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70:1  A questioner asked about an impending punishmen
70:2  upon the disbelievers which none can avert
70:3  from God, Lord of the ascending ways
70:4  Unto Him ascend the angels and the Spirit on a day whose measure is fifty thousand years
70:5  So be patient with beautiful patience
70:6  Truly they see it as far off
70:7  but We see it as nigh
70:8  On a day when the sky is as molten lead
70:9  and the mountains are as carded wool
70:10  and no loyal friend shall ask about a loyal friend
70:11  [though] they will be made to see them. The guilty would wish to ransom himself from the punishment of that Day at the price of his children
70:12  his spouse, and his brother
70:13  his kin who had sheltered him
70:14  and all who are on the earth, that it might save him
70:15  Nay, but it is a churning fire
70:16  ripping away the scalp
70:17  calling to those who turned their backs and fled
70:18  who amassed and hoarded
70:19  Truly man was created anxious
70:20  when evil befalls him, fretful
70:21  and when good befalls him, begrudging
70:22  save those who perform prayer
70:23  who are constant in their prayers
70:24  and in whose wealth is an acknowledged du
70:25  for the beggar and the deprived
70:26  those who affirm the Day of Judgment
70:27  and who are wary of the punishment of their Lord
70:28  truly there is no security from the punishment of their Lord
70:29  those who guard their private parts
70:30  save from their spouses or those whom their right hands possess, for then they are not blameworthy
70:31  but whosoever seeks beyond that, they are the transgressors
70:32  those who abide by their trusts and their pact
70:33  who uphold their testimony
70:34  and who are mindful of their prayers
70:35  those shall be in Gardens, honored
70:36  So how is it that those who disbelieve scramble toward the
70:37  from the right and from the left in droves
70:38  Does every man among them desire to be admitted into a Garden of bliss
70:39  Nay! Truly We created them from that which they know
70:40  So I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests that We are abl
70:41  to replace [them] with what is better than them; and none outstrips Us
70:42  So leave them to indulge in idle talk and play until they meet the Day that they are promised
70:43  a day when they come forth from their graves, hastening as if racing to a goal
70:44  their eyes humbled, abasement shall overcome them. That is the Day they have been promised