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69:1  The ‘Inevitable Reality’!
69:2  What is The ‘Inevitable Reality’?
69:3  What would make you aware of what the ‘Inevitable Reality’ might be?
69:4  (The people of) ‘Thamūd’ and ‘A'ad’ refused to admit the truth of the calamity (i.e. the ‘last Judgment’).
69:5  As for ‘Thamūd’, its inhabitants were destroyed by loud and dreadful cry.
69:6  As for ‘A'ad’, its inhabitants were destroyed by furious howling wind,
69:7  Which Allâh unleashed it upon them for seven nights and eight days continuously. Thus, you could see the people lying dead as if they were hollow trunks of date-palms!,
69:8  Can you see any remnants of them?
69:9  There came ‘Pharaoh’, and those who lived before him, and the overthrown cities, (all of them) kept on sinning.
69:10  They refused to obey the ‘Messengers’ of their Lord, therefore He chastised them with a fierce punishment.
69:11  Indeed, when the flood rose so high, We carried you in the floating (ship)
69:12  So that We might make it a remembrance for you, and that the attentive ears might (hear and) understand it.
69:13  Then when the Trumpet will be blown with one blast,
69:14  The earth and the mountains will be lifted up and crushed with a single crushing.
69:15  On that day, the ‘Inevitable Event’ will come to pass.
69:16  The heavens will split asunder and become frail on that day
69:17  While the ‘Angels’ will be on its sides. Eight of them, on that day, will carry the (Glorious) Throne of your Lord above all the creatures.
69:18  On that day, you will be exposed, no secret of yours will remain hidden.
69:19  Then as for him who is given his record book in his right hand, will say: "Come read my book of deeds.
69:20  Surely I knew that I would meet my account.”
69:21  Thus, he will be in a delightful life,
69:22  In a lofty Garden,
69:23  (69:23)
69:24  (They will be told): “Eat and drink pleasantly for what you put forth in the days past."
69:25  However, as for him who is given his record book in his left hand, will say: "I wish that I had not been given my book of deeds,
69:26  And that I had not known what my account was.
69:27  I wish death had been the end.
69:28  My wealth has not availed me.
69:29  My authority has gone from me.”
69:30  Seize him, then shackle him,
69:31  Then throw him into the burning Fire,
69:32  And then tie him up with a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits.
69:33  Indeed, he refused to accept Allâh, the Most Great, (into his life)
69:34  He urged not on the feeding of the poor.
69:35  Thus, this day, he will have no true friend here
69:36  Neither any food (to eat) but pus.
69:37  Which no one eats it but the ungodly sinners.
69:38  But nay! I swear by all that you see
69:39  And all that you do not see
69:40  That this is indeed the utterance of an honorable messenger (Archangel ‘Gabriel’)
69:41  It is not the utterance of a poet, little is that you believe;
69:42  Neither is it the utterance of sage, little is that you remember.
69:43  It is a Revelation from the Lord of all the worlds.
69:44  If he, (‘Mohammed’), had invented false sayings about Us,
69:45  We would definitely have taken him by the right hand,
69:46  Then cut off his aorta.
69:47  No one of you would be able to prevent Us from punishing him.
69:48  Indeed, (this ‘Qur’ān’) is a 'Revealer of Truth' for the Pious.
69:49  Indeed, We know well that some of you would disbelieve.
69:50  Indeed, (this Glorious ‘Qur’ān’) will be a misery for those who lack Faith in Allâh.
69:51  Indeed, it is the ‘Absolute Truth’.
69:52  Thus, glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most Great.