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2:1  Alif Lam Meem.
2:2  This is the Majestic book, there is no doubt in it, a guidance for the pious,
2:3  who believe in the unseen, perform prayer and spend in charity from what We have provided them.
2:4  They believe in what is revealed to you and what was revealed before you, and they have firm faith in the Hereafter.
2:5  Those are the ones who follow their Lord’s guidance and those are the successful
2:6  Those who disbelieve, it is all the same for them whether you warn or not, they will not believe.
2:7  Allah sealed their hearts and hearing; laid a blindfold over their eyes, and they will have a painful punishment
2:8  Some people say: “We believe in Allah and the Hereafter”, but they aren’t believers.
2:9  They try to deceive Allah and the believers, but they are unwittingly deceiving themselves.
2:10  There’s a disease in their hearts, and Allah has increased their disease, and they shall have a painful punishment because of the lies they told
2:11  When they are told for their own good: “Don’t make trouble in the land”, they say: “We are the peacemakers”
2:12  Beware! They are the troublemakers, but they don’t realise it
2:13  When they are told: “Believe like other people believed”, they say: “Shall we believe like the fools?” It is they who are the fools, but they don’t know.
2:14  And, when they meet the believers, they say: “We believe”, but when they are alone with their devilish friends, they say: “We are with you, we were just joking with them”.
2:15  Allah will punish them for mocking, and He extends their wandering around blindly in their disobedience
2:16  They have chosen error instead of guidance; their bargain is without profit, and they aren’t rightly guided.
2:17  They are like the one who lights a fire, and when everything is bright, suddenly Allah takes away their light and leaves them in pitch darkness so they cannot see.
2:18  Deaf, dumb and blind, they will not return to the straight path.
2:19  Or they are like a raincloud in a sky full of darkness, thunder and lightning. They stick their fingers in their ears for fear of death by thunderbolts. Allah has the disbelievers surrounded.
2:20  The lightning nearly blinds them; whenever it lights up they walk aboutin it, and when it falls dark they stand still. If Allah wanted, He could take their hearing and sight. Allah controls all things
2:21  People, worship your Lord Who created you and those before you, so that you may guard yourselves against evil.
2:22  Who spread out the Earth for you and made the sky a roof, and sent down rain by which He produces fruits to provide for you. So, do not knowingly make any rivals equal with Allah.
2:23  If you have doubts about what We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a surat like it and call all your witnesses and supporters besides Allah; that isif you are truthful
2:24  If you have not done so – and you will never be able to do so – then fear the Fire whose fuel is people and brimstone, prepared for the disbelievers
2:25  And to those who believe and carry out good works, give them good news of gardens with running streams beneath them. Each time they are given a fruit to eat from there, they say: “We used to eat this before”. They will be given something like it, and they will have chaste spouses and live there forever
2:26  Allah is not embarrassed to give the example of a mosquito or something even smaller. Those who believe know that this is the truth from their Lord, but those who disbelieve say: “What does Allah mean by this example?” He allows many to be misguided by it and others to be guided; yetonly the disobedient are misguided by it,
2:27  those who break their ties with Allah after it has been agreed; they break the tiesthat Allah has ordered to be joined, and they make trouble in the land: these are the losers.
2:28  How can you deny Allah when you were dead and He brought you to life, then He will cause you to die and give you life once more, and to Him you shall be returned.
2:29  It is He who created everything on Earth for you, then He turned to the sky and completed the seven Heavens; He has knowledge of all things.
2:30  Remember when Your Lord told the Angels: “I am creating a representative on Earth”. They replied: “Are You creating someone who will make trouble there and shed blood? Is it not enough that we glorify You with praises and proclaim Your Holiness?” He said: “I know what you don’t know”
2:31  He taught Adam the names of all things, then presented them to the Angels and asked: “Tell Me the names of these things, if you are right”.
2:32  They said, “Glory be to You! We only know what You have taught us. You are the Knower and Wise”.
2:33  He said, “Adam, tell them their names”. So, when Adamtold them allof the names, Allahsaid: “Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the Heavens and the Earth, and that I know what you show and what you hide?”
2:34  Then We commanded the Angels to prostrate to Adam, they all prostrated except Iblis, Satan; he disobeyed, acted arrogantly and was ungrateful
2:35  We said: “Adam, live with your wife in Paradise and eat freely from wherever you want, but don’t go near this tree, or you will be wrongdoers”.
2:36  But Satan tempted them and had them expelled from where they were. We told them: “Go down as enemies of each other on Earth, you will have a place to live and things to enjoy for a fixed term”.
2:37  Then,Adam received words of inspirationfrom his Lord, so He accepted his repentance; He is Forgiving, Kind.
2:38  We said: “Go down from here, you all! When the guidance comes from Me, whoever follows it will have nothing to fear, nor to grieve”.
2:39  Those who disbelieved and denied Our verses, these are the people of the Fire, and they will be there forever
2:40  Children of Israel, remember My gifts I gave you, and fulfil My contract, and I will fulfil your contract. Fear Me!
2:41  Believe what I have revealed, it confirms what you already have, and don’t be the first to deny it or to sell My verses cheaply. Be mindful of Me
2:42  Do not mix the truth with falsehood, nor knowingly hide the truth.
2:43  Perform prayer, pay Zakat, and bow down with those who bow in prayer.
2:44  You tell people to be righteous but forget yourselves, although you read The Book? Don’t you understand?
2:45  Seek help through patience and prayer; these are burdensome virtues except for the humble,
2:46  who believe they will meet their Lord. In the end,they will return to Him
2:47  Children of Israel, remember the great gifts that I gave you when I favoured you above all other people;
2:48  and fear the day when no one will be willing to pay even a small ransom for another person, and no intercession will be accepted from the disbelievers nor any compensation allowed, and nor will they be helped.
2:49  Remember when We saved you from the people of Pharaoh who punished you severely, killing your sons and sparing your women; that was a tremendous test from your Lord.
2:50  And rememberalso when We parted the sea for you, rescuing you but drowning the people of Pharaoh before your very eyes
2:51  Rememberwhen We invited Musa for forty nights, but you began worshipping the goldencalf, becomingwrongdoers.
2:52  Afterwards We pardoned you so that you might be grateful.
2:53  Then We gave Musa The Book and told him how to judge right from wrong so that you may be guided.
2:54  Remember when Musa said to his people: “My people, you have committed a major sin by worshipping the goldencalf; so repent to your Maker and punish the culpritsamong yourselves. That is better for you in the sight of your Maker so that He may accept your repentance: indeed, He is Relenting and Kind”.
2:55  Rememberwhen you said: “Musa, we won’t believe you until we openly see Allah”, and a thunderbolt struck you as you watched.
