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78:1  What do they ask each other about?
78:2  About the serious news,
78:3  About which they differ.
78:4  But no, they will soon know,
78:5  Again no, they will soon know.
78:6  Did We not make the earth an abode,
78:7  And the mountains fixtures,
78:8  And created you in pairs?
78:9  And We made your sleep for rest,
78:10  And made the night a cover,
78:11  And made the day for livelihood.
78:12  And We built above you seven strong structures,
78:13  And placed a glowing light.
78:14  And We sent from the clouds driven by wind streaming rain,
78:15  To bring out greenery and plants with it,
78:16  And lush gardens.
78:17  For the day of division is an appointment.
78:18  On the day the horn is blown, then you come like swarms.
78:19  And the heavens will be opened and have gates.
78:20  And the mountains will be moved and become a mirage.
78:21  For hell lies in wait,
78:22  As a destination for the transgressors.
78:23  They will stay trapped in it.
78:24  They will neither taste coolness there nor a drink,
78:25  Except boiling water and freezing liquid.
78:26  A befitting reward.
78:27  For they did not hope for the reckoning,
78:28  And denied Our signs outright.
78:29  And We have preserved everything in a record.
78:30  Taste then, We will only increase your punishment.
78:31  For those who beware (of Allah) is accomplishment,
78:32  Enclosed gardens and grapes,
78:33  And youthful maidens,
78:34  And filled cups.
78:35  They will hear neither idle talk nor lies there.
78:36  A reward from your Lord, a measured gift.
78:37  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the Owner of mercy, they cannot speak before Him.
78:38  On the day the Spirit and the angels stand in rows nobody will speak except whom the Owner of mercy has given permission and he says what is right.
78:39  That is the day of truth, so let whoever pleases set his destination towards his Lord.
78:40  We warn you of a close-by punishment on the day a man will look at what he has sent ahead and the one who rejected (the truth) will say: if only I was dust.