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54:1  The hour has come close and the moon has split.
54:2  And if they were to see every sign, they would turn aside and say: fleeting magic.
54:3  And they deny and follow their desires, and everything has its time and place.
54:4  And information has already reached them to prove them wrong.
54:5  Far-reaching wisdom, but the warnings will be of no use.
54:6  So turn away from them; on the day the caller calls to something abhorrent,
54:7  They will emerge from the graves with downcast eyes as if they were swarming locusts.
54:8  Rushing towards the caller. Those who rejected (the truth) will say: this is a difficult day.
54:9  The people of Nuh (Noah) denied before them, so they denied Our servant and said: he is possessed, and he was rejected.
54:10  So he called his Lord: I have been overcome, so help me.
54:11  Then We opened the gates of heaven with water pouring down.
54:12  And We caused springs to gush out of the earth, and the water met in accordance with a pre-arranged command.
54:13  And We carried him on a construction from planks and nails,
54:14  To float under Our eyes; a punishment for those who reject (the truth).
54:15  And We left it as a sign, so does anyone pay heed?
54:16  And how was My punishment and warning!
54:17  And We made the Qur´an easy to remember, so does anyone pay heed?
54:18  ´Ad denied, so how was My punishment and warning!
54:19  We sent against them an icy wind on a final day of disaster.
54:20  It uprooted people as if they were the stumps of cut down palm trees.
54:21  And how was My punishment and warning!
54:22  And We made the Qur´an easy to remember, so does anyone pay heed?
54:23  Thamud denied the warnings.
54:24  So they said: are we to follow a single human from amongst us? This would be error and madness for us.
54:25  Did he receive the reminder amongst us? But he is an impertinent liar.
54:26  Tomorrow they will know who is the impertinent liar.
54:27  We will send them the she-camel as a trial for them, so watch them and be patient.
54:28  And inform them that the water is to be shared between them, each drink will be apportioned.
54:29  Then they called their companion, so he grabbed her and bled her to death.
54:30  And how was My punishment and warning!
54:31  We sent against them a single scream, then they were like dried up fencing twigs.
54:32  And We made the Qur´an easy to remember, so does anyone pay heed?
54:33  The people of Lut (Lot) denied the warnings.
54:34  We sent against them a storm, except for the family of Lut (Lot), We rescued them at dawn.
54:35  As a blessing from Us; this is how We reward the grateful.
54:36  And he had warned them of Our grip, but they doubted the warnings.
54:37  And they desired his guests, so We blinded them, then taste Our punishment and warnings.
54:38  And the next morning the inevitable punishment greeted them.
54:39  So taste My punishment and warning!
54:40  And We made the Qur´an easy to remember, so does anyone pay heed?
54:41  And the warnings came to the family of Pharaoh.
54:42  But they denied all of Our signs, so We overtook them in a mighty and powerful way.
54:43  Are your rejecters (of the truth) better than those, or do you have an exemption in the scriptures?
54:44  Or do they say: we are a victorious crowd?
54:45  The crowd will be defeated and they will turn their backs.
54:46  But they have been promised the hour, and the hour is worse and more bitter.
54:47  The sinners are in error and madness.
54:48  On the day they will be dragged on their faces into the fire: taste the touch of hell.
54:49  For We created everything in measure.
54:50  And Our command is (given) just once, like a quick glance.
54:51  And We destroyed your factions, so does anyone pay heed?
54:52  And everything they did is in the record.
54:53  And everything small or big is recorded.
54:54  Those who beware (of Allah) will be in gardens and rivers.
54:55  In a position of sincerity with a powerful king.