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25:1  Blessed is He Who revealed the criterion _ (the Qur´an) _ to His servant (Muhammad, SAW), so he may serve as a warner for the whole world
25:2  The domain of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. He did not beget a son, nor does He have a partner in His domain. He created everything, and then ordained its destiny in a precise manner
25:3  The other gods they accept besides Allah create nothing, and are themselves created. It is not within their means to harm anyone, or confer any benefits _ not even upon themselves. They have no ability to give death or life, or to resurrect the dead
25:4  The unbelievers say, "It is nothing but a lie that he has invented, and other folks have helped him with it." They have really brought about an unjust and false testimony
25:5  They say, "Tales of people long gone! He has written them down. (These tales) are dictated to him morning and evening."
25:6  Say, "This Quran is revealed to me by the One Who knows all the mysteries of the heavens and the earth. Indeed, He is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful."
25:7  They say, "What sort of messenger is this? He eats food and moves about in the bazaars. Why wasn´t an angel sent down with him to be a co-warner?"
25:8  "Else, why was he not presented with a treasure? Why is it that he has no orchard to enrich him?" These unjust people remark, "You are merely following a crazy man."
25:9  See! How they throw insults at you, and thus lead themselves astray! They are not able to find their way
25:10  Blessed is the One Who, if He wants, can grant you a much better garden than that, like the gardens with streams running right through. He can build you palaces
25:11  No! In fact, they refused to believe the hour (of judgment). For the one who rejects the hour, We have prepared a blazing fire
25:12  As the fire catches sight of them from afar, they will hear its sighs and sounds of fury
25:13  Bound together in chains, they will wail and beg for death as they are tossed into a cramped space (in the hellfire)
25:14  "This day, do not just ask for a single death! Call for several deaths!"
25:15  Ask them, "Is this better? Or the eternal paradise which the pious have been promised?" It is their reward and their final destination
25:16  There, anything they desire shall be theirs; and there, they shall live forever. That promise is a definite obligation upon your Lord
25:17  That is the day He will gather them all; and also those they worship other than Allah. To them He will say, "Was it really you who made these servants of Mine go astray? Or did they stray from the path all on their own?"
25:18  They will say, "Glory be to You! It is not right for us to accept any patrons other than You! You had them and their parents enjoy plenty of comforts. But, they disregarded the warnings and became a doomed people."
25:19  They (the false gods) will deny flat out then, what you are claiming (for them) now. Then, you would be unable to avert disaster or seek help. We will make the evildoers amongst you taste the tremendous torment
25:20  (Oh messenger)! Prior to you, too, every messenger We ever sent consumed food and moved about in the bazaars. We designed each of you to be a test for others. So, won´t you be patient? Your Lord is ever alert and watchful
25:21  Those not anticipating a meeting with Us said, "Why were angels not sent down for us? And why do we not see our God?" They deem themselves too important, and have been arrogant a great deal
25:22  One day, they will get to see the angels. But (the proceedings of) that day will not bring any good news for these criminals. The angels will say, "For you the good news is absolutely forbidden!"
25:23  We will bring out all the good deeds they have performed. Then, We will grind them into fine dust and blow the dust away
25:24  That day, the people of paradise shall have exquisite residences and the most peaceful resting places
25:25  That day, the sky and the clouds will split apart; and through it, angels shall descend in a continuous stream
25:26  That day, the sole and genuine authority shall belong to Rehman. That day will be tough for the unbelievers
25:27  That day, the evildoers will bite their hands in despair and say, "Oh misery! If only I had gone along with the messenger!"
25:28  "Alas! My misfortune! If only I had not taken that one _ (the Shaitan) _ as a friend!"
25:29  "He really made me disregard the advice when it came to me." Indeed, the Shaitan always betrays man in times of need
25:30  And the messenger will say, "My Lord, truly my people had forsaken this Qur´an."
25:31  In this manner, We designated for every prophet an opponent from amongst the guilty. Your Lord suffices as a Guide and a Helper
25:32  The unbelievers say, "Why wasn´t this Qur´an revealed to him in a single stretch?" This was done in order that We may fortify your heart with it. It is revealed gradually and phrased elegantly
25:33  We responded to every objection they threw at you. We brought you the truth and the most excellent explanations
25:34  Gathered around the hellfire and shoved into it face down, would indeed be those who held the worst of beliefs and had strayed the farthest away from the path
25:35  We had surely granted Musa the book, and had appointed his brother Haroon as an assistant
25:36  We said, "Go to the people who have rejected Our signs." (Finally) We annihilated that nation completely
25:37  We drowned the nation of Nooh when they rejected the messengers! We turned them into an admonition for the whole world. For the evil doers, We have prepared a painful punishment
25:38  (Also for) the Aads, the Samoods, the people of ´Russ´ and several generations in between
25:39  We gave all of them the words of wisdom. Finally, We brought them to total ruin
25:40  They have surely passed by the town upon which was sent the most wretched rain. Did they not see it (coming)? But they did not expect the life after death
25:41  As soon as they see you, they make fun of you (saying), "Is he the one Allah sent as a messenger?"
