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50:1  Qāf. BY the Glorious Koran
50:2  They indeed marvel that one of their own has come to warn them; so that the unbelievers say: ‘This is indeed a wondrous thing
50:3  When we are dead and turned to dust . . . ?¹ Such a return is most improbable!‘
50:4  We know how the earth consumes them. We hold a book which records all
50:5  Indeed, they denied the Truth when it had come to them, and now they are perplexed
50:6  Have they never observed the sky above them, how We built it up and furnished it with ornaments, leaving no crack in its expanse
50:7  And We spread out the earth and set upon it immovable mountains. We brought forth from it all kinds of delectable plants
50:8  A lesson and an Admonition to every penitent mortal
50:9  We send down blessed water from the sky with which We bring forth gardens and the harvest grain
50:10  and tall palm-trees laden with clusters of dates
50:11  a sustenance for humankind; thereby giving new life to a dead land. Such shall be the Resurrection
50:12  Long before these the people of Noah and the dwellers of Al-Rass¹ denied the Truth; and so did Thamū
50:13  and ‘Ād, Pharaoh and the kin of Lot
50:14  the dwellers of the Forest² and the people of Tubba‘;³ all disbelieved the apostles and were thus visited by My threatened scourge
50:15  Were We worn out by the First Creation? Yet they are in doubt about a new creation.⁴
50:16  We created man; We know the promptings of his soul, and are closer to him than his jugular vein
50:17  When the twin keepers receive him, seated on his right, and on his left
50:18  no word he utters but shall be noted down by a vigilant guard
50:19  And when the agony of death comes upon him with the Truth, they will say: ‘This was the fate you endeavoured to avoid.‘
50:20  And the Trumpet shall be blown: that is the promised day
50:21  Each soul shall come attended by one who will drive it on, and another to testify against it
50:22  Of this you have been heedless; now we have removed your veil, so that today your sight is keen.‘
50:23  And his companion will say: ‘My testimony is ready to hand.‘
50:24  Cast, you two, into Hell every hardened unbeliever
50:25  every opponent of good, every doubting transgressor
50:26  who has set up another deity besides God. Hurl him, you two, into the harrowing scourge!‘
50:27  His companion¹ will say: ‘Lord, I did not mislead him. He had already strayed far into error.‘
50:28  He will say: ‘Do not dispute in My presence. I did forewarn you
50:29  My word cannot be changed, nor am I unjust to mortals.‘
50:30  On that day, We shall say to Hell: ‘Are you now full?‘ And Hell will say: ‘Are there any more?‘
50:31  And, not far thence, Paradise shall be brought close to the righteous
50:32  Here is what you were promised: for every penitent and honest man,
50:33  who fears the Merciful though unseen, and comes before Him with a contrite heart.
50:34  Enter it in peace. This is the day of immortality.‘
50:35  Therein shall they have all that they desire; and We have yet more
50:36  How many generations, far greater in prowess, have We wiped out before them! They searched the entire land: but could they find a refuge
50:37  Surely in this there is a lesson for everyone who is of a heart possessed, and can hear and see
50:38  In six days We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them; nor were We ever wearied
50:39  Bear then with what they² say. Give glory to your Lord before sunrise and before sunset
50:40  In the night praise Him, and make the additional prostrations
50:41  Listen on the day when the Crier will call from near
50:42  the day when they will hear the cry of Truth. On that day they will rise up from their graves
50:43  It is We who ordain life and death; and to Us shall all return
50:44  On that day the earth will be rent asunder over them, and from it they shall emerge in haste. To herd them all is easy enough for Us
50:45  We well know what they say. You shall not use coercion with them. Admonish with the Koran whoever fears My threat