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25:1  Blessed is the One Who sent down the benchmark to His noble servant: the warner for all communities;
25:2  Allah controls the Heavens and the Earth, has not adopted a child, nor taken a partner in His dominion, and has created everything carefully measured out.
25:3  Yet the disbelievers have adopted beside Him gods that create nothing but were created, they have no power to harm or to benefit themselves, and don’t control death, life or resurrection
25:4  The disbelievers said, “This is nothing but an outrageous lie that he has made up with the support of some people.” In truth, it is they who have come to do wrong and bear false witness.
25:5  And they said, “These are the tales of the ancients he has written down, that were dictated to him morning and evening.”
25:6  Say: “He sent it down, Who knows the secrets concealed in the Heavens and the Earth. He is Forgiving, Kind.”
25:7  They said, “What kind of messenger is this who eats food and walks about in the market? If an angel was sent with him as a warner, then we would believe;
25:8  or if some treasure came down to him, or he had an orchard for his livelihood.” The wrongdoers say, “You are following a bewitched man.”
25:9  Look what examples they make of you! They have gone astray, and they cannot find a straight path.
25:10  Blessed is He Who will grant you better than that when He wants; gardens beneath which rivers flow and luxurious palaces
25:11  They have denied the coming of the Final Hour, and We have prepared a fiery blaze for anyone who denies the Final Hour.
25:12  When it sees them from afar, they will hear it raging and roaring;
25:13  and they will be chained together and cast into a narrow pit in it; they will plead to perish.
25:14  “Do not plead to perish once today,” they’ll be told, “but plead to perish many times over.”
25:15  Say: “Which is better, that or the garden of eternal life that those mindful of Allah have been promised?” That will be their reward and destination,
25:16  they will have whatever they please forever: a promise which Your Lord will fulfil
25:17  On the Day He gathers them and all they worship beside Allah, He will ask: “Was it you who led My servants astray, or did they stray by themselves from the path?
25:18  The idols will say, “Glory be to You! It was not for us to take on protectors besides You. However, You let them and their forefathers enjoy themselves until they neglected the Reminder and were ruined people.”
25:19  “Your idols have denied what you said,” He will tell them, “You can’t avert what’s coming or get help. So whoever continues doing wrong, then We’ll let them taste a dreadful punishment.
25:20  Never before you, Muhammad, have We sent any messenger who didn’t eat food and walk about in the markets. We made some of you a test for others to see how patient you will be. Your Lord is Seeing.
25:21  Those who don’t like to meet Us say: “If angels were sent down, or we could see our Lord we would have believed.” They are proud of themselves and rude.
25:22  On the Day they see the angels, it won’t be good news for the sinners; the angels will say, “Paradise is a forbidden place for you!”
25:23  Whatever deeds they had done, We will turn them into scattered dust.
25:24  That Day the companions of Paradise will be living in a pleasant home, a cool resting place
25:25  That Day the sky and the clouds will be torn apart, and at last the angels will be sent down,
25:26  that Day sovereignty will belong to the Most Kind; it will be a terrible Day for the disbelievers,
25:27  a Day when the wrongdoer will bite his hands regretfully, saying, “If only I had followed the path of the Messenger.
25:28  Woe to me! If only I hadn’t taken so-and-so as a friend;
25:29  he led me astray from the Reminder after it had come to me.” The Satan deceived humanity.
25:30  The Messenger will say, “My Lord, some of my people regard this Quran as something to be avoided.”
25:31  This is how We have made the sinners an enemy for every prophet. Your Lord is sufficient as a Guide and Helper.
25:32  The disbelievers say, “Why wasn’t the Quran sent down all at once to him?” We revealed it this way to build your confidence, and arranged it as one book.
25:33  Not a single example can they bring you of inconsistency in the book. However, We bring you the truth and the best explanation.
25:34  Those who will be dispatched face down to Hell will be in the worst place and furthest away from any path
25:35  We gave Musa the Book, and We made his brother Harun adviser.
25:36  We said, “Go, the two of you, to the people who have denied Our signs,” then We destroyed them completely.
