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2:1  All praise belongs to God, the Lord of humankind.
2:2  This is the book, there is no doubt in it, a guide for those who are cautious of God (against doing wrong and disobeying God's commandments),
2:3  God, there is no god except Him, the living and the eternal.
2:4  Give the orphans their properties and do not substitute the bad for the good, and do not eat up their properties with your properties, as it is a great sin.
2:5  You who believe, do not dismiss the sanctity of God's rituals, the prohibited month, the offering (of sacrifice), the collared offering, or those going to the sacred house (Ka’aba) looking for their Lord’s grace and pleasure. When you are allowed (after the Hajj) then you may hunt. And do not let the hatred of those who prevented you from the Sacred Mosque cause you to exceed the limits. And cooperate based on goodness and self control (against unlawful desires) and do not cooperate based on sin and enmity, and be cautious of God, as God is severe in punishment.
2:6  He is the One Who created you from clay, then He set a time, a finite period that is with Him, yet you still doubt.
2:7  A book (Quran) was sent down to you, and there should not be any difficulty (or doubt) about it in your chest/mind, in order that you warn with it and (it is) a reminder for the believers.
2:8  Believers are only those who when God is mentioned, their hearts tremble, and when His signs are read to them, it increases their belief and they put their trust in their Lord,
2:9  So, (you idolaters) travel in the land for four months and know that you cannot escape God, and God humiliates the disbelievers.
2:10  Is it a surprise to people that We revealed to a man among them to warn the people, and to give good news to those who believe that they have a true footing with their Lord? The disbelievers say: “Indeed this is clearly a magician.”
2:11  (Saying) that do not serve (anyone or anything) except God. Indeed I am a warner and a giver of good news for you from Him.
2:12  We sent it down, an Arabic Quran, so that you may understand.
2:13  God is the One Who raised the skies without any pillars that you see, then He reigned over the dominion, and He controlled the sun and the moon, each running (its course) in a finite period. He directs the affairs, He explains the verses (signs) so that you may be certain of meeting your Lord.
2:14  God is the One, to Him belongs whatever is in the skies and on the earth. And woe to the disbelievers from a severe punishment.
2:15  Oftentimes those who disbelieve wish that they were submitted (to God).
2:16  He sends down the angels, by His command, with the revelation/spirit to whom He wants among His servants (saying:) “Warn that there is no god except Me, so be cautious of Me.”
2:17  And We gave Moses the book, and made it a guide for children of Israel (saying:) “Do not take any advocate other than Me,
2:18  Straight (and without any distortion) to warn of a severe punishment from Him and to give good news to the believers who do good that there will be a good reward for them,
2:19  (This is) a mention of your Lord’s mercy to His servant Zachariah.
2:20  We did not send down the Quran to you to make you unhappy,
2:21  Whenever a new reminder comes to them from their Lord, they listen to it while they play (and joke around).
2:22  On a day that you see it, every nursing mother forgets about what she nurses, and every pregnant female drops her load (and miscarries), and you see the people intoxicated while they are not intoxicated, but God’s punishment is severe.
2:23  those who are humble in their prayers,
2:24  Flog each female adulterer/fornicator and male adulterer/fornicator one hundred lashes, and do not let pity for them take you away from God’s law if you believe in God and the Last Day, and a group of the believers should witness their punishment.
2:25  the One that the rule of the skies and the earth belongs to Him and He did not take a child and there is no partner for Him in the rule and He created everything and determined its measure (and proportion).
2:26  These are verses of the clear (and clarifying) book.
2:27  a guide and good news for the believers,
2:28  These are the verses of the clear (and clarifying) book.
2:29  Do people think that they are left alone and they are not tested if they say we believe?
2:30  The Romans were defeated
2:31  These are verses of the wise Book,
2:32  Without a doubt, revelation of the book is from the Lord of humankind.
2:33  And follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. Indeed God is well informed of what you do.
2:34  He knows what goes into the earth and what comes out of it, and what comes down from the sky and what goes up to it, and He is the merciful, the forgiving.
2:35  Whatever God opens to the people from mercy, there is no withholder for it, and whatever He withholds, there is no sender for it after Him. And He is the powerful and the wise.
2:36  By the wise Quran,
2:37  and those who drive away (evil or clouds) strongly,
2:38  Yet those who disbelieve are in self-admiration and opposition.
2:39  Indeed We sent down the book to you with the truth, so serve God, being sincere (and devoted) to Him in the way of life (religion).
2:40  Revelation of the book is from God, the powerful, the knowledgeable.
2:41  A revelation from the beneficent, the merciful.
2:42  A. S. Q. (Ain. Sin. Qaf.)
2:43  By the clear (and clarifying) book.
2:44  By the clear (and clarifying) book.
