and standing.
25:65  And those who say, “O Our Lord! Turn away from us the punishment of hell”. Surely it’s punishment is abasing.
25:66  Truly it is woeful as a resting place [at night] and [woeful] as a station [in the day].”
25:67  And those who when they spend, they are neither extravagant nor miserly and they hold a middle position between them.
25:68  And those who do not invoke any other deity with Allah and those who do not kill the soul that Allah has made sacred except by the right and they do not commit adultery or fornication. Whoever does these, he will contract a sinful burden.
25:69  And the punishment for him will be doubled on the day of resurrection and he will abide in it forever in a state of humiliation.
25:70  Except such a one who turns back to Allah in repentance and reaffirms his belief and does a righteous deed. Truly it is they whose evil deeds are replaced by Allah with virtuous deeds and Allah surely is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
25:71  And whoever turns back to Allah in repentance and does a righteous deed, he therefore does truly turn to Allah with a complete repentance.
25:72  And those who do not witness the falsehood and when they pass by idle talk, they pass in a gracious manner
25:73  And those who when they are reminded about the signs of their Lord, they do not fall upon them deaf and blind.
25:74  And those who say, “O Our Lord grant unto us from our spouses and our children such as are coolness of eyes and make us leaders for those who safeguard their own souls.”
25:75  It is they who are rewarded with the lofty mansions [in the heaven] for that they were patient and they will be met therein with greetings of life and peace.
25:76  To abide therein forever. How excellent it is as a place of resting and as a station.
25:77  Say, “Were it not for your supplications, My Lord would not mind you at all but indeed you have belied [Allah’s promise] and in time to come, the punishment would become binding [on you].”