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69:1  The Reality!
69:2  What is The Reality?
69:3  And what would cause thee to recognize what The Reality is?
69:4  Thamud and Ad denied the Day of Disaster.
69:5  Then, as for Thamud, they were caused to perish by a storm of thunder and lightning.
69:6  As for Ad, they were caused to perish by a fierce and roaring, raging wind.
69:7  It compelled against them for seven uninterrupted nights and eight days so wilt thou see the folk in it laid prostrate as if they had been uprooted fallen down date palm trees?
69:8  Then, wilt thou see of them any ones who endure?
69:9  Pharaoh and whoever draw near before him and the ones that are cities overthrown were ones of inequity
69:10  and they rebelled against the Messenger of their Lord, so He took them with a swelling, taking.
69:11  When the waters became turbulent, we carried you in that which runs on water,
69:12  that We make it an admonition for you, and attentive ears would hold onto it.
69:13  And when the trumpet will be blown with one gust,
69:14  and the earth and the mountains will be mounted, then, will be ground to powder in one grinding,
69:15  so on that Day will have come to pass The Reality
69:16  and the heaven will be split. For on that day they will be as ones who are frail,
69:17  and the angels will be at its borders. The Throne of thy Lord above them will be carried by eight on that Day.
69:18  That Day you will be presented. Your private matters will not be hidden.
69:19  And for him who will be given his book in his right hand he will say: Lo and behold! Recite my book!
69:20  Truly, I thought that I would be one who encounters my reckoning.
69:21  And he will have a well-pleasing, pleasant life
69:22  in a magnificent Garden.
69:23  Its clusters, that which draws near.
69:24  Eat and drink wholesomely for what you did in the past, in the days, that which have gone by.
69:25  But as for him who is given his book to his left he will say: O would that I was not given my book,
69:26  and that I was not informed of my reckoning!
69:27  O would that my death had been my expiry!
69:28  My wealth availed me not.
69:29  Perished from me is my authority.
69:30  It will be said: Take him and restrict him.
69:31  Again, broil him in hellfire
69:32  and after that in a chain of the length of seventy cubits. So insert him in it.
69:33  Truly, he had not been believing in God, The Sublime,
69:34  nor did he urge food for the needy.
69:35  This day he is not to have any loyal friend here
69:36  and no food, but foul pus
69:37  which none eat but ones of inequity.
69:38  So I swear an oath by what you perceive
69:39  and what you perceive not.
69:40  Truly, it is the saying of a generous Messenger,
69:41  and not the saying of a poet. Little do you believe!
69:42  Nor is it the saying of a soothsayer. Little do you recollect!
69:43  It is a sending down from the Lord of the worlds.
69:44  And if he fabricated against Us some sayings,
69:45  truly, We would have taken him by the right hand
69:46  and, again, We would have severed his life-vein.
69:47  And there is none of you who would be ones who hinder Us from him.
69:48  And, truly, it is an admonition to ones who are Godfearing.
69:49  And We well know that there are among you, ones who deny.
69:50  And, truly, it will be a regret for ones who are ungrateful.
69:51  And, truly, it is The Truth of certainty.
69:52  So glorify the Name of thy Lord, The Sublime.