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28:1  Ta. Sin. Mim.
28:2  These are signs of the book that makes things clear.
28:3  We relate unto you some of the news of Moses and Pharaoh by the truth for a people who believe.
28:4  Truly Pharaoh became overbearing in the land and made its people into factions. He oppressed a group of them slaughtering their male children and keeping alive their females. Truly he was of those who are the corrupters.
28:5  And We wish to confer Our grace upon those who were oppressed in the earth and to make them leaders and to make them the inheritors.
28:6  And [We wish] to establish them in the earth and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts all that they used to wary about with regards to them [the oppressed].
28:7  And We inspired the mother of Moses that suckle him but if you have fear about him, then cast him in the river and do not fear and do not grieve, for surely We are going to return him back to you and We are going to make him one of the messengers.
28:8  The people of Pharaoh picked him up for that he is going to be for them an enemy [cause of fear] and grief. Truly Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts were sinners.
28:9  And Pharaoh’s wife said, “Coolness of eye for me and for you. Therefore do not kill him. Perhaps he may be of benefit to us or we may take him as a son [unto us]” while they were not aware.
28:10  And the heart of the mother of Moses became empty. She was almost going to disclose about him had We not fastened her heart so that she may be of those who are the believers.
28:11  And she said to his sister, “follow him” so she saw him from a distance while they were not aware.
28:12  And We had prohibited unto him to suckle from nurse-mothers before so she [his sister] said, “May I indicate to you a household who may take charge of him for you and they will sincerely look after him.”
28:13  So We returned him to his mother so that her eye may find coolness and that she may not grieve and that she may know that the promise of Allah is true but most of them do not know.
28:14  And when he reached the fullness of his strength and reached complete maturity of mind, We gave him wisdom and knowledge and it is thus that We reward those who act in excellence.
28:15  And he entered the city at a time when its people were off their guard and he found therein two men fighting, this one from his own faction and this one from his enemies, and the one from his faction called out to him for help against the one who is from his enemy, so Moses struck him with his fist and thus he killed him and he said, “This is of the work of Satan. He truly is an enemy who clearly leads people astray.”
28:16  He said, “O My Lord! I have indeed wronged my own soul therefore forgive me” so He forgave him, for He indeed is He who is The Oft-Forgiving, The Most Merciful.
28:17  He said, “O My Lord! Since that you have blessed me therefore I shall never be a supporter for the evildoers.”
28:18  And he spent the night in the city until morning fearful and was vigilant and behold the one who sought his help yesterday is again crying out to him for help. Then Moses said to him, “You indeed are truly in open error.”
28:19  But when he wanted to lay hands on the one who was an enemy to both of them he [the Israelite] said, “O Moses, do you want to kill me as you killed a soul yesterday? You want to be but a tyrant in the land and you do not want to be of those who make things right.”
28:20  And a man from the farthest end of the city came walking with a graceful demeanor and said, “O Moses! The chieftains are taking counsel against you in order to kill you therefore go out [from here], for I truly am of those who sincerely give you good counsel.”
28:21  So he went out from there fearful and he was vigilant. He said, “O My Lord! Save me from the people who do wrong to their own souls.”
28:22  And when he turned his face towards Madian he said, “Perhaps my Lord will guide me to the mid-most way.”
28:23  And when he came to the water of Madian, he found about it a group of people who were fetching water and he found besides them two women who were holding back [their flock]. He said, “What is the matter with the two of you?” They both said, “We do not give water [to our flock] to drink until the shepherds take their flocks away from the water and our father is a very old man.”
28:24  So he watered [their flocks] for them and then he turned away to the shade and then he said, “O my Lord! I am truly in need of any good that you may bestow upon me.”
28:25  Soon after, one of the two women came to him walking with shyness. She said, “My father is calling you to pay you the fee for that you fetched the water for us.” and when he came to him and related the stories to him he said, “Fear not. You are safe from the people who wrong their own souls.”
28:26  One of the two women said, “O my father! Hire him, truly the best man to hire is the strong, the trustworthy.”
28:27  He said, “I want to betroth you to one of these two daughters of mine on the condition that you pay me back [as dowry] eight years of service but if you complete it ten, then that is kindness from you. I don’t want to put a burden on you and soon you shall find me by the pleasure of Allah of those who are the righteous.”
28:28  He said, “That is between me and you. Whichever of the two terms I fulfill let there be no transgression against me and Allah is a trustee over all that we say.”
