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78:1  What are they asking one another about?
78:2  About the Great Tiding,
78:3  over which they differ.
78:4  But no, surely they will find out!
78:5  Once again, no, surely they will find out!
78:6  Did We not make the earth a resting place,
78:7  and the mountains as pegs?
78:8  And created youpl in pairs?
78:9  And made your sleep for rest,
78:10  and made the night a garment,
78:11  and made the day for livelihood?
78:12  And built above you seven strong ones,
78:13  and made a glowing lamp?
78:14  And brought down from the clouds pouring water,
78:15  to bring out with it grains and plants
78:16  and luxuriant gardens?
78:17  Indeed, the Day of Decision has been appointed:
78:18  the day when the Trumpet is blown, and you come in crowds,
78:19  and the sky was opened up and became gateways,
78:20  and the mountains were set in motion and became a mirage.
78:21  Indeed, Hell has been lying in ambush—
78:22  a destination for those who exceed all limits,
78:23  where they remain for eons,
78:24  tasting therein neither coolness nor drink,
78:25  except scalding water and purulence—
78:26  a fitting repayment,
78:27  for they were not expecting any reckoning,
78:28  and they disbelieved Our signs with utter disbelief.
78:29  But We have enumerated everything in writing.
78:30  So taste, for We will not increase youpl except in punishment!
78:31  Indeed, for the mindfulpl (of God) there is triumph:
78:32  Gardens (of Paradise) and vineyards;
78:33  and high-class spouses, well-matched;
78:34  and overflowing cups.
78:35  They hear therein neither idle talk nor lies—
78:36  a repayment from yoursg Lord, a measured gift,
78:37  (from) the Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between them, (from) the All-Merciful. They have no authority from Him to speak
78:38  on the day when the Spirit and the angels line up in ranks, not speaking—except whomever the All-Merciful has permitted and who has said what is right.
78:39  That is the True Day. So whoever wills, let him take a route to return to his Lord.
78:40  Indeed, We have warned youpl of a near punishment—the day when a person looks at what his hands have put forth, and the denier says, “If only I were dust!”