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68:1  Nun. By the pen and what they write,
68:2  You are not, by the favour of your Lord, mad.
68:3  And indeed, for you surely is a reward unending.
68:4  And indeed, you are surely of a great nature.
68:5  So soon you will see and they will see,
68:6  Which of you is the afflicted.
68:7  Indeed, your Lord, He knows best who has erred from His way; and He knows best the guided ones.
68:8  So do not obey those who say it is a lie;
68:9  They wished if you would be pliant, then they would be pliant.
68:10  And do not obey every contemptible, often swearer,
68:11  Backbiter, walking about with slander,
68:12  Preventer of the good, sinful transgressor,
68:13  Rough, after that ignoble.
68:14  That he was a possessor of wealth and children,
68:15  When Our signs are recited to him he says, 'Legends of the former people.'
68:16  Soon We will brand him on the nose.
68:17  Indeed, We have tested them as We tested the fellows of the garden, when they swore to surely, definitely reap it in the morning.
68:18  And they did not make exception.
68:19  Then a visitation from your Lord came upon it while they were sleeping.
68:20  And it became like the reaped land.
68:21  And in the morning, they called,
68:22  Saying: 'Go early to your tilth if you would reap.'
68:23  So they went, and they, they whispered,
68:24  Saying: 'A poor person will definitely not enter it today upon you.'
68:25  And they went early upon purpose, able.
68:26  Then when they saw it, they said, 'Indeed, we surely err.
68:27  Nay, we are denied.'
68:28  The most moderate of them said, 'Did I not say to you, "Why do you not give glory?"'
68:29  They said, 'Glory be to our Lord! Indeed we, we were wrongdoers.'
68:30  And some of them advanced towards some, blaming one another.
68:31  They said, 'O woe to us! Indeed, we were immoderate.
68:32  Perhaps our Lord will give us better than it in exchange; indeed, we to our Lord are desiring.'
68:33  Thus is the punishment. And surely, the punishment of the hereafter is greater, if they know.
68:34  Indeed, for the pious with their Lord are the Gardens of pleasure.
68:35  Then will We make those who submit like the sinners?
68:36  What ails you? How do you judge?
68:37  Or there is for you a book, in it you study;
68:38  Indeed, for you in it is surely what you choose.
68:39  Or there are oaths for you upon Us, reaching to the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, for you is surely what you judge.
68:40  Ask them, which of them will guarantee that?
68:41  Or there are partners for them, then let them come with their partners, if they were truthful.
68:42  On the day shank shall be uncovered; and they will be called to the prostration and they will not be able;
68:43  Their eyes humbled, humiliation will cover them. And certainly, they were called to the prostration while they were safe.
68:44  So leave Me and whoever calls this, the information, a lie. Soon We will bring them down by degrees from where they do not know.
68:45  And I will give respite to them. Indeed, My plot is strong.
68:46  Or you ask them for a reward, so they are burdened from debt.
68:47  Or with them is the unseen, so they write.
68:48  So be patient for the judgment of your Lord, and do not be like the fellow of the fish, when he called while he repressed.
68:49  If not that favour reached him from his Lord, surely he would have been thrown on the naked land while he is blamed.
68:50  And his Lord chose him and made him of the righteous.
68:51  And indeed, those who disbelieved will almost surely make you slip with their eyes when they hear the Reminder, and they say, 'Indeed, he is surely mad.'
68:52  And it is not except a Reminder to the worlds.