2:56  We then resurrected you after death so you might be thankful
2:57  We sent clouds to give you shade, We sent Manna and quails for you, saying: “Eat the pure provision We have provided you”. They didn’t harm Us, but they harmed themselves.
2:58  When We said: “Enter this town and eat from wherever you like, and enter the gate with humility saying: ‘Forgive us’ so We forgive your sins and increase the reward of the righteous”.
2:59  The wrongdoers altered the words to somethingother than what they were taught. So, We sent down a plague from the sky for their wickedness
2:60  When Musa prayed for water for his people. We said: “Strike the rock with your staff”, twelve springs gushed out, and each tribe recognised its drinking place. “Eat and drink Allah’s provision, and don’t go around making trouble in the land”.
2:61  When you said: “Musa, we are weary of eating the same meal every day, so ask your Lord to produce for us, herbs, cucumbers, garlic, lentil and onions”. He said: “Why are you swapping something superior for something less? Go back to Egypt, if that’s what you want”. So, they were disgraced and humiliated, and brought on themselves Allah’s anger because they denied His signs, killed the prophets unjustly, disobeyed and often broke the rules
2:62  The believers, the Jews, Christians and Sabians, whoever believed in Allah, the Hereafter and did righteous works, shall have reward from their Lord. They shall not fear nor grieve.
2:63  With the mountain towering over you, We took your contract, saying: “Hold firmly to what We have given you and remember what it teaches so you become mindful of Allah”.
2:64  But you turned away. If it hadn’t been for the grace and Allah’s favour, you would be losers.
2:65  Youknew those who broke the law of Sabbath; We said to them: “Be likeapes, shunned and rejected”.
2:66  So, We made their fate an example for their generation and those who followed them, and a clear lesson for the God-fearing
2:67  Rememberwhen Musa said to his people: “Allah commands you to slaughter a cow”. They said: “Are you joking with us?” He replied: “Allah forbids that I should be so bad-mannered”.
2:68  They said: “Then ask your Lord to explain what sort of cow it is”. He answered: “He says she is neither old nor young but in-between, so do as instructed”.
2:69  They said: “Ask your Lord to clarify what colour she is”. He said: “Allah says it is a light-yellow coloured cow, pleasing to the onlookers”.
2:70  They again repeated: “Ask your Lord to spell out for us what she looks like, as all cows look similar to us; then, if Allah wills, we shall be guided”.
2:71  Musasaid: “He says she is a cow that has not been yoked for ploughing or watering the fields, a healthy cow with no scars”. They then said: “Now you have given us the exact description”. Eventually they slaughtered it though they disliked doing so
2:72  Rememberwhen you killed a person, and you quarrelled about it; Allah exposed what you were hiding.
2:73  So, We told them: “Touch with a piece of the cow’s meat the corpse of the deadperson”. That is how Allah brings the dead to life, and He shows you His signs so you might understand
2:74  Afterwards, your hearts became hard like rocks or even harder. There are some rocks from which streams flow, and there are others when split open, water flows from them, and yet other rocks which tumble down out of fear of Allah, He is not unaware of what you do.
2:75  Do you expect them to believe you when a group of them hears the words of Allah and, after understanding them, deliberately changes them
2:76  When such peoplemeet those who believe, they tell them: “We believe”. However, when they are alone, they say: “Why tell them about what Allah has granted you so they use it as evidence against you before your Lord. Don’t you have any sense?”
2:77  Do they not realise, Allah knows what they hide and what they publicise?
2:78  Some of them are illiterate; their knowledge of The Book is based onfalse hopes, and mere guess.
2:79  What misery awaits those who rewrite The Book with their own hands and then claim: “This is from Allah”, just to earn a little money! What misery awaits them for what their hands have written, and what misery awaits them for what they have earned
2:80  They claim: “The Fire will only burn us for a few days”. Ask them: “Have you taken a pledge from Allah; He never breaks His pledge, or are you making a claim about Allah, ignorantly?”
2:81  Rather, the evildoers are occupied in their sins, these are the people of the Fire, there forever.
2:82  But those who believed and did righteous works, these are the people of Paradise, there forever
2:83  Rememberwhen We took the contract from the Israelites: worship Allah alone, care for parents, relatives, orphans and the needy; speak kindly to people; perform the prayer and give Zakat. Unfortunately, you turned away, objecting to it except a few of you.
2:84  We took the contract that you would not shed one another’s blood or expel one another from their homes; you accepted and witnessed
2:85  You were killing one another, one group forcing the other out of their homes, or helping one side to commitsin and sowenmity against the other. When you took them prisoners, you demanded a ransom for them, although it was forbidden to evict them in the first place. Do you believe in some parts of The Book and reject others? The only fitting punishment for those who commit such crimes is disgrace in this life, and on Judgement Day will be dispatched to the severest punishments. Allah is not unaware of what you do.
2:86  Such people have chosen this worldly life instead of The Hereafter; their punishment will not be lessened nor will they be helped
2:87  We gave Musa The Book and sent messengers afterwards to succeed him. We gave miracles to Isa, son of Maryam, and supported him with the Spirit of the Holy One. Is it not truethat whenever a messenger came to you with a message that you did not like you became arrogant, refusing to believe some of themand killing others.
2:88  They said: “Our hearts are covered”. Indeed, Allah cursed them because of their disbelief. How little they believe
2:89  When a book from Allah came to them, the Majestic Quran, confirming what they already have – they used to pray for victory over the disbelievers – when what they recognise as truecomes to them, they deny it. So, Allah’s curse fallson the disbelievers.
2:90  What a miserable price they have sold themselves for, denying rudely what Allah has revealed, because Allah sends down His favour on anyone of His Servants He wills! That is whythey have brought down on themselves wrath upon wrath; for suchdisbelievers is humiliating punishment.
2:91  And when they are told: “Believe in what Allah has sent”, they say: “We believe in what was sent to us”. However, they deny what came afterwards, even though it is the truth confirming that which they already have. Ask them: “Why then, if you were believers, did you kill the previous prophets of Allah?
2:92  Musa came to you with miracles, butyou started worshipping the calf soonafterwards, and became wrongdoers.
2:93  We took a contract from you, near the Mount Sinai towering over you, and We said: “Hold on firmly to what We gave you and listen”, but your forefatherssaid: “We hear and we disobey”, swallowing love ofthe calf deepinto their hearts because they were unthankful. Tell them: “How wrong is what your faith tells you to do, if you are believers!”
2:94  Say: “If the Final Abode with Allah is reserved solely for you and no one else, then why do you notwish for death, if you are truthful?”
2:95  However, they will never wish for it since they know well what their hands have stockpiled, and Allah knows well who the wrongdoers are.
