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50:1  Q.      The Glorious Quran acts as a Witnes
50:2  Nay! They have wondered that there has come to them a warner from amongst themselves. Then the disbelievers said: “This (Al-Kitab in the hands of this warner is) something strange
50:3  Whether, when we are dead and we became dust (shall we be resurrected, as claimed in this Book)? That Return (to life, is something) very remote.”
50:4  Surely, We knew how much of them the earth consumes, and with Us is a book (of records) which fully preserves (every thing)
50:5  Nay! They have belied Al-Haqq (‘The Truth’) when it reached them. So they are in a state of doubt and disagreement
50:6  Have they then not pondered towards the heaven above and over them how We have made it and adorned it, and there are not any of the flaws relating to it
50:7  And the earth: We have spread it out, and We have impregnated therein mountains (standing firm and stable), and We have produced therein out of all kinds of lovely (growths) —
50:8  as a means of enlightenment and (as a) reminder for every Abd who repeatedly turns (to Allah)
50:9  And We sent down from towards the sky cleansed and purified water; then We produced therewith orchards and grains of harvests
50:10  and date-palm tree, tall and stately; for it is a spathe in ranged clusters (piled one above the other) —
50:11  as a provision for Ibad, and We revived therewith a dead habitation; in this manner (would be) the resurrection
50:12  Before them did deny the nation of Nuh, and the dwellers of Rass, and (the) Samud
50:13  and (the) ’Ad, and Firaun and the brethren of Lout
50:14  and the dwellers of Aika and the nation of Tubba. All these (groups) denied the Messengers; so My warning (about the torment) proved true
50:15  Did We then become tired with the first creation? Nay, they are in (a state of) despair against the new creation (in Resurrection)
50:16  And surely, indeed We have created mankind, and We know what his ownself whispers thereby. And We are nearer to him than Hablil vareed (the main blood-vessel of life)
50:17  When the two Receivers (imposed angels) receive from the right and from the left in sitting posture
50:18  not a word does he (i.e., , the human being) utter but (then and there) with him is a sentinel ever ready (to record)
50:19  And the stupor of death approached in full truth: this is what you used to remain heedless thereof
50:20  And the Siren (or Trumpet) has been blown, this (happens to be) the Day of the Warning
50:21  And every Nafs has arrived; with her is one who brings (her) and one who acts as a witness
50:22  (It will be said to the sinners and disbelievers): “Surely, indeed you remained heedless of this; so We have removed your covering, so your eyesight this Day is very sharp.”
50:23  And his companion (i.e., the angel who was preparing his record) said: “(Here), this, what (is) with me (is) completely ready
50:24  (The two angels will be ordered): “Both of you throw into hell every stubborn disbeliever
50:25  hinderer of good, transgressor, doubter
50:26  that one who has set up another ilah (god) alongwith Allah. So both of you cast him in the severe torment.”
50:27  His companion said: “Our Nourisher-Sustainer! I did not make him a rebel, but he himself slipped into remote ignorance.”
50:28  (Allah) said: “Dispute not in My Presence. And without doubt We sent you the warning beforehand
50:29  The Statement (issued from Us) is not changed and I am not unjust to (My) Abeed (human subjects).”
50:30  The day We say to Hell: “Are you filled up to capacity?” And she will say: “Are there any more (to enter)?”
50:31  And the Garden is brought near for Al-Muttaqun. (It is) no more a remote (place for them)
50:32  This is what you are promised, meant for all those who are oft-returning (to Allah and are) full protectors (of His ordainments)
50:33  whoever remained sincere with Ar-Rahman unseen, and arrived with a heart that turns (to Allah, in repentance and obedience)
50:34  Enter you therein with (sense of) peace and security. This is the Day of everlasting (stay)
50:35  For them is available whatever they desire therein; and with Us additional (comforts and graceful enjoyments await them)
50:36  And how many out of the generations We destroyed before them — they happened to be stronger than them power-wise. At this stage they ran hither and thither in the cities, (and they were constantly crying): “Is there any place of escape or refuge?”
50:37  Verily, herein is indeed an admonition for one — for him is a heart (that retains counselling and warning), or he made attentive his hearing and he (stood as a) witness
50:38  And surely, indeed We created the heavens and the earth and whatever (exists) between those two in six aeons; and did not overcome Me any of the fatigue
50:39  So remain steadfast against (all) that they say and glorify (Allah) with the praise of your Nourisher-Sustainer before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting. [This refers to the Fajr and Asr Prayers]
50:40  And (out of the hours of) the night also glorify Him. [This refers to Isha Prayer]. And (do glorify Him) after the declines (of the sun). [The decline after the Zenith refers to Zuhr Prayer. The final decline is ‘becoming set’ after remaining visible throughout the day . This refers to Maghrib Prayers]
50:41  And listen! The Day the caller will call (as if) from a nearby place
50:42  the Day they will hear As-Saiha in its true sense. This will be (the) Day for coming out (of the burial places)
50:43  Verily We, We, We give life, and We cause death; and to Us is the Final Return
50:44  The Day the earth cracks up exposing them off instantly. This (will be the Day of the Final) Assembly, quite easy for Us (to bring into being)
50:45  We know more about what they will say. And you are not unto them as a tyrant (to pressurise them for developing Faith). So propagate the Message through Al-Quran to that who is afraid of My Warning