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68:1  N]n! By the pen and what they inscribe:
68:2  Thou art not, by the divine blessing of thy Lord, one who is possessed.
68:3  And, truly, there is for thee certainly, compensation, that which is unfailing.
68:4  And, truly, thou art of sublime morals.
68:5  Thou wilt perceive and they will perceive
68:6  which of you is the one who is demented.
68:7  Truly, thy Lord, He is greater in knowledge of whoever went astray from His Way and He is greater in knowledge of ones who are truly guided.
68:8  Then, obey not ones who deny.
68:9  They wished that thou wouldst compromise with them and they would compromise with thee.
68:10  But obey thou not every worthless swearer, defamer,
68:11  one who goes about with slander, slandering,
68:12  who delays good, a sinful, exceeder of limits,
68:13  cruel and after that, ignoble,
68:14  because he had been possessor of wealth and children.
68:15  When Our signs are recounted to him, he said: Fables of the ancient ones!
68:16  We will mark him on the snout!
68:17  Truly, We tried them as We tried the Companions of the Garden when they swore an oath that they would pluck fruit, in that which is happening in the morning.
68:18  They make no exception by saying if God wills.
68:19  Then, a visitation from thy Lord visited it while they were ones who sleep,
68:20  in that which is happening in the morning, it was like a plucked garden!
68:21  And they called to one another in that which is morning:
68:22  Set forth in the early morning dawn to your cultivation if you had been ones who pluck fruit.
68:23  So they set out and they whisper, saying:
68:24  There will, truly, not enter it today on you any needy person.
68:25  And they set forth in the early morning, designing, assuming they were ones who have the power.
68:26  But when they saw it, they said: We are, certainly, ones who go astray!
68:27  Nay! We are ones who are deprived.
68:28  The most moderate of them said: Say I not to you: Why glorify you not God?
68:29  They said: Glory be to God, our Lord! Truly, we had been ones who are unjust.
68:30  Then, they came forward, some with some others blaming one another.
68:31  They said: O woe be to us! Truly, we had been ones who are defiant.
68:32  Perhaps our Lord will cause to exchange for us better than it. Truly, we are ones who quest our Lord.
68:33  Thus, this is the punishment of this present life, but the punishment of the world to come is greater, if they had been knowing!
68:34  Truly, for ones who are Godfearing are Gardens of Bliss with their Lord.
68:35  Will We make ones who submit to God as ones who sin?
68:36  What is the matter with you? How you give judgment!
68:37  Or have you a Book by which you study
68:38  that you will have in it whatever you specify?
68:39  Or are there oaths from Us, ones that reach through to the Day of Resurrection providing that you will have what you yourselves give as judgment?
68:40  Ask them, then, which of them will be a guarantor for that.
68:41  Or have they ones they ascribe as associate with God? Then, let them approach with their ascribed associates if they had been ones who are sincere.
68:42  On a Day the great calamity will be uncovered and they will be called to prostration, then, they will not be able to do so.
68:43  Their sight will be that which is humbled. Abasement will come over them and they had before this been called to prostration while they were ones who are healthy.
68:44  So forsake Me and whoever denies this discourse. We will draw them on gradually from where they know not
68:45  and I will grant indulgence to them. Truly, My cunning is sure.
68:46  Or hast thou asked them for a compensation, so that they would be weighed down from something owed?
68:47  Or have they knowledge of the unseen with them so that they write it down?
68:48  So be thou patient until the determination of thy Lord and be not like the Companion of the Great Fish when he cried out, one who is suppressed by grief.
68:49  If a divine blessing not followed him one after another, from His Lord he would be cast forth on the naked shore while he was one who is condemned.
68:50  But his Lord elected him and made him among the ones in accord with morality.
68:51  It was almost as if those who were ungrateful looked at thee sternly with their sight when they heard the Remembrance, and they say: He is one who is possessed!
68:52  And it is, certainly, not but a Remembrance to the worlds.