2:96  You will find them and some of the idolators among the most eager of people for the pleasures ofthis worldly life. Every single one of them would love to live a thousand years, even though living so long would not save them from the punishment. Allah sees what they do
2:97  Ask: “Who is the enemy of Jibreel?” He brought the Quran down into your heart by Allah’s authority, confirming what came before it, and as guidance and good news for the believers.
2:98  Whoever is an enemy of Allah, His Angels, His Messengers, and Jibreel and Mikaeel, should knowthat Allah is the enemy of such disbelievers.
2:99  We have sent down to you clear verses, and only the wicked deny them.
2:100  Every time they enter an agreement, a group of them breaks it; in fact, most of them do not believe.
2:101  When a messenger from Allah came to them, confirming what they already had, a group of the People of The Book refused to accept it, pretending that they had never heard of it.
2:102  They blindlyfollowed the devilish people who had fabricated about the kingdom of Sulayman. Sulayman did not disbelieve; rather, it was the devilish people who became disbelievers by teaching people magic and what had been given to the two angels, Harut and Marut, in Babylon. These two angels did not teach anyone until they had warned them: “We are sent asa test, so do not disbelieve”. From these two angels, they learned how to create conflict between husband and wife, but they couldn’t harm anyone without Allah’s permission. So, people studied what harmed them rather than what benefitted them, knowing that anyone who gained this knowledge of magicwill have no share in the Hereafter. How wretched is what they have sold themselves for! If only they knew!
2:103  Had they believed and feared Allah, the reward would have been far better, if they knew
2:104  Believers, do not say: “Raina, but insteadsay: “Look at us, and listen carefully to him”. As for the disbelievers, a painful punishment awaits.
2:105  Neither the disbelievers among the People of The Book nor the idolaters desire that anything good should come from your Lord; Allah chooses for his favour anyone who wants to please Him, He is Gracious
2:106  If ever We abrogate or postpone any verse, We replace it with something better or similar. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?
2:107  Do you not know that the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth belongs to Allah; there is no protector and helper for you besides Him.
2:108  Or do you want to ask your Messenger what Musa was asked by othersbefore? We hope not, becausewhoever swaps faith for disbelief has wandered far from the straight path.
2:109  Many of the People of The Book would dearly love to change you into disbelievers after you have believed; this isout of jealousy inside themselves evenafter truth has become clear to them. So, believers, pardon and be forgiving until Allah fulfils His command. Allah has control over all things
2:110  And perform prayer and give Zakat; whatever good you send ahead for yourselves, you will find it with Allah. Allah sees all that you do.
2:111  They claim that only the Jews, or only the Christians, will enter Paradise; this is their wishful thinking. Say: “If you are telling the truth, prove it”.
2:112  On the contrary, anyone who submits to Allah and is righteous, their reward shall be with their Lord, and they shall neither fear nor grieve
2:113  The Jews say: “The Christians are misguided”, and the Christians say: “The Jews are misguided”, yet all read the sameBook the Bible. Similarly, those who know nothing say the same thing as them. Allah will decide between them on Judgement Day regarding their differences
2:114  Who can be more wicked than the one who stops people from glorifying Allah’s name in His Mosques, and who tries to destroy them? Yet they should only enter them in the fear of Allah. They shall suffer disgrace in this world and severe punishment in the Hereafter
2:115  The East and the West belong to Allah, so wherever you turn, Allah’s Presence will be there. Indeed, Allah is Boundlessly Vast, the Knowing.
2:116  They claim Allah has adopted a son. Glory be to Him! The Heavens and the Earth belong to Him; everything obeys Him,
2:117  The Creator of The Heavens and the Earth. When He decides on any matter, He only says: “Be!” And thereit is.
2:118  The ignorant say: “If Allah spoke to us, or sent us a sign, we would believe.” People before them said similar things; they think alike. We have made Our signs abundantlyclear for those who firmly believe
2:119  Prophet, We sent you with the truth, as the bearer of good news and a warner; you will not be asked about the people of blazing fire.
2:120  The Jews and the Christians will never be satisfied with you until you follow their religion. Tell them: “Allah’s guidance is the only guidance”. If you Muslims follow their wishes after the knowledge has come to you, then you will have no one to protect you from Allah and to help you .
2:121  Those given The Book, recite as it ought to be recited, they are the true believers. Anyone who disbelieves in it, they are the losers
2:122  Children of Israel, remember My gifts to you; I preferred you over all other people.
2:123  So, fear a day when no one will be able to compensate for anyone else; no ransom will be accepted, and no one’s intercession will benefit, and they will not be helped
2:124  Rememberwhen Ibrahim was put to all kinds of tests by His Lord, he achieved them. His Lord said: “I will make you a leader of humanity”, so he asked: “And what about my children?” Allah said: “My pledge will not benefit the evildoers amongst them”.
2:125  We made The AncientHouse a safe and much frequented place, saying: “Take the place whereIbrahim stood as a place of prayer”. And We told Ibrahim and Ismael: “Keep My House clean for those who circle it, those who stay there to worship, to bow and to prostrate”.
2:126  Rememberwhen Ibrahim prayed: “Lord, make this a city of sanctuary, and sustain with fruits those who believe in Allah and The Last Day”. Allahsaid: “The disbelievers, We shall let them enjoy themselves a little, then drive them towards the punishment of Fire. What a terrible destination!
2:127  Rememberwhen Ibrahim and Ismael were raising the foundations of The House, they prayed: “Our Lord, accept thisfrom us. You are the Listener, the Knower.
2:128  Our Lord, keep us committed to You, and make our children a community that submits to You, and teach us our rites, and be relenting towards us: indeed. You accept repentance, the Kind.
2:129  Our Lord, send them a messenger from their people, who will teach your signs, the Book, the wisdom, and purify them. You are the Almighty, the Wise”
2:130  Only a fool can turn away from the religion of Ibrahim; We chose him in this world, and in the next life he will be among the Righteous.
2:131  Rememberwhen His Lord said to him: “Submit”, and he replied: “I submit myself to the Lord of the Universe”.
2:132  He advised his children to submit, and laterYaqub alsodid the same, saying: “My children, Allah has chosen your religion for you, so till you die remain as true Muslims”
2:133  Were you witness when death came to Yaqub? Rememberwhen he asked his children: “What will you worship after me?” Andthey replied: “We will worship Your God and the God of our forefathers, Ibrahim, Ismael and Ishaq, the One God, and we submit to Him”.
2:134  That community has passed away; they will reap the reward of what they did, and so will you, and you will not be asked about what they did
2:135  They say to you: “Become Jews…”, or: “Become Christians and you will be guided”. Tell them: “In fact our religion isthe religion of Ibrahim, who was a trueHanif, and was not an idolater”.
