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78:1  About what are they asking (one another)?
78:2  About the great news (Islam),
78:3  about which they disagree.
78:4  Nay, they will come to know,
78:5  nay, again, they will come to know (very soon).
78:6  Have not We made the earth like a bed,
78:7  the mountains as pegs,
78:8  created you in pairs,
78:9  made your sleep for rest,
78:10  made the night as a covering,
78:11  made the day (to work) for livelihood,
78:12  built above you 7 strong (heavens),
78:13  placed in it a shinning lamp (sun),
78:14  sent down abundant water from the clouds,
78:15  thereby to produce corn and vegetation in it,
78:16  and gardens of thick growth?
78:17  Surely, the Day of decision is a fixed time.
78:18  On that Day, the trumpet will be blown in and you shall come forth in crowds.
78:19  The sky will be opened, as if there were doors.
78:20  The mountains will be moved away, as if they were a mirage.
78:21  Truly, hell is a place of ambush,
78:22  a living place for the transgressors.
78:23  They will live in it for ages,
78:24  they will neither taste cool nor any drink in it,
78:25  except boiling water and pus (dirty wound discharges):
78:26  as a fitting recompense (for their evil deeds).
78:27  Surely, they never expected a reckoning (for their deeds),
78:28  and denied Our revelations with strong denial.
78:29  But We have recorded every thing in a book.
78:30  (It will be said): “So you taste (the results of evil actions). We shall give you nothing but increase in punishment.”
78:31  Surely, there will be a success (Paradise) for the righteous:
78:32  gardens and grape yards,
78:33  young mature maidens of equal age,
78:34  full cups (of wine to the brim);
78:35  they will neither hear vain talk nor any lying in it;
78:36  a reward from your Lord and a gift beyond their account (for good deeds
78:37  from the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between them; the Gracious, before Whom no one will be able to speak (on the Day of Resurrection).
78:38  On that Day, the spirit (Gabriel) and the angels will stand in rows; none will speak except the one to whom the Gracious (Allah) will allow to speak, and he will speak what is right.
78:39  That is (without doubt) the true Day. Let those who wish, seek a Way back to their Lord (by obeying Him in this world).
78:40  Surely, We have warned you of an imminent punishment, on the Day when people will see (the deeds) what their hands have sent forth, and the disbeliever will cry: “Woe to me! Would that I were dust!”