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25:1  Blessed is the one who sent down the Criterion upon His slave, to be a warner for the worlds.
25:2  The one who for Him is the skies Sovereignty and the earth, and who has not taken a son and was not for Him an associate in the Sovereignty and He created everything; so, He quantities it, a quantitation.
25:3  And they took without Him gods, not created a thing, while they were created; and they are not owning harm or benefit for themselves; nor owning death, or life or Propagation.
25:4  And those who disbelieved said, “Surely this is nothing except a fake that he slandered it, and other kinsfolk have aided him upon it.” So, they have already brought oppression and perjury.
25:5  And they said, “The former’s Legends; he wrote them down; so, they were dictated upon him in morning and evening.”
25:6  Say, “It was sent down by the one who knows the Secret in the skies and the earth. Surely, He is ever Forgiver, Merciful.”
25:7  And they said, “What is this messenger, who eats food, and walks in the marketplaces? If only an angel was sent down to him, so be with him a warner.”
25:8  Or, “If only a treasure was thrown to him.” Or “If only for him a paradise, from which he eats.” And the oppressors said, “Surely you follow none except a man bewitched.”
25:9  Observe how they cited the examples for you. So, they strayed, so they could not find access.
25:10  Blessed is the one who, if He willed, set up for you a goodness than that, paradise beneath which the rivers are running, and He set up palaces for you.
25:11  Nay, but they falsified with the Hour, and We prepared for whom falsified with the Hour a Blaze fire.
25:12  If it sees them from a far place, they will hear it enraging and roaring.
25:13  And when they are thrown among it, into a narrow place, bound, they will call therein for perish.
25:14  “Do not call for one perish Today but call for many perishes.”
25:15  Say, “Is this goodness, or the Eternity Paradise which promised with it the pious? It is for them a reward and a destiny.
25:16  They will have therein whatever they wish, immortals. It is upon your Lord a responsible promise.
25:17  And on a Day when He musters them, and what they are worshiping without Allah, So, He will say, “Were you who strayed My slaves these, or were they who strayed the access?”
25:18  They said, “Glorified are You. It should not be for us to take without You among guardians. But you enjoyed them, and their parents, until they forgot the Reminder, and they were a ruined kinsfolk.”
25:19  So, they falsified you with what you say; so, you can neither avert, nor victory. And whoever among you oppresses, We will let him taste a grand torment.
25:20  And We did not send before you, among the messengers except that they were eating the food and walking in the markets. And We set up some of you for some others, an infatuation - will you be patient? And your Lord is ever, Seer.
25:21  And those who are not expecting Our meeting, said, “Why were not the angels sent down upon us, or we could see our Lord.” They are already arrogating within themselves, and they are insolent, a great insolent.
25:22  On a Day when they see the angels, no preach for the criminals on that Day; and they say, “A banned ban.”
25:23  And We presented toward what they worked among a work, So We set it up into scattered floating dust.
25:24  The Paradise’s companions on that Day are best settlement, and best noonday resting place.
25:25  And on a Day when the sky is splitting with the Overcast, and the angels descended a descent.
25:26  On that Day, The Sovereignty, The Right, forAl-Rahman (The Widely merciful), and it is upon the infidels a difficult Day.
25:27  And on a Day, when the oppressor bites upon his hands, say, “Oh, I wish I had taken with the Messenger an access.
25:28  Oh, woe to me! I wish I had not taken that person as an intimate friend.
25:29  He already strayed me about the reminder after it had come to me; and Satan was ever for the human, a deserter.”
25:30  And the Messenger said, “O My Lord, surely my kinsfolk has taken this - the Quran - as abandoned.”
25:31  And thus, for every prophet We set up enemies among the criminals. And sufficient is your Lord as a guide and a victorious.
25:32  And those who disbelieved said, “Why was the Quran not sent down upon him all at once?” Thus, to stabilize with it your heart, and We recited it in recitation.
25:33  And they do not come to you with an example except that We bring to you with the right and a best explanation.
25:34  Those who are mustering to Gohanam (Hell) upon their faces, those are eviler, position, and further astray access.
25:35  And We already gave Moses the Book, and We set up his brother Aaron with him as minister.
25:36  So, We said, “Go to the kinsfolk who are falsified with Our verses,” so We devastated them the most, devastation.
25:37  And Noah’s kinsfolk: when they falsified the messengers, We drowned them, and set them up as a verse for the people. And We have prepared for the oppressors a painful torment.