2:136  Say: “We believe in Allah and in what is revealed to us, and in what was revealed to Ibrahim, Ismael, Ishaq, Yaqub and the Tribes, and in what was given to Musa and Isa, and in what was given to allthe prophets from their Lord: we make no distinction between any one of them, we submit to Him”
2:137  If they decide tobelieve in the same God as you believe, then they will be guided, but if they turn away, they will be divided. Allah will be sufficient for you against them. He is the Listener, the Knower.
2:138  The dye of Allah is the best, whose dye is better than Allah’s at colouring our whole being? We worship Him alone.
2:139  Say: “Do you argue with us about Allah, when He is Our Lord as well as Yours, when we have our deeds and you have yours, we are absolutely committed to Him?”
2:140  Or do you claim that Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq, Yaqub and the Tribes were “Jews” or “Christians?” Say: “Who knows better, you or Allah? And who can be more sinful than the one who tries to hide evidence from Allah? Indeed, Allah is not unaware of what you do”.
2:141  That community has passed away; they will reap the reward of what they did, and so will you, and you will not be questioned about what they did
2:142  Some foolish people will ask: “What has turned them away from the direction they used to pray in?” Say: “The East and The West belong to Allah. He guides to the straight path anyone who wants to be guided”.
2:143  So We made you a well-balanced nation, to be witnesses against humanity, and the Messenger will be your witness. We only established your previous prayer direction towards Aqsa Mosqueto distinguish those who follow the Messenger from those who turn on their heels. This was indeed a difficult test, except for those whom Allah has guided; Allah will never allow your prayer to go to waste. Indeed, Allah is Most Kind and Gracious to people.
2:144  We saw you turning your face towards the Heaven, and We shall turn you towards a direction of the prayer that will please you. So, now turn your face towards The Sacred Mosque. Wherever you are, turn your faces towards it. Those who were given The Book know wellthat this is the truth from their Lord, and Allah is aware of what they do
2:145  Even if you were to produce conclusive evidence for the People of The Book, they will not adopt your direction of prayer, nor will you adopt their direction of prayer; in fact, they do not even follow each other’s direction. If anyone were to follow their desires after the knowledge has come to you then they would be wrongdoers.
2:146  Those Jews given the Book recognise The Messengerjust as they recognise their sons, yeta group of them deliberately tries to hide the truth.
2:147  The truth has come from your Lord. Listener, don’t be among those who have doubts about it
2:148  Everyone has a direction to which theyturn, so compete in doing good works. Wherever you happen to be, Allah will bring you together. Allah has power over everything.
2:149  By whichever direction you go out ofMadinah , turn to face the Sacred Mosque in prayer; that is the truth from your Lord, and Allah is not unaware of what you do.
2:150  In whichever direction you go always turn to face the Sacred Mosque. All of you, wherever you are, always turn your faces towards it, so that people do not have any evidence of disunityagainst you except, of course, the wrongdoers among them. Don’t be afraid of them, but fear Me, so I will complete My favours on you, and ensure you are guided
2:151  For example, We sent to you a nobleMessenger from amongst you; he recites Our verses for you, purifies you, teaches you the Book and wisdom, and teaches youwhat you didn’t know.
2:152  So, remember Me, and I shall remember you. Be thankful to Me, and don’t be unthankful to Me
2:153  Believers, find strength through patience and prayer – Allah is with those who are patient
2:154  Don’t speak irreverently of those who were killed fightingin Allah’s way, that they are“dead”; rather, they are living, though you don’t sense it.
2:155  We will certainly test you: with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, health and harvests. Give good news to the patient
2:156  and who, when they are struck by misfortune, softly say: “We belong to Allah and are returning to Him”.
2:157  These are the ones who shall be blessed and will be taken care of by their Lord; they are the guided
2:158  The hills of Safa and Marwa are Symbols of Allah; whoever comes to Allah’sHouse to perform the Hajj or Umrah, let him know thatthere is no objection in walking between them. Whoever works voluntarily will be rewarded by Allah, the Knower of all things
2:159  Those who hide the clear signs and the guidance We have revealed, after We have clearly explained it in The Book for people, they are the ones whom Allah curses, as do those who have the authority tocurse,
2:160  but if they repent, reform themselves and openly declare faith then I shall accept their repentance; I am the Accepter of repentance and the Kind.
2:161  Those who disbelieve and die as disbelievers will be cursed by Allah, the angels and the restof humanity,
2:162  dwelling therein forever, and their punishment will be neither reduced nor delayed
2:163  Your God is one God; there is no God beside Him, the Kind, the Caring.
2:164  In the creation of The Heavens and the Earth, in the cycle of night and day, and in the ships which sail the seas for people’s profit; in the rain Allah sends down from the skies, bringing the dead Earth to life, and causing it to abound with all kinds of animals; in the movements of the winds, and in the clouds which float between Heaven and Earth: in all these things,there are signs for people who understand
2:165  Some people take idols beside Allah, loving them as much as theylove Allah, whereasthose who believe, love Allah passionately. If only the wrongdoers could see the punishment, they would realise that Allah possesses all power, and that Allah’s punishment is severe.
2:166  On Judgement Day, the followers of idolswill be disowned by the idols they served, and they will see the punishment, and their ties with these idolstorn to shreds.
2:167  Then the followers will say: “If only we had another chance so we could disown them as they have disowned us today”. That is how Allah will show them their deeds, which they will bitterly regret, and they will never get out of the Fire of Hell
2:168  People, eat of what is lawful and wholesome on Earth, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; he is your open enemy
2:169  He will direct you to evil, indecency and saying things about Allah which you don’t know.
2:170  When the disbelieversare told, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say: “No! We follow what we found our ancestors doing”, even though their ancestors lacked both basic understanding and guidance.
2:171  The disbelievers are like the bleating sheep being calledloudlyby the shepherd,they hear nothing but crying and screaming; deaf, dumb and blind, they simplydon’t understand
2:172  Believers, eat the wholesome foods We provide you and thank Allah, if you truly worship Him.
2:173  The few things He has made unlawful for you are carrion, blood, pork, and animals slaughtered in any name other than Allah’s. However, if anyone is compelled by circumstance, not because he desires it or wishes to disobey Allah, then he commits no sin. Allah is the Forgiving, the Kind
2:174  Anyone who hides what Allah has revealed in the Book, or sells it for a small sum of money are filling their stomachs with Hellfire. Allah will neither speak to them nor purify them on Judgement Day; they shall have a painful punishment.
2:175  They have chosen for themselveserror over guidance and punishment over forgiveness. How will they endure Hellfire?
