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25:1  Blessed is He Who sent down the Criterion upon His slave that he may be to the worlds a warner -
25:2  One Who - to Him (belongs) (the) dominion (of) the heavens and the earth, and not He has taken a son, and not He has for Him a partner in the dominion and He (has) created every thing, and determined it (with) determination.
25:3  Yet they have taken from besides Him gods not they create anything, while they are created, and not they possess for themselves any harm and not any benefit, and not they control death and not life and not resurrection.
25:4  And say those who disbelieve, "Not this (is) but a lie, he invented it and helped him at it people other." But verily, they (have) produced an injustice and a lie.
25:5  And they say, "Tales (of) the former people which he has had written and they are dictated to him morning and evening."
25:6  Say, "Has sent it down the One Who knows the secret in the heavens and the earth. Indeed, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."
25:7  And they say, "Why does this Messenger eat [the] food and walk in the markets? Why not is sent down to him an Angel then he be with him a warner?
25:8  Or is delivered to him a treasure or is for him a garden, he may eat from it? And say the wrongdoers, "Not you follow but a man bewitched."
25:9  See how they set forth for you the similitudes, but they have gone astray, so not they are able (to find) a way.
25:10  Blessed is He Who if He willed (could have) made for you better than that - gardens - flow from underneath it the rivers and He (could) make for you palaces.
25:11  Nay, they deny the Hour and We have prepared for (those) who deny the Hour, a Blazing Fire.
25:12  When it sees them from a place far, they will hear its raging and roaring.
25:13  And when they are thrown thereof (in) a place narrow bound in chains, they will call there (for) destruction.
25:14  "(Do) not call this day (for) destruction one, but call (for) destructions many."
25:15  Say, "Is that better or Garden (of) Eternity, which is promised (to) the righteous? It will be for them a reward and destination.
25:16  For them therein (is) whatever they wish, they will abide forever. It is on your Lord a promise requested."
25:17  And (the) Day He will gather them and what they worship from besides Allah and He will say, "Did you [you] mislead My slaves these or they went astray (from) the way?"
25:18  They say, "Glory be to You! Not it was proper for us that we take from besides You any protectors. But You gave them comforts and their forefathers until they forgot the Message and became a people ruined."
25:19  "So verily, they deny you in what you say, so not you are able (to) avert and not (to) help." And whoever does wrong among you, We will make him taste a punishment great.
25:20  And not We sent before you any Messengers but indeed, they [surely] ate food and walked in the markets. And We have made some of you for others a trial, will you have patience? And is your Lord All-Seer.
25:21  And said those who (do) not expect (the) meeting with Us, "Why not are sent down to us the Angels or we see our Lord?" Indeed, they have become arrogant within themselves and (become) insolent (with) insolence great.
25:22  (The) Day they see the Angels, no glad tidings (will be) that Day for the criminals, and they will say, "A partition forbidden."
25:23  And We will proceed to whatever they did of (the) deed(s), and We will make them (as) dust dispersed.
25:24  (The) companions (of) Paradise, that Day, (will be in) a better abode, and a better resting-place.
25:25  And (the) Day will split open the heavens with the clouds and (will be) sent down the Angels, descending.
25:26  The Sovereignty, that Day (will be) truly, for the Most Gracious. And (it will) be a Day for the disbelievers difficult.
25:27  And (the) Day will bite the wrongdoer [on] his hands, he will say, "O I wish! I had taken with the Messenger a way.
25:28  O woe to me! I wish not I had taken that one (as) a friend.
25:29  Verily, he led me astray from the Reminder after [when] it (had) come to me. And is the Shaitaan to the man a deserter."
25:30  And said the Messenger, "O my Lord! Indeed, my people took this the Quran (as) a forsaken thing."
25:31  And thus We have made for every Prophet an enemy, among the criminals. But sufficient is your Lord, (as) a Guide and a Helper.
25:32  And said those who disbelieve, "Why not was revealed to him the Quran all at once?" Thus, that We may strengthen thereby your heart, and We have recited it (with distinct) recitation.
25:33  And not they come to you with an example but We bring you the truth, and (the) best explanation.
25:34  Those who will be gathered on their faces to Hell, those (are the) worst (in) position and most astray (from the) way.
25:35  And verily, We gave Musa the Scripture and We appointed with him his brother Harun (as) an assistant.
25:36  Then We said, "Go both of you to the people, those who have denied, Our Signs." Then We destroyed them (with) destruction.
25:37  And (the) people (of) Nuh, when they denied the Messengers, We drowned them and We made them for mankind a sign. And We have prepared for the wrongdoers. a punishment painful.
