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68:1  Nun. By the pen and what they write.
68:2  By the grace of your Lord, you are not possessed.
68:3  And you will have a limitless reward.
68:4  And you are of great character.
68:5  So you will see and they will see.
68:6  Who of you has been tempted.
68:7  For your Lord knows best who has strayed from His way and He knows best those who are guided.
68:8  So do not obey the deniers.
68:9  They want you to compromise, so they compromise.
68:10  And do not obey anyone who makes empty promises.
68:11  Who incites and spreads dissent.
68:12  Who forbids what is good in transgression and sin.
68:13  A demagogue and a low-life.
68:14  Though he has wealth and children.
68:15  When Our signs are recited to him he says: stories of old.
68:16  We will brand him on the snout!
68:17  We tested them like We tested the inhabitants of the garden when they swore: we will harvest it in the morning.
68:18  And they did not have any reservations.
68:19  Then, a delegation from your Lord encircled it whilst they were asleep.
68:20  And it became as if depleted.
68:21  Then they called each other in the morning:
68:22  Let´s go to your plantation if you want to cut it down.
68:23  So they set off, urging each other to keep out of view,
68:24  So that no poor person would enter it against your will.
68:25  And they set out determined and strong.
68:26  Then, when they saw it, they said: we have been mistaken.
68:27  No, we are destitute.
68:28  The most level-headed amongst them said: did I not tell you to glorify (Allah)?
68:29  They said: glorified is our Lord, we did wrong.
68:30  Then they turned to each other, complaining.
68:31  They said: woe to us, we did wrong.
68:32  Maybe our Lord will replace it with something better for us, for We look in hope to our Lord.
68:33  This is what the punishment is like, and the punishment of the hereafter is greater if they only knew.
68:34  Those who beware (of Allah) will have gardens of blessings with their Lord.
68:35  Do We equate those who submit with the sinful?
68:36  What is the matter with you, how do you judge?
68:37  Or do you have a book which you study?
68:38  Does it give you what you want?
68:39  Or do you have an oath from Us which extends to the day of resurrection that you will have your own judgement?
68:40  Ask them, who of them claims this.
68:41  Or do they have associates? Then let them bring their associates if they are truthful.
68:42  On the day He will manifest Himself and they will be called to prostrate but can´t do it.
68:43  Their eyes downcast, covered in humiliation, and they were previously called to prostrate when they were sound.
68:44  So leave Me and those who deny this statement, We will gradually lead them on from where they don´t know.
68:45  And I give them some space, for My plot is firm.
68:46  Or do you ask them for a reward and they are burdened by debt?
68:47  Or do they have access to the unseen so they write it down?
68:48  So have patience for the judgement of your Lord and do not be like the one inside the fish when he called in distress.
68:49  If a favour from your Lord had not reached him, he would have stayed in the hollow condemned.
68:50  But his Lord chose him and made him of the righteous.
68:51  And those who reject (the truth) would like to kill you with their eyes when they hear the reminder and say: he is possessed.
68:52  Yet it is only a reminder for all the world.