2:176  That is because Allah has sent The Book with the truth, butthose who differ about The Book have digressed with farfetched heresy
2:177  Righteousness is not simply turning your face towards The East or The West in prayer, rather, righteousness is believing in Allah, The Last Day, the angels, the revealedbooks and the prophets; spending wealth for the love of Allah on relatives, orphans, the needy, travellers, beggars and freeing slaves; performing prayer and paying Zakat; fulfilling any contracts one has entered; and being patient in illness, misfortune and in times of hardship. Those who do these thingsare the truthful people, and they are mindful of Allah
2:178  Believers, retribution is prescribed for you in the case of victims of murderers: a free man for a free man, a slave for a slave, and a woman for a woman. However, if the culpritis pardoned by his aggrievedbrother, this will be adhered to in accordance with best practice, the culpritpaying the next of kinwhat is due. This represents a lightening of the burdenand an act of kindness from your Lord. After this dayif anyone goes beyond these limits,they will suffer a painful punishment.
2:179  The people of understanding will appreciate that in the law of retribution there is a means for preservinglife, so you’re stopped from being unfair
2:180  Alsoprescribed for you is the writing of a will: when death approaches any of you, who is leaving behind wealth, let him prepare a will in favour of parents and close relatives in accordance with best practice; this is a duty upon those who are mindful of Allah
2:181  If any witness, after hearing the terms, alters them then they – and they alone – has committed a sin. Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
2:182  Anyone who suspects that a testator has made a mistake intentionally or unintentionally, and tries to put things right between the parties, commits no sin in doing so. Allah is the Forgiving, the Kind
2:183  Believers, fasting has been compulsory for you as it was made compulsory for those before you so you become mindful of Allah.
2:184  Fastfor a fixed number of days, but if any of you is ill or on a journey then let him fastan equivalentnumber of days later. The obligatory compensation on those who do not fast,is to feed a needy person, if theycan afford it. However, anyone who voluntarily does good will benefit from that, butto fast would be better for you, if you knew.
2:185  The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan; the Quranis a guidance for people, it contains clear teachings and distinguishes right from wrong; whoever is present in the month must fast in it, but, if anyone is ill or on a journey, then let them fastan equivalentnumber of days later. Allah wants ease for you, not difficulty, and wants to see you complete the compulsorynumber of fasts. So,glorify Allah for guiding you, and be ever-thankful
2:186  If My servants ask you about Me, tell them thatI am near, I answer the prayer of the prayerful whenever he prays to Me. So, let them obey Me, and believe in Me so they may be guided
2:187  It is permissible for you to sleep with your wives during the nights of the fast – they are likea garment for you, as you are for them. Allah knew that you were deceiving yourselves by what you were doing in secret, and He has relented towards you and pardoned you. So now be intimate with them, and desire whatever Allah has allowed you, and eat and drink until the white streak of dawn is distinct from the blackness of the night, then complete the fast until the nightfall. However, do not be intimate with your wives on those nightswhen you are engaged in a spiritualretreat in the Mosque. These are Allah’s boundaries, so do not breach them. This is how Allah explains His verses for people, so they are mindful
2:188  Do not misuse your wealth by spending itamongst yourselves for wrong purpose, or by deliberately bribing judges to misuse a part of other people’s wealth wrongfully
2:189  They ask you about the crescent moon, say: “It is to helppeople keep track of time, not leastfor the pilgrimage”. There is no virtue in entering homes from the back, but virtue lies in piety. Enterhomes from front doors, and be mindful of Allah so you may be successful
2:190  Fight in Allah’s way those who fight you, but do not attack first. Allah does not like aggressors.
2:191  When in battle,fight them wherever you find them, and expel them from where they expelled you. A prolonged campaign ofpersecution is far worse than a decisive battle involvingkilling. Do not attack them near the Sacred Mosque until they attack you. If they attack you, fight back; that is the way to deal with the disbelievers.
2:192  If they cease fighting, Allah is the Forgiving, the Kind
2:193  Fight them until there is no more persecution, and people are free to worship Allah. If they cease fighting, then let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers.
2:194  A sacred month always remains a sacred month; therefore, any violation of what Allah has forbidden calls for retaliation. If someone is hostile to you, respond in equal measure, and be mindful of Allah, and know for certainthat Allah is with the pious.
2:195  Spend generously in Allah’s way, but do not cast yourselves into the jaws ofdestruction by your own hands, and do your best. Allah loves those who do good
2:196  Perform Hajj and Umrah for the sake of Allah. If you are prevented from performing Umrah, then makewhatever sacrificial offering you can afford. Do not shave your heads until your offering has reached the place of sacrifice in Mina. If anyone of you is ill or has a disease of the scalp then he should fast, give in charity or make a sacrifice in compensation. When you are safe, then anyone wishing to combine Hajj and Umrah must makewhatever sacrificial offering he can afford, andanyone who lacks the means to do so should fast for three days during the pilgrimage and seven days after returning home – that is ten days in all. This applies to those whose families do not live near the Sacred Mosque. Be mindful of Allah, and remember Allah’s punishment is severe
2:197  Hajj takes place in the specified months, and anyone undertaking this duty must not: engage in sexual intimacy with one’s spouse; commit sin nor quarrel with each other. Whatever good you do, Allah knows it. Prepare yourselves for Hajj, and the best preparation is being mindful of Allah. People of understanding, be mindful of Me.
2:198  There is no sin in seeking your Lord’s bounty by offering a service whilst performing your Hajj. When you leave Mount Arafat, remember Allah at the sacred place of Muzdalifa. Remember Him, because He guided you when, in the past, you were misguided.
2:199  Then set off from where otherpeople set off, and seek Allah’s forgiveness. Indeed, Allah is the Forgiving, the Compassionate
2:200  Once you have completed your rites, remember Allah as you used to remember your ancestors, and even more. There are people who pray: “Our Lord, grant us wealthin this world”, they will have no share in the Hereafter.
2:201  But others pray: “Our Lord, grant us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and protect us from the punishment of the Fire”.
2:202  Such peoplewill have a fullshare of what they earned, and Allah is swift in calculatinggood and bad deeds.
2:203  Continue remembering Allah till specified days, but if anyone is in a hurry to leave after two days, he can, he will not have sinned, nor will anyone who delays his departure have sinned, so long as he is mindful of Allah. Be mindful of Allah, and know that you will be gathered before Him
2:204  There is a type ofperson whose speech will please you, and he even calls on Allah as a witness to what is in his heart, yet he is the bitterest of opponents.
2:205  As soon as he turns away, he makes mischief in the land, destroying crops and cattle. Allah detests mischief
2:206  When he is told: “Fear Allah!” His pride leads him to sin. Hell will be enough for him. A dreadful place.