25:38  And Ad and Thamud and (the) dwellers (of) Ar-rass and generations between that many.
25:39  And each We have set forth for him the examples, and each We destroyed (with) destruction.
25:40  And verily, they have come upon the town which was showered (with) a rain (of) evil. Then do not they [were] see it? Nay, they are not expecting Resurrection.
25:41  And when they see you, not they take you except (in) mockery, "Is this the one whom has sent Allah (as) a Messenger?
25:42  He would have almost [surely] misled us from our gods if not that we had been steadfast to them." And soon will know when they will see the punishment, who (is) more astray (from the) way.
25:43  Have you seen (one) who takes (as) his god his own desire? Then would you be over him a guardian?
25:44  Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? Not they (are) except like cattle. Nay, they (are) more astray (from the) way.
25:45  Do you not see [to] your Lord how He extends the shadow? And if He willed, surely He (could) have made it stationary. Then We made the sun for it an indication.
25:46  Then We withdraw it to Us, a withdrawal gradual.
25:47  And He (is) the One Who made for you the night (as) a covering and the sleep a rest and made the day a resurrection.
25:48  And He (is) the One Who sends the winds (as) glad tidings (from) between (hands) His Mercy, and We send down from the sky water pure.
25:49  That We may give life thereby (to) a land dead and We give drink thereof (to those) We created, cattle and men many.
25:50  And verily, We have distributed it among them that they may remember, but refuse most (of) the people except disbelief.
25:51  And if We willed, surely, We (would) have raised in every town a warner.
25:52  So (do) not obey the disbelievers and strive (against) them with it, a striving great.
25:53  And He (is) the One Who (has) released the two seas [this] (one) palatable and sweet and [this] (one) salty (and) bitter, and He has made between them a barrier and a partition forbidden.
25:54  And He (is) the One Who has created from the water human being and has made (for) him blood relationship and marriage relationship. And is your Lord All-Powerful.
25:55  But they worship from besides Allah what not profits them and not harms them, and is the disbeliever against his Lord a helper.
25:56  And not We sent you except (as) a bearer of glad tidings and a warner.
25:57  Say, "Not I ask (of) you for it any payment, except (that) whoever wills to take to his Lord a way."
25:58  And put your trust in the Ever-Living, the One Who not does die, and glorify with His Praise. And sufficient is He regarding the sins (of) His slaves, All-Aware,
25:59  The One Who created the heavens and the earth and whatever (is) between them in six periods, then He established Himself over the Throne - the Most Gracious, so ask Him (as He is) All-Aware.
25:60  And when it is said to them, "Prostrate to the Most Gracious." They say, "And what (is) the Most Gracious? Should we prostrate to what you order us?" And it increases them (in) aversion.
25:61  Blessed is He Who has placed in the skies constellations and has placed therein a lamp and a moon shining.
25:62  And He (is) the One Who made the night and the day (in) succession for whoever desires to remember or desires to be thankful.
25:63  And (the) slaves (of) the Most Gracious (are) those who walk on the earth (in) humbleness and when address them the ignorant ones, they say, "Peace."
25:64  And those who spend (the) night before their Lord, prostrating and standing.
25:65  And those who say, "Our Lord! Avert from us the punishment (of) Hell. Indeed, its punishment is inseparable,
25:66  Indeed, it (is) an evil abode and resting place."
25:67  And those who, when they spend, (are) not extravagant and not are stingy but are between that - moderate.
25:68  And those who (do) not invoke with Allah god another, and (do) not [they] kill the soul which has forbidden Allah except by right and (do) not commit adultery. And whoever does that will meet a penalty.
25:69  Will be doubled for him the punishment (on the) Day (of) Resurrection, and he will abide forever therein humiliated
25:70  Except (he) who repents and believes and does deeds righteous, then (for) those will replace Allah their evil deeds (with) good ones. And is Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
25:71  And whoever repents and does righteous (deeds), then indeed, he turns to Allah (with) repentance.
25:72  And those who (do) not bear witness (to) the falsehood, and when they pass by futility, they pass (as) dignified ones
25:73  And those who, when they are reminded of (the) Verses (of) their Lord, (do) not fall upon them deaf and blind.
25:74  And those who say, "Our Lord! Grant to us from our spouses and our offspring comfort (to) our eyes, and make us for the righteous a leader."
25:75  Those will be awarded the Chamber because they were patient and they will be met therein (with) greetings and peace.
25:76  Will abide forever in it. Good (is) the settlement and a resting place.
25:77  Say, "Not will care for you my Lord, if not your prayer (is to Him). But verily, you have denied, so soon will be the inevitable (punishment)."