2:45  Revelation of the book is from God, the powerful, the wise.
2:46  Revelation of the book is from God, the powerful, the wise.
2:47  And those who believe and do good and believe in what was sent down to Muhammad, which is the truth from their Lord, He removes their sins from them and improves their condition.
2:48  So that God forgives your past faults and future ones, and completes His favor to you, and guides you to a straight path,
2:49  You who believe, do not raise you voices above the prophet's voice and do not talk to him loudly as you talk loud to each other, that your works become useless while you do not realize.
2:50  They are surprised that a warner has come to them from themselves, so the disbelievers say: “This is a strange thing!
2:51  and by the carriers of a heavy load (of rain),
2:52  and by a book written
2:53  your companion is not misguided and he was not deceived.
2:54  And if they see a miracle they turn away and say: “A continuous magic.”
2:55  taught the Quran,
2:56  and its happening is not false,
2:57  The rule of the skies and the earth belongs to Him, He gives life and causes death, and He is capable of everything.
2:58  Those of you who divorce their wives by declaring them as their mothers, they are not their mothers. No one is their mothers except those who gave them birth, and they certainly say a nasty word and a lie. And God certainly pardons and forgives.
2:59  He is the One Who drove out those who disbelieved among people of the book from their homes for the first forced emigration. You did not think that they would leave, and they thought that their fortresses would protect them against God, but God came to them from where they did not expect, and He threw horror in their hearts. They destroyed their homes with their own hands and the believers' hands. So, lear a lesson, (those of) you who have insight.
2:60  If they overcome you, they become your enemies and they extend their hands and their tongues towards you with bad (intentions), and they wish that you disbelieve.
2:61  You who believe, why do you say what you do not do?
2:62  He is the One Who raised among the illiterate a messenger from themselves to read to them His verses and to purify (and absolve) them and to teach them the book and wisdom while they were indeed in obvious error in the past.
2:63  They took their oath as a shield, then obstructed (people) from God's way. Indeed what they were doing is bad.
2:64  He is the One Who created you, then some of you are disbelievers and some of you are believers. God sees whatever you do.
2:65  And when they reach their appointed time, then keep them nicely or part with them nicely, and take two just persons from among yourselves as witness, and perform the testimony for God. This is what anyone who believes in God and the Last Day is advised to it. And anyone who is cautious of God, He makes a way out for him.
2:66  God has mandated for you breaking up of your oaths (when they are in conflict with God's commandments). God is your protector, and He is the knowledgeable, the wise.
2:67  The One Who created death and life to test which one of you does better work. And He is the powerful, the forgiving.
2:68  by your Lord's grace, you are not a madman.
2:69  What is the inevitable disaster?
2:70  None can prevent it for the disbelievers.
2:71  He said: “My people, I am a clear warner for you,
2:72  it guides to the right way, so we believed in it, and we will never associate anyone with our Lord,
2:73  get up at night, except a little,
2:74  get up and warn
2:75  and I swear by the blaming soul,
2:76  Indeed We created human being from a mixture of fertilized egg (zygote) to test him, and We made hearing and sight for him.
2:77  then by the storm, gusting
2:78  About the great news.
2:79  and by those who let out gently
2:80  because the blind man came to him.
2:81  and when the stars are dimmed
2:82  and when the stars are scattered
2:83  those who when they take a measure (or an amount) from people, they take it in full
2:84  and it listens to its Lord and it is required (to listen),
2:85  and by the promised day
2:86  And how would you know what the evening star is?
2:87  The One Who created, then shaped
2:88  On that day (some) faces are humble,
2:89  and by the ten nights
2:90  while you are a resident of this land
2:91  and by the moon when it follows it,
2:92  and by the day when it shows
2:93  and by the night when it quiets,
2:94  and We rid you of your burden,
2:95  and by mount Sinai
2:96  created the human being from a (dangling, clinging, and leach like) blood clot.
2:97  And how would you know what the night of destiny is?
2:98  a messenger from God reading purified scriptures (to them),
2:99  and the earth unloads its heavy loads,
2:100  and the producers of sparks, striking (their horseshoes),
2:101  What is the pounding disaster?
2:102  to a point that you visited the graves.
2:103  indeed the human being is in loss
2:104  The one who piles up wealth and keeps count of it,
2:105  Did He not make their plot go wrong,
2:106  their protection for the winter and the summer journey,
2:107  That is the one who pushes the orphan away,
2:108  So perform mandatory prayer and sacrifice for your Lord.
2:109  I do not serve what you serve,
2:110  and you see people entering into God's way of life (religion) in groups (of large number),
2:111  His wealth and what he has earned will be of no use to him.
2:112  God is the eternal (and is needed and is without any need),
2:113  from the harm of whatever He has created
2:114  King of the people,