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78:1  About what do they ask one another?
78:2  About the great news
78:3  That they differ over it.
78:4  Nay! They will come to know.
78:5  Nay again! They will come to know.
78:6  Have We not made the earth (as) a cradle
78:7  And the mountains (as) stakes?
78:8  Have We not created you in pairs
78:9  Appointed your sleep for a rest,
78:10  Made the night as raiment
78:11  And the day as the means of livelihood?
78:12  Have we not built above you seven strong firmaments,
78:13  Made therein a blazing lamp,
78:14  And sent down, from the rain clouds, abundant water
78:15  In order to bring forth thereby grain and herbs,
78:16  And gardens of thick foliage?
78:17  Indeed, the decisive day, (-the ‘Day of Judgment’ -), is an appointed time.
78:18  It is the day when the Trumpet is blown. Thus, you will come forth in multitudes.
78:19  The sky will be opened, becoming gateways,
78:20  And the mountains will be removed, becoming a mirage.
78:21  Indeed, ‘Gehenna’ is a place of ambush
78:22  For the transgressors: it is a place for return
78:23  To abide therein for ages.
78:24  They will taste therein neither coolness nor any drink.
78:25  But scalding water and purulence
78:26  As suitable requital for their deeds.
78:27  Indeed, they hoped there would be no ‘Reckoning Day’,
78:28  And (falsely) claimed that Our ‘Revelations’ were a big lie.
78:29  Yet We have recorded everything as a book.
78:30  Consequently, taste (the painful punishment)! We are not going to increase you except in punishment!.
78:31  Indeed, for the ‘Pious’, there will be a big reward,
78:32  Gardens and vineyards,
78:33  Charming maidens of equal age,
78:34  And overflowing cup.
78:35  They will hear therein no evil vain talks or lies.
78:36  A reward from your Lord - a generous gift in payment –
78:37  The Lord of the heavens and of the earth, and whatsoever is in between them, the Most Beneficent God. No one can have direct dialogue with Him
78:38  On the day when the Spirit, (Archangel ‘Gabriel’), and the ‘Angels’ will stand in rows. They speak not except for the one whom the Most Beneficent God allows him as he will speak the right thing.
78:39  That is the True Day. Therefore, whoever wills can take a safe return to his Lord!
78:40  Indeed, We have warned you of a near punishment on a day when man will behold what his hands have put forth, and the ‘impious’ one will say: "Oh, I wish I were dust!"