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27:1  Ta. Seen. These are signs of the Quran and [signs] of a book that makes things clear.
27:2  A guidance and glad tidings for the believers.
27:3  Those who establish the prayer and give the sanctifying dues while they are certain about the hereafter.
27:4  Indeed those who do not believe in the hereafter, We have made their deeds seem goodly to them so they wander in the darkness.
27:5  It is they for whom there is the evil of the punishment while it is they who are the biggest losers in the hereafter.
27:6  And truly you [O Muhammad] have indeed received the Quran from the presence of One who is All-wise, All-knowing.
27:7  When Moses said to his family, “I have indeed perceived a fire and I will soon bring you from it a news [about the way] or I will bring you a burning brand so that you perhaps may warm yourselves.”
27:8  And when he came over to it, he was called that, “Blessed be the one in the fire and those around it and glory be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
27:9  O Moses! Truly that is I, Allah, The All-mighty, The All-wise.
27:10  And that throw your stick.” But when he saw it quaking as though it were a daemon, he turned his back and did not retrace his steps. “O Moses! Do not fear, for truly the messengers fear not in My presence.
27:11  Except one who has done wrong to his soul but then thereafter replaced wrong with good. Truly then I am Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
27:12  And put your hand in your pocket and it will come out shining white not due to any harm; among nine signs for the Pharaoh and his people.” Truly they are a people who have transgressed against Allah’s commandment.
27:13  But when Our signs openly visible came to them, they said, “This is clear magic.”
27:14  And they denied them out of wrongfulness and self-conceit though their souls were ascertained about it. Therefore look how was the ending of the corrupters.
27:15  And We indeed gave knowledge to David and Solomon and they both said, “The praise is for Allah who has favored us above many of His servants who are the believers.”
27:16  And Solomon succeeded David and he [Solomon] said, “O people! We have been given the knowledge of the speech of the birds and we have been given from all things. Lo! This indeed is the favor, the most clear.”
27:17  And before Solomon were gathered his hosts out of the Jinns and of the humans and of the birds as they were pressed forward.
27:18  Until when they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said, “O you ants! Enter your dwellings lest Solomon and his hosts crush you while they are not aware.”
27:19  Thereupon he smiled laughing from her word and he said, “O my Lord, exhort me that I should be grateful for your blessing with which You blessed me and blessed my parents and that I do righteous deeds which You are pleased with and admit me through Your mercy among your servants who are the righteous.”
27:20  And he inspected the birds and then he said, “Why is it that I see not the hoopoe or is he one of the absentees?
27:21  I will most certainly punish him a severe punishment or I will most certainly slaughter him or else he must bring me a clear proof.”
27:22  But he did not tarry for long and he said [when he arrived], “I have encompassed [in knowledge] that which you [Solomon] have not encompassed and I have come to you from Sheba with an ascertained news.
27:23  Behold I found a woman reigning over them and she has been given of everything and she has a magnificent throne.
27:24  And I found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah and Satan has made their deeds seem goodly in their sights so he hindered them from the way therefore they are not guided.
27:25  So that they do not prostrate for Allah Who brings forth that which is hidden in the heavens and in the earth and Who knows what you conceal and what you reveal.
27:26  That is Allah. There is no deity except He, Lord of the magnificent throne.”
27:27  He said, “We will soon see whether you have said the truth or whether you are one of the liars.
27:28  Go with this letter of mine and deliver it to them then turn back from them and see what they respond.”
27:29  She said, “O you chieftains! Lo! A graceful letter has been delivered to me.
27:30  Lo! It is from Solomon and it is ‘In the name of Allah Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful], The Most Merciful.’
27:31  ’Do not overbear yourselves against me and come to me in submission.’”
27:32  She said, “O you chieftains! Give me your opinions in this matter of mine for I am not going to decide a matter unless you witness with me.”
27:33  They said, “We are a people of power and a people of mighty war but the command is yours, so see that which you will command.”