25:38  And Aad, and Thamud, and the inhabitants of Ar-Ras, and many generations in between that.
25:39  And for each We cited the examples for him; and each We are smashed a destroying smash.
25:40  And they already came upon the city that was rained with the bad rain. So, have they not seen it? Nay, but they are not expecting a Propagation.
25:41  And when they see you, surely, they are not taking you except as a mockery: “Is this the one whom Allah missioned as a messenger?”
25:42  “He almost strays us about our Gods, unless we are patient with them.” And they will know, when they see the torment, who is further astray’ access.
25:43  Have you seen him who took his desire as his God? So, are you being a trustee for him?
25:44  Or do you consider that most of them are hearing or reasoning? Surely, they are not except as livestock. Nay, but they are more straying’ access.
25:45  Are you not seen to your Lord how He extends the shadow? And if He willed; He would have set it up still. Then We set up the sun, evidence upon it.
25:46  Then We grasped it towards Us, an easy grasping.
25:47  And He is the one who set up the night as apparel for you, and the sleep as Repose; and He set up the morning as a Propagation.
25:48  And He is the one who sends the winds, preaching between His merciful hands; and We send down from the sky a purifying water.
25:49  To give life with it to a dead town, and to water it for whatever We have created many livestock and humans.
25:50  And We have already distributed it between them, to let them be remembered, so most of the people refuse, except an infidelity.
25:51  And if We willed, We would have missioned in every village warner.
25:52  So, do not obey the infidels, and effort against them with it, a grand effort.
25:53  And He is the one who merged the two seas; this one palatable, sweet, and that one is salty, bitter; and He set up between them a barrier, and a banned ban.
25:54  And He is the one who created from the water, humankind. So, He set him up, a lineage and marriage. And ever is your Lord competent.
25:55  And they are worshiping without Allah what neither benefits them nor harms them. And the infidel was ever against his Lord, a backer.
25:56  And We have not sent you, except as a preacher and a warner.
25:57  Say, “I do not ask you to wage upon it, except only whoever wishes to take to his Lord an access.”
25:58  And rely upon Al-Hayy (The Living), the One who never dies; and glorified with His praise. And sufficient is He with His slaves’ misdeeds, an Expert.
25:59  The One who created the skies and the earth and whatever is between them in six days, then He settled upon the Throne. Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful). So, ask for Him, an expert.
25:60  And when it is said to them, “Prostrate for Al-Rahman (The Widely merciful),” they said, “And what is Al-Rahman? Will we prostrate for whatever you command us?” And it increased them, an aversion. ۩
25:61  Blessed is the one who set up constellations in the sky, and set up in it a lamp, and a moon enlighten.
25:62  And He is the one who set up the night and the day, succession for whoever wants to remember or wants to thank.
25:63  And Al-Rahman’s slaves are those who walk on the earth modestly, and when the ignorant ones talk to them, they say, “Peace.”
25:64  And those who stay the night prostrating themselves to their Lord and standing up.
25:65  And those who say, ‘‘Our Lord, avert about us Gohanam’s torment, surely its torment is inseparable.
25:66  Surely, it is wretched as a dwelling place and residence.”
25:67  And those who, when they spend, are neither extravagant nor stingy, and they were between that, a moderately upright.
25:68  And those who do not call with Allah any other God, and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except with the right, and do not commit adultery. And whoever does that will meet the sins’ penalties.
25:69  The torment doubled for him on The Resurrection Day, and be immortal therein, humiliated.
25:70  Except whoever repented, and believed, and worked righteous. So, these Allah will replace their bad deeds with excellences. And Allah is ever Forgiver, Merciful.
25:71  And whoever repented and worked righteous, so he repents surely towards Allah a repentance.
25:72  And those who do not witness the Perjury; and when they passed with the chatter, they passed nobles.
25:73  And those if reminded with their Lord’s verses, do not fall upon them deaf and blind.
25:74  And those who say, “Our Lord, endowed us from our spouses and our offspring, eyes’ coolness and set us up for the pious, Imams (Leaders).”
25:75  Those recompensed the Chamber with what they have been patience and received therein a greeting and peace.
25:76  Immortal therein, it was excelled as a dwelling place and residence.
25:77  Say, “My Lord does not care about you, if there is not your calling? So, you already falsified it, so it will be obligatory.”