2:207  Yet there is another typeof person who would give away his life to gain Allah’s pleasure; Allah is Compassionate to Hisservants.
2:208  Believers, submit and dedicate fully, and do not follow in the footsteps of Satan; he is your sworn enemy.
2:209  If you should turn back after clear signs have come to you, then know that Allah is the Almighty and the Wise.
2:210  What are they waiting for? Allah and the angels to come down in the shade of the clouds? By then, theirfate will have been sealed. In the end,all matters will return to Allah
2:211  Ask the Israelites how many clear signs We gave them. Anyone who exchanges a gift of Allah for something elseafter it has been granted to him, beware; Allah is severe in Hispunishment.
2:212  The worldly life is attractive for the disbelievers; they may mock some believers now, but the pious will riseabove them on Judgement Day. Allah will provide abundantly to those who He wishes
2:213  Humanity was once a single nation. Then Allah sent prophets, who brought good news and warnings, and He sent with them the Book containing the truth, providing rulings to help people solve their differences. This was due to the rivalry that arose from differences of interpretationafter clear signs had come to the People of The Book. However, Allah, by His authority, guided the believers to the truth regarding the point of disagreement. Allah guides to the straight path anyone who wants to be guided
2:214  Did you think of going to Paradise without experiencing the difficulties of those who came before you? They were struck by misfortune and hardships, and were subjected to Earthquakes, even the messenger of that timeand those who believed him cried out: “When will Allah’s help come?” Beware, the help of Allah is near.
2:215  They ask you what they should spend their wealthon; tell them: “Spend on your parents, relatives, orphans, the needy and the travellers”. Whatever good you have done Allah is the Knower and is fully awareof it
2:216  War is ordained though you dislike it. Sometimes, you may dislike something that is good for you, and sometimes you may like something that is bad for you. Only Allah knows the whole truth, not you.
2:217  They ask you about the sacred months, and specificallyfighting in them; say: “Fighting in them is a major sin, but blocking the way of Allah and rejecting Him, barringaccess to the Sacred Mosque and expelling its residents from it – these are even greater offencesin Allah’s sight. A prolonged campaign ofpersecution is a far greater sin than a decisive battle involvingkilling”. The disbelieverswill go on fighting until they achieve what they want: that you give up your religion. But beware. If any of you gives up his religion and dies as a disbeliever, such people’s deeds will come to nothing in this world and in the Hereafter. These are people of the Fire, where they will stay forever.
2:218  The believers, who migrated and struggled in Allah’s way, have fullhope in Allah’s Kindness. Allah is the Forgiving, the Kind
2:219  They ask you about wine and gambling; say: “Both are major sins, there is a small benefit for people, but the sin in them by far outweighs any benefits”. They ask you what they should spend in charity, say: “Whatever you can spare”. This is how Allah explains His verses to you so that you may reflect,
2:220  in this world, and the next. They also ask you about orphans, say: “Keeping their affairs and accounts in order is best. If you mix your investmentswith theirs, remember thatthey are your brothers and sisters, and Allah knows well who is straight and who is dishonest”. If Allah so wished, He could put you in all kindsof difficulties. He is the Almighty, the Wise
2:221  Do not marry disbelieving women until they believe; a female slave who believes is better than an idolatress, even if the idolatress pleases you more. Similarly, do not marry believing women toany idolater until they believe; a male slave who believes is better than an idolater, even if the idolater is more pleasing. These idolatersinvite you to the Fire, whereas Allah, by His grace, invites you to Paradise and forgiveness; and He explains His verses for people to remind them
2:222  They ask you about menstruation, say: “It is a sore state that women go through, so stay away from sexual intimacy withwomen during menstruation, and do not approach them for that purposeuntil they are clean again. However, once they are clean, come to them as Allah has allowed you. Allah loves those who repent, and He loves those who maintain cleanliness”.
2:223  Your women are like pastures for you, so enter your pastures as you wish, and prepare for yourselves good deeds. Be mindful of Allah, remember you will meet Him, and you, Muhammad, continue to give good news to the believers”
2:224  Do not make your oaths in the name of Allah an excuse to stop you from doing good, being mindful, and reconciling people who are undergoing some marital dispute; Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
2:225  Allah will not hold your thoughtless oaths against you, but He will take you to task over your heart’s intentions. Allah is The Forgiving, The Gentle.
2:226  For those who take an oath to separate fromtheir wives, the waiting period is four months, but if they go back on their oath, then they will find Allah Forgiving, Most Kind.
2:227  However, if they are determined to divorce, then Allah is the Hearer and the Knower
2:228  Divorced women must wait for three menstrual cycles before they can marry; it is not lawful for them to keep secret what Allah has created in their womb if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. Their husbands have the right to take them back during this period, if they wish to be reconciled. Women too have rights and responsibilities in equal measure, according to the custom. However, men have an additional degree of rights and responsibilitiesover them. Allah is The Almighty, The Wise
2:229  A revokable divorce may be pronouncedtwice only; after that a wifemust either be kept honourably or allowed to leave honourably. It is not lawful for you husbandsto take back anything that you have given them, except when both parties fear that they may not be able to live within Allah’s boundaries. However, if, after attempting reconciliation, you believe that the couple may not be able to live within the bounds set by Allah, then there will be no blame on either if the womanchooses to give back part of her settlement. These are Allah’s boundaries, so do not overstep them. Only the wrongdoers overstep Allah’s boundaries
2:230  If the husbanddivorces her a third time; she will no longer be lawful for him to remarryuntil she marries another husband. Then, if the second husbanddivorces her, there will be no blame on either of them to return to each other, provided they feel confident that they will keep within Allah’s boundaries. These are Allah’s boundaries which He has explained for people who understand
2:231  When you divorce women, and they reach the end of the waiting period, either keep them honourably or allow them to leave honourably. Don’t hold on to them to cause harm or to transgress Allah’s boundaries; whoever does so has wronged himself. Do not play with the commands of Allah. Remember His favours on you and what He has revealed to you of the Book and wisdom, through which He teaches you. So be mindful of Allah, and know that He is the Knower.
2:232  When you divorce women, and they reach the end of the waiting period, do not prevent them remarrying their formerhusbands, if they choose to do so by mutual consent andaccording to the custom. Anyone who sincerely believes in Allah and the Last Day is instructed to do this. This is a purer and cleanerway for you by far. Allah knows that which you don’t know
2:233  Divorcedmothers may breastfeed their children up to full two years; that is if they wish to complete the full term. The father of the child is responsible for the mother’sfood and clothing in accordance with the best practice. However, no one is to be burdened over and above their means. Neither should the mother be harmed because of her child, nor the father. The same goes for the father’sheirs. No one shall be to blame if the father or the motherwishes to wean the child, and it is agreed by mutual consent after proper consultation. Likewise,if you wish to employ a nanny for your children, you can’t be blamed, if you pay as agreed in accordance with the best practice. Alwaysbe mindful of Allah, and know that He sees what you do
2:234  Those who die, leaving behind widows, their widowsshould wait for four months and ten daysthen, once they have reached the end ofthis period, there is no blame on you regarding whatever they choose to do with themselves in accordance with the best practice. Allah is aware of what you do.
