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68:1  Nun. By the pen and all that they write.
68:2  You are not a madman with regards to the blessing of your Lord.
68:3  And truly for you surely is a reward which will never cut off.
68:4  And truly you surely are on a character most magnificent.
68:5  So soon you will see and they will see,
68:6  which one among you is the one vexed with tribulation.
68:7  Truly your Lord, He it is who is All-knowing about who has gone astray from His way and He it is who is All-knowing about those who are well guided.
68:8  So do not obey those who are the beliers.
68:9  They would want if you could compromise towards them so that they too may compromise.
68:10  And do not obey any such who is profuse in oaths, worthless,
68:11  slanderous, propagator of foul gossip,
68:12  withholder of the good, transgressor, sinful,
68:13  overreaching, and beyond all that ignominious.
68:14  [He is all this] because he has wealth and children?
68:15  When Our signs are related unto him he says, “The tales of the ancients.”
68:16  Soon We shall brand him on the nose.
68:17  Truly We tried them as We tried the owners of the garden when they vowed that they would surely harvest it in the morning;
68:18  and they did not make any exceptions [by saying ‘if Allah wills’].
68:19  But a besieger from your Lord besieged it while they were sleeping.
68:20  And by the morning it was like one completely harvested.
68:21  So they called on one another in the morning.
68:22  “That do go in the morning early to your crops if you indeed are going to harvest.”
68:23  So they departed while they whispered to one another;
68:24  that, “Surely let no needy one enter in it on you today.”
68:25  And they went forth in the early morning with a youthful zest thinking they have the power [over their crop].
68:26  But when they saw it they said, “We indeed most certainly have lost our way.
68:27  Nay! Indeed we are the ones bereft [of our crop].”
68:28  The righteous among them said, “Did I not tell you ‘why do you not glorify Allah?’”
68:29  They said, “Glory be unto our Lord truly we have been of those who wronged their own souls.”
68:30  Then they turned to one another blaming one another.
68:31  They said, “Woe unto us. We indeed were transgressors.
68:32  Perhaps our Lord may give us in replacement one better than it truly we turn back to our Lord in hope.”
68:33  Such is the punishment [in the life of this world] but the punishment in the life of the hereafter surely is greater if only they do know.
68:34  Truly for those who safeguard their own souls are gardens of the bliss in the presence of their Lord.
68:35  Are we going to make those who submit themselves to Allah like the evildoers?
68:36  What is amiss with you? What is this manner in which you make judgments?
68:37  Or do you have a book in which you study?
68:38  Then there is in it for you what to choose?
68:39  Or are We under any obligation to you by virtue of a binding oath till the day of resurrection? That truly for you there is whatever you decide?
68:40  Ask them which of them will stand as a guarantor for that?
68:41  Or do they have ones that are partners with Allah then let them bring their partners if they indeed are truthful.
68:42  The day when the veil from Saaq [Allah’s radiance] will be removed and they will be called to the prostration but they will not be able to do it.
68:43  With sights cast down overwhelmed by humiliation and they indeed used to be called to the prostration while they were at peace [at heart].
68:44  So leave Me alone with such a one who belies this story. We will lead them on from stage to stage from whence they know not.
68:45  I give them respite for a while. Truly my stratagem is firm.
68:46  Or is it that you ask them for a fee so that they are overburdened with debt?
68:47  Or is it that the unseen is in their disposition so that they can write?
68:48  Therefore wait patiently for the wise decision of your Lord and do not be like the companion of the fish when he called while he was in distress.
68:49  Had not a grace from your Lord caught up with him, he would surely be cast on the arid shore while he was in a state of one worthy of reprove.
68:50  But then your Lord raised him up and made him one among the righteous.
68:51  And those who disbelieve nearly trip you down with their sights when they hear the remembrance and they say, “Truly he is surely a madman.”
68:52  But it is nothing except a remembrance for the worlds.