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al-Haqqah (The Reality, The Inevitable)
as rendered by The Study Quran
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The Study Quran rendition of Surah The Reality, The Inevitable(al-Haqqah)
69:1 The Undeniable Reality!
69:2 What is the Undeniable Reality?
69:3 And what shall apprise thee of the Undeniable Reality?
69:4 Thamud and ?Ad denied the calamity.
69:5 As for Thamud, they were destroyed by the overwhelming.
69:6 And as for ?Ad, they were destroyed by a howling, raging wind.
69:7 He imposed it upon them for seven nights and eight days consecutively, so that thou might see the people felled as if they were hollowed palm trunks.
69:8 So dost thou see any remnant of them?
69:9 And Pharaoh and those before him, and those subverted brought iniquity.
69:10 They disobeyed the messenger of their Lord, and He seized them with a devastating blow.
69:11 Truly when the waters overflowed, We carried you upon the ship,
69:12 that We might make it a reminder for you, and that attentive ears might take heed.
69:13 Then when a single blast is blown in the trumpet
69:14 and the earth and mountains are borne away and ground up in a single grinding,
69:15 on that Day the Event shall befall,
69:16 the sky shall be rent asunder; for that Day it shall be frail.
69:17 And the angels shall be at its sides; that Day eight shall carry the Throne of thy Lord above them.
69:18 That Day you shall be exposed; no secret of yours shall be hidden.
69:19 As for one who is given his book in his right hand, he will say, “Here, read my book.
69:20 Truly I knew for certain that I would meet my reckoning.”
69:21 So he shall enjoy a life contenting,
69:22 in a lofty Garden
69:23 with low-hanging clusters.
69:24 Eat and drink in enjoyment for that which you did in the past in days gone by.
69:25 And as for one who is given his book in his left hand, he will say, “Would that I had not been given my book.
69:26 And did not know of my reckoning.
69:27 Would that it were the final end.
69:28 My wealth availed me not.
69:29 My power has passed from me.”
69:30 Take him and shackle him.
69:31 Then cast him in Hellfire.
69:32 Then put him in a chain whose length is seventy cubits.
69:33 Truly he did not believe in God the Magnificent,
69:34 and did not urge feeding the indigent.
69:35 So today he has no loyal friend here,
69:36 nor food, save filth,
69:37 which none eat, save the iniquitous.
69:38 So I swear by what you see
69:39 and by what you see not,
69:40 truly it is the speech of a noble messenger,
69:41 and not the speech of a poet. Little do you believe!
69:42 Nor is it the speech of a soothsayer. Little do you reflect!
69:43 It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
69:44 Had he ascribed any statements to Us,
69:45 We would have taken him by the right hand.
69:46 Then We would have severed his life vein.
69:47 And none among you could have shielded him from it.
69:48 Truly it is a reminder for the reverent.
69:49 And truly We know that among you are those who deny.
69:50 It is a source of regret indeed for the disbelievers.
69:51 It is indeed the truth of certainty.
69:52 So glorify the Name of thy Lord, the Magnificent.


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