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78:1  Are they questioning and…
78:2  … disputing the happening of.
78:3  … the great event
78:4  Pretty soon they will find out
78:5  Without any doubt they will find out themselves that Resurrection and Hereafter is true
78:6  The same God which made the earth habitable
78:7  And stabilized the mountain
78:8  And created male and female to keep each one compan
78:9  And favored you with the sleep so that you res
78:10  And made the night a cove
78:11  And energized you in the day so that you for after your provisio
78:12  And built universe upon universe above yo
78:13  And created the sun as a source of light and energy for yo
78:14  And sent down water for you from the sky abov
78:15  To produce plants and grain
78:16  And various orchard
78:17  The same Mighty Lord Who did all the above has appointed a day of judgment
78:18  The day on which the horn is blown, you all will come forth in crowds
78:19  And the sky will be opened the same way that the gates of a place is being opened
78:20  And the mountains will be erased from the face of the earth as if they were a mirage
78:21  The Hell then will be waiting impatiently
78:22  To house the rebels
78:23  So that they live there for ages to come
78:24  They will never taste any drink or coolness there
78:25  The only thing that they will taste is a boiling drink and a dark murky extremely cold fluid
78:26  This is a proportional reward for what they did on earth
78:27  They never minded the day of judgment
78:28  And treated their Lord’s revelations as a lie and false statements
78:29  Know that every action of mankind is registered in a book
78:30  So let them taste the fruit of your actions as I (God) will not give you anything but the torture
78:31  For the righteous one, on the contrary, the day of judgment is the day of achievement
78:32  Theirs will be gardens and vineyards
78:33  And the most appealing women of their ages
78:34  And a full cup of delicious drinks
78:35  They will never hear any profanity or lies therein
78:36  This is a reward from your Lord: A payment in kind for your good deeds
78:37  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between; the Most Forgiving. No one will dare to argue with Him
78:38  In the Day of Judgment, the Spirit and the angles will stand motionless in a row. No one will dare to say anything without the Most Merciful permission and the only thing which will be spoken is the truth
78:39  The Day of Judgment is a fact; therefore, whoever wishes may choose to seek refuge in his Lord
78:40  I (God) have sufficiently warned you of this upcoming day of punishment. The Day of Judgment is the day that everyone will see what his two hands’ deeds have prepared for such a day. On that day the disbelievers will say: “Oh, I wish I were nothing but dust.”