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69:1  The clamor.
69:2  What is the clamor?
69:3  And what informs you about what the clamor is?
69:4  Thamud and ‘Ad they belied the day of the dazing concussion.
69:5  As for the Thamud they were destroyed by the sweeping deafening blast.
69:6  And as for ‘Ad they were destroyed by an overriding freezing wind.
69:7  He made it reign over them for seven nights and eight days of continuous succession. You see the people therein fell down as though they are trunks of hollow date-trees.
69:8  So do you see any survivors from them?
69:9  And Pharaoh and those before him and the cities that were toppled came up with the inequity.
69:10  And they disobeyed messenger of their Lord so He seized them with a seizing exceedingly overwhelming.
69:11  Truly when the water [of the flood] burst its boundaries We did carry you in the sailing ark.
69:12  So that We may make it for you a reminder and that every comprehending ear might comprehend it.
69:13  And when the trumpet is blown into with one blow.
69:14  And the earth and the mountains are lifted and then crushed with one crushing.
69:15  On that day the great event will come to pass.
69:16  And the sky turns apart Lo! On that day it will be untenable.
69:17  And the angels will be at different sides of it and eight will carry the throne of your Lord above them on that day.
69:18  On that day you will be brought forward [to your Lord] and not one single hidden thing will remain hidden about you.
69:19  As for him whose book will be given to him in his right hand, then he will say, “Here you are! Read all of you my book!”
69:20  Truly I was expecting that I am surely going to meet my reckoning.
69:21  So he will be in a life most pleasant,
69:22  in a garden most high,
69:23  its fruits most near at hand.
69:24  Eat you and drink with congratulation for all that you had sent ahead in the days past.
69:25  And as for him whose book will be given to him in his left hand, he will say, “Would that I was never given my book.
69:26  That I never knew my reckoning.
69:27  Would that it were a final death.
69:28  My wealth has been of no avail to me.
69:29  My authority has perished away from me.”
69:30  [It will be said], “Seize him and fetter him.
69:31  Then in the blazing fire burn him.
69:32  Thereafter put him into a chain the length of which is seventy cubits.
69:33  Truly he did not use to believe in Allah, The Most-magnificent,
69:34  nor did he use to exhort to the feeding of the needy one.
69:35  So today there is no friend for him here.
69:36  and nothing to eat except from the pus.”
69:37  None will eat it except those who are the iniquitous.
69:38  So I do take oath by that which you see.
69:39  And by that which you see not.
69:40  That it indeed truly is word of a messenger most gracious.
69:41  And it is not word of a poet. Little is that which you believe.
69:42  Nor is it word of a soothsayer. Little is that which you remember.
69:43  It is sent down from Lord of the worlds.
69:44  And were he to attribute any false statements unto Us.
69:45  We would have surely seized him by the right hand.
69:46  Then We would cut from him the life-vein.
69:47  And there is no one among you who can stand between him [and Our punishment].
69:48  And it indeed is truly a reminder for those who revere Allah.
69:49  And We indeed truly know that among you are those who are beliers.
69:50  And it indeed truly is a sorrow on the disbelievers.
69:51  And it indeed is truly truth of the certitude.
69:52  So glorify the name of your Lord, The Most-magnificent.