2:235  There is no blame on you if you propose engagement to thesewomen before the end of the waiting period, or you keep your feelingsto yourself. Allah knows that you intend to propose to them. However, do not make them any promises unless you speak to them in a respectful way, and do not confirm contracting the marriage until the prescribed waitingterm has ended. Remember that Allah knows what is in your hearts, so beware. Allah is the Forgiving, The Gentle.
2:236  There is no blame on you if you divorce a woman before either consummating the marriage or paying the marriage gift. Let the rich and the poor each give them generously according to their means; this is a duty on the righteous.
2:237  If you divorce them before consummation but after fixing the marriage gift, then let them have half of what you had previously settled on, unless the womenagree to waive their right or the one contracting the marriage tie waives his right, and waiving one’s right is nearer to piety. So, do not forget to be gracious to each other, becauseAllah sees all that you do
2:238  Make sure to perform your dailyprayers, particularly the middle prayer Asr, and stand devoutly before Allah.
2:239  If you are fearful of an enemy, then pray standing or in the saddle; then, when you are safe and secure once more, then remember Allah, as He taught you what you didn’t know
2:240  Those who die, leaving behind widows, should make a will for their maintenance for one year: they should not be expelled from the family home. However, if they choose toleave the family home, then you can’t be blamed with regards to what they have chosen to do in line with custom. Allah is the Almighty and Wise.
2:241  Divorced women are entitled to maintenance in line with custom; this is a duty on the pious.
2:242  This is how Allah explains His verses for you, so that you might understand
2:243  Haven ’tyou seen those who left their homes in their thousands for fear of death, and Allah said to them: “Die!” And then He brought them back to life? Allah is very gracious to people, but they are ungrateful.
2:244  Fight in the cause of Allah, and remember He is the Hearer, the Knower
2:245  Who will offer Allah a loan, a beautiful loan, He will multiply its reward many times over. Allah withholds His favour, or He gives plenty, and to Him you will return
2:246  Have you not considered the Jewish leaders who came after Musa. They said to a prophet of theirs: “Appoint a king so that we may fight in Allah’s way”. He said to them: “When fighting is ordained for you, will you fight?” They said: “Why would we not fight in the way of Allah when we and our children have been expelled from our homes?” When fighting was ordained for them, they turned away except for a few of them. Allah knows the disobedient.
2:247  Their prophet said to them: “Allah has appointed Talut to be your king”. They said: “How can he be our king, when we have more right to kingship than him, he is not wealthy enough?” He replied: “Allah has selected him for you, given him vast knowledge and phyiscal strength. Allah gives His kingship to anyone He finds suitable. Allah is boundlessly Vast, He is The Knower”.
2:248  And their Prophet said to them: “The sign of his kingship is The Ark of the Contract, whichwill be brought to you by the angels, a source of tranquillity from your Lord which contains relics left behind by families of Musa and Harun. In this there are signs for you, if you believe”
2:249  When Talut set out with his army, he said: “Allah will test you near the river. Anyone who drinks from it will no longer be my soldier, but whoever does not taste it will be mine, except those who scoop it up in the palm of their hands”. So, they all drank from it, except a few of them. When he crossed the riveralong with those who had believed him, they said: “We have no strength today to fight Jalut and his army”. But those who believed that they wouldmeet their Lord said: “How many times have small forces defeated large forces with the help of Allah, and Allah is with the patient”
2:250  When they advanced to face Jalut and his army, they prayed: “Our Lord, shower patience on us, keep our feet firmon the ground, and help us against the disbelievers”.
2:251  So, by the help of Allah they defeated them, and Dawud killed Jalut, and Allah gave Dawud kingship and wisdom, and taught him what it pleased Him to teach. If Allah did not repel one group of people with another there would be lot of conflict on Earth, but Allah is Most Gracious to His creatures
2:252  These are the exact verses of Allah that We recite to you, and you are one of the Messengers
2:253  Of these prophets We ranked some above others; Allah spoke with some, and others He raised manydegrees. For example, We gave Isa, son of Maryam, many miracles, and supported him with the Spirit of the Holy One. If Allah had so wanted, the Christianswould not have fought each other after the miracles had come to them, but they disputed. Some of them believed and others disbelieved. If Allah wanted, they would not have divided into sects, but Allah does what is just.
2:254  Believers, spend in charityfrom what We provided you before that day comes when there will be no buying and selling, no friendship and no intercession; the disbelievers are wicked people
2:255  Allah, there is no god but Him! He isThe Living, The Everlasting. Neither tiredness nor sleep overwhelm Him. All that is in The Heavens and on Earth belongs to Him. Who dares intercede without His permission? He knows what they have achieved and what they have failed to do, but they can only grasp what He wishes of His knowledge. His MajesticThrone extends over the Heavens and the Earth, and He never tires of protecting them both. He is The Exalted, The Majestic
2:256  There is no compulsion in religion. Guidance is clearly distinct from error. Whoever rejects false gods and believes solelyin Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold, which will never break. Allah is the Hearing, the Knowing
2:257  Allah is the friend of believers, taking them out of darkness into light. As for the disbelievers, their friends are the false gods, who take them out of light into darkness; these are people of the Fire, where they will stay forever
2:258  Have you not considered the one who Allah made King, when he argued with Ibrahim about his Lord? Ibrahim said to him: “It is my Lord Who gives life and death”. He replied: “I too give life and death”. Ibrahim replied: “Allah brings the Sun from the East, so why not bring it from the West, if you can?” The disbeliever was speechless, Allah does not guide the wicked people
2:259  Or take the example ofthe one who passed through a town, its buildings razed to the ground; he asked himself: “How can Allah bring these ruinsto life once they are dead?” So, Allah made him die for hundred years and then brought him back to life. Allahasked him: “How long did you remain deadin such way?” He replied: “Possibly a day or part of a day”. Allah told him: “In fact you remained dead for a hundred years! Look at your food and drink, they have not gone off; but look at your donkey. We have done allthis to make you a sign for people, look at the donkey’sbones, how We put them back together and covered them with flesh”. When it had allbecome clear to him, he said: “I now know that Allah has power over all things”
2:260  Rememberwhen Ibrahim said: “My Lord, show me how you bring the deadback to life”, Allahsaid: “Do you not believe?” He said: “Yes, of course, but I want my heart to be at peace”. He told him: “Take four birds and tame them first ,then cut them into pieces and put a piece of each of them on different hilltops and call them; they will come hurrying back to you. Know that Allah is the Almighty, the Wise.
