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36:1  Y. S
36:2  I (God ) swear by the Qur’an that is full of Wisdom
36:3  Most surely You are one of the Messengers
36:4  [To guide the people] on a straight path
36:5  (Qur’an is) a revelation sent down by the Mighty and the Merciful (God.
36:6  To warn (these) people whose fathers had received no warning (since Abraham/ Ishmael) and therefore they are unaware
36:7  Although our message is proven to be true to most of them, still they do not believe
36:8  (they do not realize that in account of their disobedience) I have already put chains on their necks up to their chins (in hereafter) which prevent them lowering their heads
36:9  In account of a barrier placed by Me around them, they can not see (the truth.
36:10  And it is useless if you present Islam to them, they are already deprived of the faculty of grasping (the truth.) and they will not believe
36:11  You can only strengthen the faith of those who follow My words and are at Awe with Me even when they are alone in their privacy; give them good news of my forgiveness and a most generous reward
36:12  Indeed I will summon you to Me after your earthly life and will show you all your recorded actions; you will see the reaction (even after your death) of all your good/ bad deeds which will affect your reward
36:13  (Mohammad) remind them of the events followed by My sending two Messengers to a town
36:14  When people did not believe them I re-enforced them with a third Messenger (out of mercy.) saying we are indeed sent to you by Lord
36:15  They said: “You are nothing but human beings like us and God, the most Gracious has not sent anything through you and you are surely liars.”
36:16  They replied: “By God, He knows that we are His Messengers.”
36:17  And our mission is to relay His message to you
36:18  People said: “We consider you bad omens and if you do not stop this nonsense we will either stone you or punish you in a horrible manner.”
36:19  They said: “Your evil fortune is with you as you do not listen to God’s message; indeed you are evils people.”
36:20  At this very moment a man ran toward them from afar saying: “My fellow citizens follow God’s Messengers.”
36:21  “Follow them as they do not ask any reward from you as they are the followers of the right path.”
36:22  “Why should I not submit myself to the One who created me and to Him you will eventually return?”
36:23  “How should I believe in other gods while they cannot make any intercession on my behalf or save me, if God wants to punish me?”
36:24  “I will be totally wrong by doing so.”
36:25  “Surely I believe in the Lord of you all; please hear me.”
36:26  When he was told (at the moment of his death) : “Enter the Paradise”, he said “I wish my people would see me now”
36:27  “That my Lord has forgiven me and has put me in rank with honored ones.”
36:28  I (God) did not sent any army to challenge his people after his death. It was not necessary to do such a thing
36:29  A single blast was more than enough to destroy them all
36:30  What a pity. Every time a Prophet was sent to them, they made fun of him
36:31  Don’t they know how many nations before them were punished to the extinction
36:32  One day they will stand up in front of Me
36:33  Look at the dead land around you that God brings it to life and produces the very food that you eat [how can you eat the food produced of a dead land and say it is impossible to bring a dead thing back to life?]
36:34  I let the gardens of date-palms and grape grow in the resurrected dead land and bring forth gushing springs therein
36:35  It is not the fruit of their own labor that they eat [no matter how hard one tries, the dead land will produce nothing]; How ungrateful they are [to eat what God has produced for them and then deny it!]
36:36  Glorified is the One Who created every kind of vegetables and animals [including the disbelievers] in male and female as well as other creatures that they do not even know about their existenc
36:37  Another natural phenomenon [that man takes for granted due to its daily happening] is the night that God spreads over the earth [just imagine how fast God has to rotate the earth so that the night prevails.]
36:38  Another sign of [the existence and the greatness of] God is the sun [as big as 1,earth] which God makes it move toward its [final] destiny
36:39  Look at the moon which God has designed it to appear in different stages
36:40  God has put such an impeccable order in the nature that neither sun can overtake the moon nor the night to outstrip the day. Everything is gliding in its predetermined order in the universe
36:41  Yet another sign [of the existence and the greatness] of God is that I carried your ancestors in a heavily loaded vessel
36:42  I also made similar vessels for them on which they ride
36:43  I decide to destroy their vessels, none can rescue them (remember Titanic and Space Shuttle’s destruction.
