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25:1  Blessed became He Who sent down Al-Furqan unto His Abd that he may become a warner to the worlds
25:2  That One: for Him is the Dominion of the heavens and the earth, and He has not begotten a son, and does not become to Him a partner in the Dominion, and He has created all things and He has assessed it (an excellent) assessment
25:3  And people have picked up besides Him (others as) gods — they do not create any thing, rather they (themselves) have been created. And they do not possess for themselves (any) harm, and nor (any) benefit. And they do not own death, and nor life and nor Resurrection
25:4  And said those who have disbelieved: “This Al-Kitab is not but a lie that he has forged and a nation of others have helped him at it.” So definitely, they have approached in transgression and a state of falsehood
25:5  And they (also) said: “Writings of the earlier people which he has got written down, then these are reproduced before him morning and evening.”
25:6  Say: “He has sent it down Who knows the secret in the heavens and the earth. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful.”
25:7  And they said: “What (has gone wrong) with this Messenger? He eats food and walks on the roads. Why not an angel has been sent down unto him so that he becomes a warner alongwith him
25:8  Or (why not) has been dropped unto him a treasure, or becomes for him an orchard he may eat thereof?” And the transgressors said: “You follow not but an adult male — bewitched (i.e., under effect of sorcery and magic).”
25:9  See how they have brought forth for you similitudes, so they have gone astray, so they have no capacity (to find out the) Path
25:10  Blessed became He! If He thought proper, He sanctioned for you better than this — orchards, flow underneath them rivers, and He will assign you palaces (as delights in Paradise)
25:11  Nay! They have denied the Hour (i.e., the Day of Resurrection). And We have prepared for that who has denied the Hour, a Flaming Fire (in Hell)
25:12  When it (i.e., the Hell) saw them from a place far and remote, they heard for it raging and roaring sound (emitting from inside it)
25:13  And when they were thrown away from there to a narrow suffocating pocket, as chained (criminals), they cried then and there , (requesting) complete destruction
25:14  Do not cry this Day for one single destruction, rather cry for repeated destructions
25:15  Say: “Is this (torment) better or the Garden of Eternity which has been promised unto the righteous? It became theirs as a reward and (as a) destination
25:16  For them (there will be) therein whatever they shall desire, abiders (therein), this has become a promise upon your Nourisher-Sustainer, prayed for (and perfectly answered)
25:17  And the Day He gathers them and that what they worship besides Allah, then He will say: “Whether it is you? You misled Ibadi — all these, or they themselves strayed from the Path?”
25:18  They said: “Glorified be You! It was not that it may suit us that we may pick up auliya besides You; but You bestowed on them and their fathers (provisions much beyond their needs) till they forgot Az-Zikr (‘The Message’) and became a nation completely doomed
25:19  So, surely they gave you a lie regarding what you say. So (now) you have no capacity to avert (the punishment) and nor (you can seek) help. And whoever will transgress amongst you, We shall make him taste a great punishment
25:20  And We did not send before you, out of Messengers, but verily, they eat food and they walk on the roads. And We have made some of you as a test and trial for some (others). Will you have patience? And your Nourisher-Sustainer is Ever All-Seer
25:21  And said those who expect not for a meeting with Us: “Why not have been sent down unto us the angels or (that) we may see our Nourisher-Sustainer?" Surely, indeed they thought too highly of themselves and exceeded the limits to a transgression, monstrous
25:22  The Day they see the angels: no glad tidings this Day for the criminals. And they will say: “(Would there be) a barrier, completely barred (from allowing the process of Accountability to overtake us).
25:23  And We turned to the deeds they performed; then We crumbled it into pieces scattered (to the winds)
25:24  The inmates of Paradise, this Day are good in respect of an abode and better in respect of a place of rest
25:25  And (bring to mind) the Day when the heaven breaks up as clouds and the angels are sent down descending continuously
25:26  The Sovereignty this Day shall be real — exclusively for Ar-Rahman, and the Day is too hard for the disbelievers
25:27  And (bring to mind) the Day the transgressor will bite at his two hands (and) he will say: “Oh, would that I had picked up a path with the Messenger
25:28  Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had not taken so and so as a friend
25:29  Surely, indeed he led me astray from Az-Zikr after it had come to me. And the Satan, with respect to mankind, is a deserter in the hour of need.”
25:30  And the Messenger said: “O my Nourisher-Sustainer! Verily, my nation treated this Al-Quran as a discarded item.”