25:37  Likewise the people of Nuh, after they denied the messengers, We drowned them and made them a sign for people. We have prepared a painful torment for wrongdoers,
25:38  such as Ad, Thamud, the community of the well, and many generations in between.
25:39  We made examples of each of them; and We destroyed them.
25:40  They have passed by the city that was struck by the terrible rain. Haven’t they seen it? They hope not to be brought back to life
25:41  When they see you, they mockingly say, “Is this the one who Allah sent as a messenger?
25:42  If we hadn’t been committed to our idols he would have lead us away from our gods.” They will know, who had gone astray from the path when they see the punishment.
25:43  Do you think you can be a guardian of someone who makes his desires, god?
25:44  Do you reckon they listen to you, or reflect? They are like cattle. No, in fact they are even further astray from the straight path
25:45  Don’t you see how Your Lord makes the shadow get longer and longer, if He wanted He could have fixed its size. We made the sun a pointer to His existence,
25:46  then We gradually shorten the shadow.
25:47  He made the night a garment to cover you, the sleep for your rest, and the daytime for rising up again
25:48  He sends the winds as a herald before the rain; and We send clean water from the sky
25:49  to bring barren land back to life, and to provide drink to creatures, a great many cattle and people alike.
25:50  We distribute the rain to remind them of Our power, but most people turn away ungratefully.
25:51  If We wanted, We could have sent a warner to every city.
25:52  So don’t give in to the disbelievers, but struggle tirelessly to convince them with this Quran.
25:53  And He brings the two seas close together, one sweet and fresh, the other salty and bitter; and He has set a non-breachable barrier between them.
25:54  And He created humans from water, and gave them blood relatives and in-laws. Your Lord is Powerful.
25:55  Yet they worship beside Allah what can’t benefit or harm them. The disbeliever is openly opposed to His Lord.
25:56  We sent you a bearer of glad tidings and a warner.
25:57  Say: “I’m not asking you for payment for this preaching, all I ask of you is: let those who wish to take the path to their Lord do so.
25:58  Put your trust in the Ever-Living, Who will never die, glorify Him with His praise. Sufficient is He in being, Aware of His servants’ sins,
25:59  Who created the Heavens and Earth and whatever lies between them in six days, then established according to His Majesty on the Throne. He is the Most Kind; the Best informed.
25:60  If they are told: “Prostrate before the Most Kind,” they say, “And what is the Most Kind? Should we prostrate to anything you tell us?” This reminder increases their hatred.
25:61  Blessed is He Who placed constellations in the sky, and made brilliant stars, a shining sun and a bright moon.
25:62  He made the night and day to follow each other, a sign for anyone who wants to be reminded of Allah’s power or wants to be thankful
25:63  The servants of the Kind walk softly on the Earth, and when ignorant people speak with them, they say words of peace.
25:64  And they spend their nights praying to their Lord, standing and prostrating.
25:65  And pray: “Our Lord, turn away the torment of Hell from us; its torment is unending.
25:66  What a dreadful home and resting place!”
25:67  And they spend in charity, they are neither wasteful nor miserly, but moderate.
25:68  And they call on no other god beside Allah, and do not kill others that Allah has made sacred, unless by some lawful right, nor commit adultery – and whoever does that will face penalties;
25:69  his punishment will be multiplied on the Day of Judgement, forever disgraced and in torment,
25:70  except anyone who repents, believes and does righteous deeds. For them, Allah will turn their past sins into good deeds. Allah is Forgiving, Most Kind.
25:71  Whoever repents and does righteous deeds, has indeed returned to Allah.
25:72  And they don’t bear false testimony and, when they pass people gossiping, they pass by with dignity.
25:73  And when they are reminded of their Lord’s signs, they don’t fall for them, deaf and blind to their true meaning
25:74  And they say, “Our Lord, grant us joy in our spouses and children, and make us an example for those who are mindful of You.”
25:75  They will be rewarded with the loftiest of apartments in Paradise for their patience; they shall be greeted with peace,
25:76  living forever in a lovely home and leisurely place!
25:77  Say: “What are you to My Lord without your prayer?” Since you have denied My messenger, the expected punishment will happen