27:34  She said, “Truly the sovereigns when they enter a township they corrupt it and they make its noble people into dishonorable ones and it is thus that they act.
27:35  And Lo! I am going to send a gift to them and see with what will come back the messengers.”
27:36  When he came to Solomon he said, “Will you purvey me with wealth for that which Allah has given me is better than that which He has given you. Nay! You take joy in your gift.
27:37  Go back to them. We will certainly come to them with hosts that they cannot withstand and we will most certainly drive them out from there dishonored and disgraced.”
27:38  He said, “O you chieftains! Which one of you will bring to me her throne before they come to me in submission?”
27:39  A powerful one from the Jinns said, “I will bring it to you before you rise from your station and truly I am indeed strong and trustworthy over it.”
27:40  He said the one with whom was knowledge from the book, “I will bring it to you before you wink your eyes.” and when he saw it firmly stationed in his presence he said, “This is from the favor of my Lord so that He may test me whether I will be grateful or I will be ungrateful and whosoever is grateful he is only grateful for the good of his own soul and whosoever is ungrateful Lo! My Lord is All-self-Sufficient, Most Gracious.”
27:41  He said, “Change the appearance of her throne for her and we will see if she will be guided or that she will be of those who are not guided.”
27:42  So when she came it was said, “Is your throne like this?” She said, “It is as though it is the very one.” [Solomon Said], “And we were given the knowledge before her as we were in submission.”
27:43  And she was hindered by that what she used to worship instead of Allah. She truly was from a people who disbelieved.
27:44  It was said to her, “Enter the tower” but once she saw it, she thought it to be a wave of water and she uncovered her both legs. He said, “It indeed is a tower which has been paved smooth with crystal.” She said, “O My Lord! I indeed have wronged my own soul and I indeed have now submitted myself with Solomon to Allah, Lord of the worlds.”
27:45  And We did send to Thamud their brother Salih saying, “Worship Allah.” But Lo! They became two parties, all contending with one another.
27:46  He said, “O my people! Why are you prompted to the evil before the good? If only you seek forgiveness from Allah perhaps you may receive mercy.”
27:47  They said, “We augur ill omen from you and from those with you.” He said, “Your ill omen is with Allah. Nay! You are a people under trial.”
27:48  And there used to be in the city a clan of nine men who used to do corruption in the land and they did not use to make things right.
27:49  They said, “Take a solemn oath from one another by Allah that we will surely attack him and his family by night and then we will surely tell his lawful heir that we did not witness the killing of his family member and we surely are truthful in our claim.”
27:50  And they devised a plan and We devised a plan while they were not aware.
27:51  Then look at how was the ending of their plan that We indeed annihilated them and their people altogether.
27:52  And there their houses are all deserted because of that they wronged their own souls. Indeed in that is truly a sign for a people who know.
27:53  And We saved those who believed and used to revere Allah.
27:54  And [remember] Lot when he said to his people, “Will you commit the offensive crime while you see openly?
27:55  Do you go to the men for the fulfillment of your lust instead of the women? Nay! You are a people who are ignorant.”
27:56  But the response of his people was nothing other than that they said, “Drive out the family of Lot from your town for they indeed are a people who deem themselves clean.”
27:57  So We saved him and his family except his wife; We decreed her to be among those who were left behind.
27:58  And We rained upon them a rain and how woeful is the rain of those who are warned.
27:59  Say, “The praise is for Allah and peace is upon His servants whom He has chosen. Is Allah better or those that they ascribe as partners to Him?”
27:60  Lo! He who created the heavens and the earth and sent down for you from the heaven water with which We cause gardens to grow joyfully bedecked, it was not for you to cause its tree to grow. Is there a deity with Allah? Nay! They are a people who swerve.
27:61  Lo! He who made the earth firmly established and He made rivers to flow through it and He made mountains as anchorage for it and He made a boundary between the two oceans. Is there a deity with Allah? Nay most of them know not.
