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68:1  Nun! (Allah swears by) the pen and whatever they, (the angels), write
68:2  (Oh prophet), you are not, by the grace of your Lord, a mad man
68:3  In fact, you certainly have a perpetual and ever lasting reward (with your Lord)
68:4  Indeed, you certainly bear the highest moral character
68:5  Soon you will see, and so shall they
68:6  Who is deranged _ (you or they)
68:7  Indeed, your Lord knows well who has strayed from His path; and He (also) knows those who are the rightly guided
68:8  Do not yield to those who have denied the truth
68:9  They would love it if you make concessions (and compromise the truth somewhat). They too, would then give in (some)
68:10  And do not obey the contemptible oath-monger
68:11  The abusive mudslinger, who throws insults around (all the time)
68:12  The one who prohibits the good, trespasses and defiantly indulges in sinful acts
68:13  Ignoble and greedy, in short, despised
68:14  (He acts that way), because he is wealthy and has (many) children
68:15  When Our verses are recited to him, he remarks, "(Legends)! Tales of the earlier folks!"
68:16  Very soon, We will (burn and) brand his snout
68:17  Indeed, We have put them through a test, just as We tested the owners of an orchard. They swore to pick its fruit the next morning
68:18  They allowed no exception, (They did not say, "If Allah pleases")
68:19  So, while they slept, a calamity from their Lord visited that orchard (and destroyed it completely)
68:20  By the morning, it looked bare, as if it had already been picked clean
68:21  At daybreak they called each other
68:22  "Proceed to your field early in the morning, if you want to pick the fruit (today)."
68:23  So they departed, muttering to each other
68:24  "Today, do not let the poor and the needy enter the orchard and pester you (for alms)."
68:25  With that resolve, and certain (in their minds) that they had the means (to harvest), they left in the morning
68:26  When they saw their orchard, they (failed to recognize it, and) cried out, "We have surely lost our way."
68:27  "No! Rather, we have been deprived!"
68:28  The moderate one among them said, "Did I not tell you? Why did you not chant (your Lord´s) praises?"
68:29  They said, "Exalted is our Lord. In fact, we were the wrongdoers!"
68:30  Then they turned around, and began blaming each other
68:31  They said, "Indeed, we had certainly acted arrogantly."
68:32  "Hopefully, our Lord will grant us something better in its place. Of course, we do turn to our Lord for forgiveness."
68:33  Such is the punishment (in this life), but the torment of the afterlife is far greater, if they only knew
68:34  For the righteous, there exist with their Lord the blessings filled gardens
68:35  Are We to treat the obedient ones the same as the criminals
68:36  What is wrong with you? How do you draw your conclusions
68:37  Or did you learn it from your scriptures
68:38  That you shall have whatever you prefer
68:39  Or, do you hold a binding contract over Us till the day of Resurrection, (guaranteeing) that whatever you order shall be yours
68:40  Ask them. Who amongst them can claim that
68:41  Or, do they have (other gods as Allah´s) partners (offering them such a guarantee)? Let them produce these partners if they are truthful
68:42  They would be asked to prostrate (before Allah) on that day when the reality is laid bare. But (that day), they shall find themselves unable (to prostrate)
68:43  Downcast would be their eyes (in shame); disgrace shall overwhelm them. They were asked to prostrate in this life, when they were sound and solid
68:44  So let Me handle (all) those who reject this Qur´an. Gradually, We would lead them (into Hell), by means they would seldom perceive
68:45  I will let them have a little respite. My scheme is a cinch _ (airtight and foolproof)
68:46  Or, do you ask them for a fee (or a reward)? Are they laboring under the burden (of such a demand)
68:47  Or, do they have the knowledge of the unseen so they may write (their own fate)
68:48  So, wait patiently for your Lord´s decree. Do not act like the man of the fish, (the prophet Jonah), when he called (his Lord), choked with grief
68:49  (In the fish he would still be), had the mercy of your Lord not reached him. He was tossed on the bare (and barren) beach _ censured (and chastised)
68:50  Eventually, his Lord chose him and placed him among the righteous ones
68:51  The unbelievers look at you with aversion (and animosity), and they almost trip you up with their eyes. They hear this reminder, the Qur´an, and say, "He is really a man possessed."
68:52  Although it is (nothing but) a reminder for the whole world