2:261  Those people who spend their wealth in Allah’s way are like a grain that sprouts into seven ears, each ear has a hundred seeds, and Allah will multiply it for them many times more as He pleases.at Allah is The Vast, The Knowing
2:262  Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah and do not follow it up by reminding the recipients of the favour, or causing them offence, shall have reward from their Lord: they shall neither fear nor grieve.
2:263  A kind word and forgiveness are far better than charity that is followed by an insult. Allah is Self-Sufficient and Most Gentle.
2:264  Believers, do not invalidate your charity by reminders of favours doneor by insulting, like the one who spends his wealth to show off in front of people and does not trulybelieve in Allah and the Last Day; he is like a rock with a layer of soil on the top, when heavy rain comes, it is left clean and bare. They will get nothing from their efforts. Allah does not guide the disbelievers
2:265  Those who spend their wealth seeking Allah’s pleasure, and for strengthening their faith, are like an orchard on a hilltop; if it rains, it produces double yield, and if there is no rain the dew is enough. Allah sees all that you do
2:266  Would any of you wish to have an orchard of date palms and grape vines beneath which streams flow, producing all kinds of fruits? Then suppose he grows old whilst his children are still small, then out of the bluecomes a hurricane with lightening and fire that burns his orchardto ashes? This is how Allah makes clear His signs, so that you may reflect
2:267  Believers, give in charity of the good things that you have earned and that We have brought forth for you from the soil. Do not pick out the least attractive things to give in charity, things you wouldn’t readily accept yourselves. Know that Allah is Self-Sufficient, Worthy of all praise
2:268  The Satan scares you of poverty, and he urges you to behave indecently, butAllah promises you a share ofHis forgiveness and bounty. Allah is the Vast, the Knowing.
2:269  He gives wisdom to whom He pleases, and whoever is given wisdom has received great goodness, but only understanding people are mindful of this fact
2:270  Whatever you give in charity or vow you make, Allah knows it. Evildoers will have no helpers.
2:271  If you give charity openly, that is wonderful, but giving it secretly to the needy is even better; in both casesit will compensate for your sins. Allah is fully aware of what you do
2:272  It is not for you, Muhammad, to guide them, rather Allah guides anyone who wants to be guided. Whatever good things you give in charity will benefit yourselves; that is, if you give, seeking only Allah’s pleasure. Whatever good things you give in charity will be rewarded, and you will be not short-changed in the least
2:273  Give charityto the poor who are completely absorbed working in the way of Allah, unable to travel about the land to earn their livelihood. Because of their modest behaviour some ignorant peopleconsider them wealthy. You can recognise them from their facial expression and the fact that they do not make demands on people. Whatever good things you give in charity, Allah knows it well.
2:274  People who give their wealth in charity by night or by day, secretly or openly, shall have their reward from their Lord: they shall neither fear nor grieve
2:275  Those who deal in usury will stand on the Day of Judgementlike the one who is demented by Satan’s touch; that is because they claim: “Trading and usury are alike”, whereas Allah has made trading lawful and forbidden usury. So, whoever takes heed of his Lord’s warning and gives up usurious lending, he can have the capitalthat he lent back, and his case rests with Allah. However, whoever goes back to usury, then such people will be the companions of the Fire, remaining in it forever.
2:276  Allah wipes out the benefits ofusury, but multiplies those ofacts of charity. Allah dislikes every ungrateful sinner.
2:277  As forthose who believe, do righteous deeds, perform the prayer and pay Zakat, they shall have reward from their Lord: neither shall they fear, nor grieve
2:278  Believers, be mindful of Allah and give up any outstanding usury on debts owed to you, if you are true believers.
2:279  If you do not do so, then heed this declaration of war from Allah and His Messenger. However, if you repent you may keep the capital of your wealth so that you neither wrong others nor are yourselves wronged.
2:280  If the debtoris in difficulty, allow him time to repay when it is easier for him, but to write off the debt out of charity would be better for you, if only you knew.
2:281  Be fearful of the day you will return to Allah; then every soul will receive exactly what it has earned, and no one will be wronged
2:282  Believers, when you enter into a loan agreement for a fixed period, then write it down, and let a scribe write it down accurately. A scribe should never refuse to write down the truth, as Allah has taught him. So, let the scribewrite, and let the debtor be mindful of Allah his Lord and dictate without any subtraction the exact terms of what he has borrowed. If the debtor has learning difficulties, is feeble or otherwise incapable of dictating by himself, then let his guardian dictate accurately on his behalf; and let two men amongst you witness the agreement. If two men are not available, then a man and two women of whom you approve can be witnesses so that, if one of the womenmakes a mistake, the other can remind her. Witnesses should never refuse to attend when they are called upon. Do not consider recording the terms of small amounts and its due date as insignificant compared to large ones; that is fairer in the sight of Allah. However, an exception exists for on-the-spot transactions which you arrange amongst yourselves, and for which there is no blame on you if you do not record the details, but make sure witnesses are present when you exchange the goods. No pressure should be brought to bear on either a scribe or a witness to any transaction; if you do so, you will be guilty of wrongdoing. So be mindful of Allah, and follow Allah’s instructions. Allah knows all things
2:283  If you are on a journey and unable to find a scribe then pledge something as a security. However, if you decide to trust one another, then let the trustee fulfil his trust, and let him be mindful of his Lord. Let none of you hide the truth; whoever does so, his heart is sinful. Allah is fully aware of what you do
2:284  Allah owns everything in the Heavens and on Earth. Whether you reveal your innermost thoughts or you hide them, Allah will hold you to account for them; then He will forgive whomever He pleases and punish whomever He pleases. Allah has control over all things
2:285  The Messenger accepts as truth what has been revealed to him by his Lord, as do the believers; all of them believe in Allah, His angels, His books and His messengers. They say: “We make no distinction between any of His messengers”ax. And they say: “We hear and obey. Forgive us, our Lord, to You is the final return”
2:286  Allah does not burden anyone beyond their capacity; they will receive the rewardthey earned, and will suffer the consequences of whatever evilthey committed. So, pray in this way: “Our Lord, when we forget and make a mistake do not punish us. Our Lord, do not make thingshard for us, as you did with those before us. Our Lord, do not burden us with more than we can bear, pardon us, forgive us and be kind to us. You are our Protector, so help us against the disbelievers”