27:62  Lo! He who responds to the one in distress when he calls Him and removes the woe and makes you vicegerents of the earth. Is there a deity with Allah? How little do you remember?
27:63  Lo! He who guides you in the darknesses of the land and of the sea and He who sends the winds as bearers of good tidings ahead of His mercy. Is there a deity with Allah? Far exalted is Allah above all that they ascribe as partners to Him.
27:64  Lo! He who starts the creation and then repeats it and He who provides you sustenance from the heaven and from the earth. Is there a deity with Allah? Say, “Bring your proof if you are indeed truthful.”
27:65  Say, “No one in the heavens and in the earth knows the unseen except Allah. And they are not aware of when they will be resurrected.”
27:66  Nay! Their knowledge will only attain in the hereafter. Nay they are in incredulity about it; nay, they are all blind with regards to it.
27:67  And those who disbelieve said, “What? If we and our fathers had become dust, are we truly going to be brought forth?”
27:68  Indeed we were promised this, we and our fathers before but this is nothing except tales of the ancient.
27:69  Say, “Travel in the earth and look at how was the ending of the evildoers.”
27:70  And do not grieve over them and do not be in distress about that which they devise.
27:71  And they say, “When will this promise come to pass, if you are indeed truthful?”
27:72  Say, “Perhaps part of that which you are asking for in haste may have already drawn close to you.”
27:73  And indeed your Lord is truly the master of favors to the mankind but most of them do not offer gratitude.
27:74  And indeed your Lord surely knows all that their chests conceal and all that they reveal.
27:75  And there is nothing hidden in the heaven and in the earth except that it is in a book which makes things clear.
27:76  Truly this Quran relates unto the children of Israel most of that in which they are at variance.
27:77  And indeed it is truly a guidance and a mercy for the believers.
27:78  Truly your Lord is going to judge between them by His decree and He is The All-mighty, The All-knowing.
27:79  So put your trust in Allah for indeed you are on the truth, the most manifest.
27:80  Truly you cannot make the dead hear and you cannot make the deaf hear the call when they turn their back away.
27:81  And you are not going to guide the blind from their misguidance. You cannot make hear except one who believes in Our signs while they are in submission.
27:82  And when the word will come down upon them, We will bring forth for them a beast from the earth. It will speak to them saying, “The humankind were not in certitude about Our signs.”
27:83  And the day when We shall gather from every nation a group out of those who belie Our signs while they are driven in flocks as they are pressed forward.
27:84  Until when they come and He says, “Did you belie My signs while you had not comprehended it in knowledge or what was it that you were doing?”
27:85  And the word [of punishment] will fall upon them because they wronged their own souls and behold they will not speak.
27:86  Have they not seen that We have made the night so that they may find rest in it and We made the day bright. Truly in that surely are signs for a people who believe.
27:87  And the day when the trumpet will be blown. Then everyone in the heavens and everyone in the earth will be stricken with fear except he whom Allah pleases and each of them will come to Him all subdued.
27:88  And you see the mountains which you think are fixed while they pass by the way the cloud passes. Handicraft of Allah who has made everything well. Truly He is well acquainted with all that you do.
27:89  Whoever comes with the good, for him will be something better out of it while they are saved from the terror of that day.
27:90  And whoever comes with the evil, then they will be thrown down on their faces in the fire. Are you rewarded for aught except what you used to do?
27:91  I have been commanded only to worship the Lord of this city who has made it sacred and to Him belongs everything and I have been commanded to be of those who have submitted.
27:92  And that I should rehearse the Quran. Thus whoever seeks guidance, he is only seeking guidance for the good of his own soul and whoever goes astray then say, “I am only of those who are the warners.”
27:93  And say, “The praise is for Allah. He will soon show you His signs therefore you will recognize them and your Lord is not oblivious of all that you do.”