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78:1  What are they asking each other about
78:2  About the awesome tidings [of resurrection]
78:3  concerning which they are in disagreement
78:4  But they will soon come to know
78:5  Surely, they will soon find out the truth
78:6  Have We not spread the earth like a bed
78:7  and raised the mountains like supporting poles
78:8  We created you in pairs
78:9  and gave you repose in sleep
78:10  and the night as a cover
78:11  and made the day for earning a livelihood
78:12  We have built above you seven mighty heavens
78:13  and We have set therein a glowing lamp
78:14  From the rain clouds We send waters pouring down in abundance
78:15  so that We may bring forth thereby grain and a variety of plants
78:16  and gardens dense with foliage
78:17  Surely, the Day of Judgement has an appointed time
78:18  On that Day when the trumpet shall be sounded, you shall come in droves
78:19  and the heaven shall be opened, and become gates
78:20  and the mountains shall be made to vanish, as if they had been a mirage
78:21  Surely, Hell lies in wait
78:22  a home for the transgressors
78:23  where they shall remain for ages
78:24  and where they will taste neither coolness nor any drin
78:25  save boiling water and a stinking flui
78:26  a fitting requital
78:27  for they never expected to be called to account
78:28  and they rejected outright Our signs
78:29  but We have recorded everything in a Book
78:30  [So We shall say], Taste, then, [the fruit of your evil doings,] for now We shall bestow on you nothing but more and more suffering
78:31  As for those who are mindful of God, they shall surely triumph
78:32  theirs shall be gardens and vineyards
78:33  and young maidens of equal age
78:34  and overflowing cups
78:35  There they shall not hear any idle talk, or any untruth
78:36  all this will be a recompense, a gift, that will suffice them, from your Lord
78:37  the Sustainer of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, the most Gracious [and] none shall have it in their power to raise their voices to Him
78:38  On the Day when the Spirit and the angels stand in ranks, no one will speak, except for those to whom the Lord of Mercy gives permission, and who will say only what is right
78:39  That Day is sure to come, so whoever wishes to, let him take the path that leads towards his Lord
78:40  We have warned you of a chastisement which is near at hand, on the Day when man shall [clearly] see what his hands have sent ahead, and when he who has denied the truth shall say, Oh, would that I were dust