25:31  And thus did We make to every Prophet an enemy from among the sinners. And sufficient is your Nourisher-Sustainer as a Guide and Helper
25:32  And said those who have disbelieved: “Why not Al-Quran has been sent down to him all at one occasion? Like this, so that We may strengthen therewith your heart. And We have revealed it in small portions, slowly
25:33  And they do not confront you with a matter but We came to you with Truth and Ahsan-o-Tafseeran [‘A better commentary’ or ‘A better understanding’ (available within the Text of this Al-Kitab)]
25:34  Those who will be gathered on their faces unto Hell — they (will be in) an evil place and more astray from (the right) path
25:35  And surely, indeed We delivered to Musa Al-Kitab, and appointed with him his brother Harun as a co-helper
25:36  Then We said: “Proceed you both to the nation of those who have rejected Ayaatina (‘Our Ayaat’). Then We destroyed them, an utter destruction
25:37  And the nation of Nuh — when they denied the Messengers We drowned them and We made them for mankind a Sign. And We have prepared a painful torment for the transgressors
25:38  And (also) ’Ad and Samud, and the dwellers of Ar-Rass, and many generations in between these (nations)
25:39  And all such nations We made as examples for it (i.e., a punishment that brought forward a complete annihilation of the civilization) and each one We destroyed, an utter destruction
25:40  And surely, indeed these have travelled through the town whereon was rained an evil rain. Have they not been that they may notice it? Nay! They had not been hoping for the resurrection (after death)
25:41  And when they saw you, they behave not with you except in jest and mockery, (saying): "Is this that whom Allah has sent as a Messenger
25:42  If he could, surely he will deviate us from our aaliha (gods), if not (it is) that we remained constant in (worshipping) them." And soon they will know when they see the torment, who is more astray from the (Right) Path
25:43  Have you seen, who has taken as his ilah his own vain desire? Would then you become, to him, a wakil
25:44  Or do you think that the majority of them do hear or understand? They are not but like cattle, Nay! They are farther away from the (Right) Path
25:45  Have you not pondered towards (the worhead of state of) your Nourisher-Sustainer how He has extended the shadow? And if He willed, surely He would make it still — then We have made the sun as a cause and effect over it
25:46  Then We withdrew this (shadow) to Us — a gradual silent withdrawal
25:47  And He it is Who made to you the night as a covering, and the sleep as a repose in tranquility; and He made the day as coming up into a new life [sleep is very similar to death, and rising from sleep is very similar to Resurrection]
25:48  And He it is Who sent the winds as heralds of glad tidings in between both the hands of His Mercy (i.e., just before the approaching rains). And We sent down from towards the sky — (rain-) water completely pure and clean —
25:49  so that We may revive thereby a dead land and We may give it as drink to that which We created as cattle and mankind in abundance
25:50  And indeed, We distributed it amongst them so that they may be reminded and remind others (about the Mercy of Allah) but the majority of mankind rejected except disbelief
25:51  And had We thought proper, We would have surely raised a Warner in every habitation
25:52  So obey not the disbelievers but strive hard with them with this (Al-Kitab) — (regarding it as) Jihadan Kabeeran (the greatest and supreme form of Jihad)
25:53  And He it is Who has meraja (merged) two seas, this palatable (and) sweet, and this salty (and) bitter; and He has set inbetween those two a barrier, and an obstruction, made completely obstructive (in allowing any intermixing of the two waters)
25:54  And He it is Who created a human being out of (a matter containing) water and has assigned to him blood-relationship and in-laws relationship. And your Nourisher-Sustainer is All-Capable (over anything)
25:55  And people worship besides Allah that which benefits them not and nor gives them (any) harm. And the disbeliever became one who intends to prevail against his (own) Nourisher-Sustainer
25:56  And We did not send you but as a bearer of glad tidings, as well as a warner
25:57  Declare: “I do not ask you, on this (propagation of the Message) any reward, except that whoever desired must pickup a path leading (him) to his Nourisher-Sustainer
25:58  And put the trust in the Ever Living One Who does not die and glorify (Him) with His praise. And Sufficient is He as the All-Knower of the sins of His Ibad
25:59  Who created the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between those two in six aeons, then He set (Himself) over the Throne. Ar-Rahman: then ask about Him one who knows
25:60  And when it is said to them: “Prostrate to Ar-Rahman.” They said: “And what (do you mean by) Ar-Rahman? Shall we submit to that which you command us?” And this increased them in aversion
25:61  Blessed became He Who has set buruj in the heaven and has placed therein an emitting light and a moon that gives light
25:62  And He it is Who has set the night and the day constantly succeeding each other — for that who intended that he may be reminded and remind (others) or intended for (showing) gratitude
25:63  And the Ibad of Ar-Rahman are those who move on the earth in humility and sedateness; and when the ignorant (of the Divine Book) addressed them (with bad words or in jest and mockery), they replied in mild words of gentleness
25:64  And those who spend the night for (the Attention of and Mercy from) their Nourisher-Sustainer in a state of prostration and Qiyam (standing position while in Prayers)
25:65  And those who say: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Avert from us the torment of Hell. Truly, its torment is a lasting one which interrupts itself not.
25:66  Surely, this (Hell) became evil as a place of rest and as an abode
25:67  And those when they spent, they did not indulge in extravagance and did not indulge in niggardliness and it (i.e., their attitude) stayed between these (two extremes) as something lasting and practicable
25:68  And those who do not invoke alongwith Allah another ilah, and they do not murder (or kill or slay) a Nafs whom Allah has forbidden (to be killed) — except under demand of justice; and they do not commit Zina. And whoever commits this he will face a most grievous sin
25:69  The punishment would be made more severe to him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide therein in disgrace —
25:70  except that who repented and accepted Faith and did righteous deeds, then those people: Allah will change their sinful deeds into good deeds. And Allah is (Ever) Oft-Forgiving, continuously Merciful
25:71  And whosoever repented and acted righteously, then certainly he: he takes a turn to Allah — a desirable turn
25:72  And those who do not give evidence (based) on falsehood, and when they passed by something indecent they passed on in grace and dignity
25:73  and those (who) when they are subjected to preaching with the help of Ayaat of their Nourisher-Sustainer, respond not to them as if they are deaf and blind
25:74  and those who say: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! Grant us of our consorts and our children the delight of (our) eyes and make us Imam (model, leader or guide) for the righteous.
25:75  Those people will be rewarded with a suite (in Paradise) because they showed patience and greeting and word of peace will be made to descend over them, therein —
25:76  (becoming) abiders therein. It became excellent as a place of rest and as an abode
25:77  Say: “What my Nourisher-Sustainer may care for you, if there is no invokation from you?" In such a case you have surely denied (His Majesty, Mercy and Grace). So (very) soon will appear the natural result (in the form of everlasting punishment). [If a person has Belief in Allah and His Capacities and His Attributes, he must invoke Him specially in periods of crisis and states of trouble — if he does not, he denies his own Belief in Him]