28:29  So when Moses fulfilled the term and he set out at night with his family, he perceived from the direction of Toor a fire. He said to his family, “You wait. I have perceived a fire perhaps I will bring you from there a news [to guide you] or a brand from the fire so that you may warm yourselves.”
28:30  So when he came up to it he was called from the right bank of the valley in the blessed spot from the tree that, “O Moses! Truly it is I, Allah, Lord of the worlds
28:31  and that ‘Throw down your stick’” So when he saw it quaking as through it was a jinn he turned his back in flight and did not retrace his steps. “O Moses, come towards Me and fear not, truly you are of those who are given safety.
28:32  Put your hand through your pocket, it will come out shining white not due to any harm and draw your wing towards you from the fear. Those two are proofs from your Lord unto Pharaoh and his chieftains”. Truly they were a people who transgressed against Allah’s commandment.
28:33  He said, “O my Lord! I did slay a soul from among them and therefore I fear that they will slay me.
28:34  And my brother Aaron he is more eloquent in language than me therefore send him with me as a backup so that he may testify that I am true. Truly I fear that they will belie me.”
28:35  He said, “We shall strengthen your arm through your brother and We will assign unto both of you an authority so they cannot get at you two [to harm you]. Through Our signs the two of you and whoever follows you would be the victorious.”
28:36  But when Moses came to them with Our clear signs they said, “This is nothing but a contrived magic and we have never heard the like of this in the time of our forefathers.”
28:37  And Moses said, “My Lord knows best who has come with guidance from His presence and for whom will be the home of good ending. Truly it is true that those who wrong their souls will not prosper.”
28:38  And Pharaoh said, “O you the chieftains! I know not of any deity for you other than I so O you Hamaan! Kindle for me a fire to bake the clay and make for me a tower so that I may take a look at the deity of Moses but I truly do think that he is one of the liars.”
28:39  And he grew arrogant, he and his hosts in the earth without the truth and they thought that they would not be returned to Us.
28:40  So We seized him and his hosts and we pitched them into the sea so look at how was the ending of those who wronged their souls.
28:41  And We made them leaders who call unto the fire and on the day of resurrection they will not be helped.
28:42  And We caused them to be followed by a curse in this world and on the day of resurrection they will be of those who are made detestable.
28:43  After We gave Moses the book, after We had destroyed the past generations, as ostensible signs for the mankind and as a guidance and as a mercy so that perhaps they may remember.
28:44  And you were not at the western side when We decreed the commandment to Moses and you were not of those who were present.
28:45  But We raised generations unto whom the timespan seemed long and you were not a dweller among the people of Madian relating Our signs to them but We were wont to send messengers.
28:46  And you were not besides the Toor when We called but this [revelation] is a mercy from your Lord so that you may warn a people unto whom no warner came before you so that perhaps they may remember.
28:47  And lest an affliction befalls them due to that their hands have put forth then they might say, “O our Lord! If only you had sent a messenger unto us so that we might have followed Your signs and we might have been of the believers.”
28:48  But when the truth came to them from Our presence they said, “If only he is given the like of that which was given to Moses” but did they not disbelieve in that which was given to Moses before? They said to two magicians backing one another and they said, “We disbelieve in both.”
28:49  Say, “Then bring a book from the presence of Allah which offers a better guidance than these two and I will follow it if you are truthful.”
28:50  But if they do not respond to you, then know that they are only following their vain desires and who is more astray than the one who follows his vain desires without guidance from Allah. Truly Allah does not guide the people who wrong their own souls.
28:51  And We have indeed caused the word to reach them in rapid succession so that perhaps they may come to remembrance,
28:52  those unto whom We had given the book before it, they do believe in it.
28:53  And when it is related unto them they say, “We believe in it. It is the truth from our Lord. We truly were in submission before it.”
28:54  It is these who will be given their reward twice for having been patient and for having repelled the evil with the good and for having spent from that which We had provided them.
28:55  And when they hear idle talk, they turn away from it and they say, “For us our deeds, for you your deeds. Peace be on you. We seek not any affair with the ignorant ones.”
28:56  Truly you guide not whom you love but Allah guides whom He pleases and it is He who knows best about those who are on the right guidance.
28:57  And they said, “If we follow the guidance with you we will be snatched from our land.” Have We not established for them a safe sanctuary wherein is brought the fruits of everything as a provision from Us but most of them know not.
28:58  And how many a townships have We destroyed which revelled in their pompous livelihood and here is their habitation which has not been inhabited after them except a little and We truly were the inheritors.
28:59  And your Lord is not going to destroy a township until He raises among its population a messenger who relates unto them Our signs and We are not going to destroy a township except when its people do wrong to their own souls.
