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78:1  What are they questioning one another about?
78:2  Is it the awesome news
78:3  that they are disputing?
78:4  Nay, soon they will know,
78:5  indeed very soon they will know.
78:6  Didn’t We make the Earth a vast expanse,
78:7  the mountains like mighty stakes?
78:8  Didn’t We create you in pairs,
78:9  made your sleep for resting,
78:10  made the night a covering,
78:11  and made the day for earning a livelihood?
78:12  Didn’t We build seven durable skies over your head,
78:13  the sun a brightly burning lamp,
78:14  and sent down abundant rain pouring from storm clouds?
78:15  So We produced cereals, plants,
78:16  and gardens of dense greenery
78:17  The time for the Day of Distinction is fixed;
78:18  when the Trumpet will be blown and you will come in crowds that Day;
78:19  when the sky is opened becoming a gateway,
78:20  and the mountains will move as if they were a mirage.
78:21  Hell lies in waiting,
78:22  to receive the disobedient, their home;
78:23  they will live there for ages and ages.
78:24  There will be nothing cool to taste, nor anything to drink
78:25  except boiling water and a dark foul fluid;
78:26  a fitting reward!
78:27  Since they never expected any kind of accounting,
78:28  and denied our Scriptures.
78:29  Yet We took account of everything in a Book,
78:30  so it will be said to them: “Taste the punishment. We won’t add anything except punishment for you!
78:31  The mindful will have a splendid success:
78:32  gardens, vineyards,
78:33  beautiful young companions of similar ages
78:34  and an overflowing cup.
78:35  They won’t hear idle talk or lies,
78:36  a fitting reward and a gift from Your Lord
78:37  Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and what is between the two. The Most Kind will not allow them to speak
78:38  on the Day when the Spirit Jibreel and the other angels will stand in rows, they won’t speak either without the Most Kind’s permission, and they will speak the truth.
78:39  That’s the Day of Truth! So, anyone who wishes, let him take the road leading to His Lord.
78:40  We certainly warned you of a punishment so near, the Day when every person will see what their own hands have produced, and the disbeliever will say, “Oh, I wish I were dust!