36:44  Instead, I shower them with my mercy and let them live till the day that they are supposed to live their bodies
36:45  When the disbelievers are told: “Be mindful of what is awaiting you and what deeds you have left behind” [they do not care.]
36:46  When the Revelations of their Lord reaches them, they turn away from it
36:47  When they are asked to devote a part of what God has given them to the needy ones, they say: “If God wanted, He would have helped the needy ones Himself!” What a wrong attitude [God has made some poor and some rich to see whether or not the rich ones are human enough to help the poor.]
36:48  They [jokingly] say: “When will this Resurrection of yours take place?”
36:49  The blast will take them at a blink of an eye while they are engaged in their silly worldly deals
36:50  It will happen so fast that they will not have time to make a will or bid farewell to their folks
36:51  When the horn is blown, they will rise from their graves herded to stand in front of their Lord
36:52  They will say: “Pity on us; indeed the word of God was nothing but the truth. He roused up from our sleeping place; indeed the Prophets were truthful in warning us.”
36:53  Yes; there shall be only a single loud blast and they will be presented before Me, all together
36:54  On that Day no soul will get the least injustice; every person will be rewarded according to what he has done during his worldly life
36:55  On that Day, those who end up in Paradise will be busy with so many joyful things
36:56  They will enjoy the comfortable shade of the trees, reclined in luxurious furnishings, accompanied by their wives
36:57  They will be served delicious fruits and anything they wish
36:58  They will receive their Lord’s salutations
36:59  As to you the disbelievers, step aside from the successful ones
36:60  Did you, the children of Adam, not promises Me not to follow the Satan; your open enemy
36:61  Did you not promises to obey Me, i.e., staying in the right path
36:62  Did you not have common sense to see what a great number of you he had already misled
36:63  *Now it is time to face the Hell that you have been promised
36:64  Today you will be burnt in what you used to deny its existence
36:65  On that Day, I will seal their mouth and let their hands and feet testify for their wrongdoings [in today’s terminology, they will silently watch the video of their actions.]
36:66  I may decide to put a veil on their eyes so that they do not see where they are being herded
36:67  I may decide to freeze them so that they stay motionless; not being able to move around
36:68  Do you not realize that when God gives someone a long life, He reduces his overall capabilities in old age? So, do not obey someone in account of a respect for his age as he may have childish brain.]
36:69  Know that Qur’an is not a work of poetry. Neither Mohammad is a poet. It is revealed to serve as an easy to understand book of profound value
36:70  Qur’an is revealed to guide every living person [who is not thoughtless and motionless like a statue] to the right path and to disclose the irrationality of the disbelievers
36:71  [How can they deny the Lord?] Do they not realize that God Himself has created the livestock that they own
36:72  These are the same animals that I have subdued for them so that they can ride on them and eat their meat
36:73  These animals offer them so much benefits. Why are they not grateful to their Lord
36:74  They [eat their Lord provided food and] worship other than God; hoping that what they worship will help them
36:75  Whatever they worship [idols, money, boss, spouse, etc.] can not help them; yet they stand as an ever ready army at their service
36:76  Never mind them, I (God) know them inside out
36:77  Do these disbelievers not think about their creation. I created them from an insignificant sperm drop and now [that I have showered them with my blessings] they dare to challenge their Lord like an enemy of theirs
36:78  Forgetting [the power of God in] their own creation they ask: “Who has the power to resurrect us while our bones are rotten?”
36:79  Tell them: “The One Who created you at first place is capable to recreate you.”
36:80  “The One Who creates fire for you from a green branch of the tree.”
36:81  Is the One Who has created the earth and the universes capable of re-creating the same? Yes; He is the skilful Creator.”
36:82  Any time that He wants to create something He simply says “Be” and here it is
36:83  Glorified is the One Who has absolute control over everything and to Him you will all be returned