28:60  And whatever thing you are given it is but a temporary enjoyment of the life of this world and is its ornament and whatever is in Allah’s presence is better and lasting. Will you not then understand?
28:61  Is one whom We have promised a goodly promise which he surely is going to meet like one whom We have caused to enjoy the temporary enjoyment of the life of this world and then he on the day of resurrection would be among those who are brought for punishment.
28:62  On the day He will call them and say, “Where are My partners whom you used to claim [to be My partners in you]?”
28:63  And those upon whom the word [of punishment] is fulfilled will say, “These are the ones whom we led astray. We led them to go astray as we had ourselves gone astray so we prove our innocence to you [against them]. They never used to worship us.”
28:64  And it will be said [unto them], “Call your partners”, and so they will call them but they will not respond to them and they will see the punishment. If only they used to be on right guidance.
28:65  And on the day when Allah will call them and He will say, “What was your response to the messengers?”
28:66  But they were in a total blackout about all the news on that day so they will not ask one another.
28:67  But whoever turns to Allah in repentance and he affirms his belief and does a righteous deed, then perhaps he might be of those who prosper.
28:68  And your Lord creates what He pleases and He chooses [from what He created]. There is no choice for them. Glory be unto Allah and far exalted is Allah above all that they ascribe as partners to Him.
28:69  And your Lord knows all that their bosoms conceal and all that they reveal.
28:70  And He is Allah; there is no deity except He. For Him is the praise at the beginning and at the ending and for Him is the judgment and unto Him you shall be returned.
28:71  Say, “See if Allah were to make the night to last on you forever till the day of resurrection which deity other than Allah will bring you brightness? Will you not then hear?”
28:72  Say, “See if Allah were to make the day to last on you forever till the day of resurrection, which deity other than Allah will bring you a night wherein you can rest? Will you not then see?”
28:73  And out of His mercy, He has made the night and the day for you so that you may find rest in it and that you may seek from his favor and perhaps that you may be grateful.
28:74  On the day that He will call them and He will say, “Where are those whom you used to claim to be my partners?”
28:75  And out of every nation We shall draw a witness and We shall say, “Bring your proof” then they will know that the truth is all for Allah and all that they used to contrive will go amiss from them.
28:76  Lo! Qarun was of the people of Moses but he trespassed upon them and We did give him from the treasures such that the keys thereof will weigh heavy on a band of strong men. When his people said unto him, “Do not exult. For truly Allah loves not those who are exultant
28:77  and seek the home of the hereafter out of that which Allah has bestowed on you but forget not your share from the life of this world. And be good [unto others] as Allah has been good unto you and seek not the corruption in the earth, for truly Allah loves not the corruptors.
28:78  He said, “It is only given to me because of a certain knowledge which I have.” Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him many generations who were bigger than him in power and more numerous in multitude? However the evildoers need not to be asked about their sins [which are marked on their faces].
28:79  So he came out upon his people in his pompous state. Those who desired the life of this world said, “Would it that we had the like of that which has been given to Qarun. He truly is the master of a magnificent fortune.”
28:80  But those who were given the knowledge said, “Woe unto you. The reward of Allah is better for whoever believes and does righteous deeds and that is not attainable except by those who are patient.”
28:81  So We caused the earth to sink down with him and with his homestead and he had no party to help him besides Allah and he was not of those who could help themselves.
28:82  And the next morning those who had coveted his place on the day before were saying, “O that Allah does indeed expand the provision for whom He pleases from among His slaves and He does contract [it]. Had Allah not been beneficent to us, He would have caused [the earth] to sink down with us. O that the disbelievers do not prosper.”
28:83  That is the home of the hereafter We make it for those who do not seek highness in the earth nor corruption. And the good ending is for those who revere Allah.
28:84  Whoever comes with the good deed for him there will be a reward better than it and whoever comes with the ill deed, those who do the ill deeds will not be rewarded except for that what they used to do.
28:85  Truly He who imposed the Quran upon you is surely going to bring you back to a place that is prepared for your return. Say, “My Lord knows best who has come with the guidance and who is in a manifest error.”
28:86  And you were not expecting that the book will be imparted to you. It is but a mercy from your Lord therefore be not a supporter for the disbelievers.
28:87  And let them not hinder you from the signs of Allah after it had been sent down unto you and call unto your Lord and be not of those who ascribe partners to Allah.
28:88  And do not invoke any other deity along with Allah. There is no deity except He. Everything is going to perish except His face. To Him belongs the judgment and back to Him will you be returned.