25:42  "He had almost wooed us away from our gods. But we stayed staunch upon them." As soon as they confront their punishment they will find out who had strayed farther away from the path
25:43  Did you see the one who took his own wishes and whims as his god? Can you then, (accept to) be in charge of his affairs
25:44  Do you think most of them listen, or ponder? They are like animals! Nothing more! In fact, they are (worse; they are) more astray from the right path
25:45  Do you not see how your Lord spreads out darkness? If He wanted, He could make it permanent! But He appointed the sun as a pilot (to drive away the darkness)
25:46  Thus We gently seize (the darkness) and gradually ease it away
25:47  It is He Who made the night don the decor that is fit for sleeping; and He made the sleep invigorating for you. He made the day a time to wake up
25:48  It is He Who sends the winds as heralds of His mercy! We send pristine water down from the sky
25:49  So that, with it We may bring the dead land back to life and quench (the thirst of) a great many cattle and people We have created
25:50  And We repeat this (feat) in their midst in various ways (and often enough) in order to impress upon them (the truth). But most people (being ungrateful) insist upon disbelieving
25:51  If We wanted, We could have raised a warner in every single locality
25:52  So, do not yield to (the demands of) the unbelievers, and strive against them relentlessly for the sake of this great struggle
25:53  It is He Who joined (the two) seas together. One is sweet and palatable, the other brackish and bitter. He has placed between the two of them a barrier _ an absolute restraint
25:54  It is He Who created man from water, then initiated two kinds of lineage of descent for him _ the paternal and maternal. Your Lord is Omnipotent
25:55  Besides Allah, they worship those who do not confer benefits upon them, nor cause them harm. The unbeliever always aids (Shaitan) against his Lord
25:56  We have sent you as a bearer of good news; and as a warner
25:57  Say, "In return, I do not ask you for a reward, except that whoever wants may adopt the path towards his Lord!"
25:58  Place your trust in the Ever-Living _ the One Who will never die, and chant His praises. He is sufficiently knowledgeable about the sins of His servants
25:59  It is He Who created the heavens and the earth and everything in between in six periods of time, and then mounted the throne. (He is) Rehman! Ask Him! He knows it all
25:60  When they are asked to fall prostrate before Rehman they say, "Who is Rehman? Shall we fall prostrate merely because you tell us to do so?" Thus, their hatred grows
25:61  Blessed is He Who created fortified spheres in the heavens and placed (in one of them) the great lamp _ (the sun) _ and the luminous moon
25:62  It is He Who makes the night and the day follow each other! A lesson for the one who wants to reflect, and wants to be grateful
25:63  The (real) servants of Rehman are those who carry themselves around in this world with humility and serenity. When accosted by ignorant ones they respond, "Peace!"
25:64  Those who spend nights (in prayers) standing and prostrating before their Lord
25:65  Those who say, "Oh our Lord, keep the torment of the hellfire away from us. Indeed, that torment is abiding and unyielding."
25:66  "Indeed, it is the worst place as an abode!"
25:67  They are neither extravagant nor miserly. While spending, they remain steady between the two extremes
25:68  They who do not pray to gods other than Allah, do not kill a being prohibited by Allah, unless mandated by justice, and do not commit adultery. Anyone indulging in these acts will receive punishment
25:69  His punishment will be doubled on the Day of Judgment, and he will stay there forever in a disgraceful despicable state
25:70  Except those who repent, believe and perform righteous acts. For such ones Allah will exchange their bad deeds with good ones. And Allah is the most Forgiving, the most Merciful
25:71  He who renounces (his evil ways) and performs the righteous deeds has indeed turned to Allah with true repentance
25:72  (The righteous are) those who do not bear false testimony. When they come across anything banal and indecent, they pass by it with dignity and grace
25:73  When reminded of the verses of their Lord, they do not stay inactive (and mute) like the deaf and the blind. (They listen and ponder)
25:74  Those who say, "Our Lord, grant us joy and bliss with our wives and children, and make us the models for the righteous (among our progeny to follow)."
25:75  Those are the ones who will be rewarded with the exalted places (in paradise) in return for their patient persistence. They shall be greeted with the salutations of peace
25:76  They will stay there for ever! An excellent place to stay! An excellent abode
25:77  Say (to the unbelievers), "Unless you call my Lord and pray to Him, He would care nothing about you at all. But now, since you have rejected Him the torment will be yours forever."