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69:1  The reality
69:2  What is the reality
69:3  Absolutely, do you know what is the reality
69:4  Thamud and 'Aad disbelieved in the Shocker
69:5  As for Thamud, they were annihilated by the devastation.
69:6  And as for 'Aad, they were annihilated by a furious violent wind.
69:7  He unleashed it upon them for seven nights and eight days, in succession. You could see the people destroyed in it, as if they are decayed palm trunks
69:8  Do you see any legacy for them
69:9  And Pharaoh, and those before him, and the sinners, came with wrongdoing
69:10  They disobeyed the messenger of their Lord. So He took them with a devastating requital
69:11  And when the water flooded, We carried you on the vessel.
69:12  That We would make it as a reminder for you, and so that any listening ear may understand
69:13  And when the horn is blown once
69:14  And the earth and the mountains will be removed from their place and crushed with a single crush
69:15  On that Day the unavoidable event will come to pass
69:16  And the sky will be torn, and on that Day it will be flimsy
69:17  And the angels will be on its borders; and the Throne of your Lord will be carried, above them on that Day, by eight
69:18  On that Day, you will be exposed, nothing from you can be hidden.
69:19  As for the one who is given his record in his right, he will say: "Here, come and read my record!"
69:20  "I knew that I was going to be held accountable.
69:21  So he shall be in a life, well-pleasing.
69:22  In a lofty Paradise.
69:23  Its fruits are within reach.
69:24  "Eat and drink merrily in return for your works in days past.
69:25  As for him who is given his record in his left, he will say: "Oh, I wish I never received my record,
69:26  "And that I never knew my account,
69:27  "I wish the end had been final,
69:28  "My money cannot help me,
69:29  "All my power is gone."
69:30  Take him and shackle him.
69:31  Then to Hell cast him.
69:32  Then, in a chain that is the length of seventy arms, tie him up.
69:33  For he did not believe in God, the Great.
69:34  Nor did he advocate the feeding of the poor.
69:35  Consequently, he has no friend here today.
69:36  Nor any food, except from pollutants.
69:37  Food for the wrongdoers.
69:38  So I do swear by what you see.
69:39  And what you do not see
69:40  This is the utterance of an honorable messenger.
69:41  It is not the utterance of a poet; rarely do you believe
69:42  Nor the utterance of a soothsayer; rarely do you take heed.
69:43  A revelation from the Lord of the worlds.
69:44  And had he attributed anything falsely to Us.
69:45  We would have seized him by the right.
69:46  Then, We would have severed his life-line
69:47  None of you would be able to prevent it.
69:48  And this is a reminder for the righteous.
69:49  And We know that some of you are deniers
69:50  And that it is a distress for the rejecters.
69:51  And it is the absolute truth.
69:52  Therefore, you shall glorify the name of your Lord, the Great.