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al-Haqqah (The Reality, The Inevitable)
as rendered by Maududi
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Maududi rendition of Surah The Reality, The Inevitable(al-Haqqah)
69:1 The indubitable event!
69:2 And what is that indubitable event?
69:3 And what do you know what that indubitable event is?
69:4 The Thamud and the Ad denied the (possibility of a) sudden calamity, calling it false.
69:5 Then the Thamud were destroyed by an awesome upheaval;
69:6 and the Ad were destroyed by a furiously raging wind-storm
69:7 which He let loose upon them for seven nights and eight days in succession; so that (if you had been there) you might have seen people lying prostrate, as though they were uprooted trunks of hollowed palm trees.
69:8 Do you now see any trace of them?
69:9 Pharaoh and those before him and the people of the overturned habitations all engaged in the same great sin.
69:10 They did not follow the Messenger of their Lord, and so He seized them with a severe grip.
69:11 Verily when the water rose to great heights, We bore you upon a floating vessel (i.e. the Ark)
69:12 so that We might make it an instructive event for you, and retentive ears might preserve its memory.
69:13 So when the Trumpet is blown with a single blast
69:14 and the earth and the mountains are carried aloft and are crushed to bits at one stroke,
69:15 on that Day shall that indubitable event come to pass;
69:16 when the sky will be rent asunder, the grip holding it together having loosened on that Day,
69:17 and the angels will stand on the sides, with eight of them bearing aloft the Throne of your Lord on that Day.
69:18 That will be the Day when you shall be brought forth (before Allah) and no secret of yours shall remain hidden.
69:19 On that Day, he whose Record is given to him in his right hand will say: "Lo! Read my Record!
69:20 Verily I was sure that I would be handed over my account."
69:21 Then he shall find himself in a life of bliss;
69:22 in a lofty Garden
69:23 the clusters of whose fruit will be hanging low to be within reach (of the inmates of Paradise).
69:24 (They will be told): "Eat and drink with good cheer as a reward for the good deeds you did in the days that have passed by."
69:25 As for him whose Record will be given to him in his left hand, he will exclaim: "Would that I had never been given my Record,
69:26 and had not known my account.
69:27 Oh! Would that the death that came to me in the world had made an end of me!
69:28 My riches have not availed me,
69:29 and my authority has vanished."
69:30 (A command will be issued): "Seize him and shackle him,
69:31 then cast him in the Fire,
69:32 then fasten him with a chain, seventy cubits long.
69:33 He would not believe in Allah, the Most Great;
69:34 nor would he urge the feeding of the poor.
69:35 Today he has been left here friendless;
69:36 and has no food except the filth from the washing of wounds,
69:37 which only the sinners will eat."
69:38 But no; I swear by what you see,
69:39 and by what you do not see,
69:40 that this is the speech of an honourable Messenger,
69:41 not the speech of a poet. Little do you believe!
69:42 Nor is this the speech of a soothsayer. Little do you reflect!
69:43 It has been revealed by the Lord of the Universe.
69:44 And if he [i.e., the Prophets] had forged this Discourse and thereafter ascribed it to Us,
69:45 We would surely have seized him by the right hand,
69:46 and then severed his life vein;
69:47 and not one of you would have been able to withhold Us from doing so.
69:48 Surely it is a Good Counsel for the God-fearing.
69:49 We certainly know that some among you will give the lie to it,
69:50 and surely it will be a cause of regret for the unbelievers.
69:51 Certainly it is a Truth of absolute certainty.
69:52 So glorify the name of your Lord Most Great.


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