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35:1  Praiseworthy is God Who is the Originator of the universe. Lord has created Angles with the mean of flying (wing) throughout the universe in charge of managing His Kingdom’s affairs. Some Angles are created with two wings, some have three and some four means of flying. God expands His Universe of Creation as much as He desires
35:2  If God showers someone with something out of His Mercy, no body can take it from that person. On the contrary, whatever God does not intend for someone to have, nobody can give it to that person. God is All Mighty, the Most Wise
35:3  O’ Mankind, be grateful about what God has provided for you. Who else but God showers you with His favors from the sky and the earth? There is no god but Him; How is it then that you turn your back to Him
35:4  O’ Mohammad, never mind if people deny you; the prophets before you went through that experience too. At the end, everything will be brought to His Majesty’s Court for the Judgment
35:5  O’ mankind, the promises of God is true; do not let the glitter of this worldly life deceive you and distant you from your Lord
35:6  Know that the Satan is your enemy. Therefore, treat him as an enemy. The Satan is simply invite you to [join him in] Hellfire
35:7  Those who chose to disbelieve will be severely punished. As to the believers who engage in good deeds, God’s forgiving and a great reward is waiting for them
35:8  Observe those who think that their wrong deeds are the best thing that they have ever done in their life [and thus continuously slide toward the loss.] This is the way that God misleads those whom He wants to [and deserved to] get lost [in account of their deeds]. On the other hand, God leads whoever He wants [and that have sincerely shown their willingness] to follow the right path. Therefore do not be sorry about the destiny of the wrongdoers as God knows [they deserve what they will end up in account of] what they are doing
35:9  God is the One Who makes the winds to raise the clouds and then send it to the dead land to resurrect it after its death. The same God who resurrects the dead land will resurrect the dead people
35:10  The one who is looking for dignity, will find it in God. The good words and praises reach the Lord through the good deeds. As to those who are always engaged in evil plots, their plots will fail and a sever punishment is awaiting them
35:11  Remember that God created you from the matter, then [from the first man] continued your reproduction through a tiny sperm, then divided you into male and female. [God has absolute control over the population.] No woman becomes pregnant, or gives birth, without His knowledge. No one survives above his pre-determined life nor will live shorter. Keeping control over man’s life is easy for God
35:12  Be grateful to God [Note: this translation is out of sync with the Arabic, in the actual publication]
35:13  Although two seas [living environments] are not alike (one being salty and undrinkable, the other fresh and delicious), from each of them you catch tender to eat meat and extract jewelry to wear. Look at the ships that [with the permission of God] sail through them seeking God’s favor; may you be grateful
35:14  God is the One Who merges the night into the day and replaces the day by night. He is the One Who has subjected the sun and the moon to follow His [established natural] laws until they face their pre-determined destiny. Such is your Lord, the owner of [and in control of ] the entire universe. Know that those whom you adore beside the Lord [idols, women, bosses, wealth, etc.] do not own not even the skin of a date [and are of no use to you.] If you ask them for help, they cannot hear it. Even if they hear your prayer, they cannot answer and on the Day of Judgment they will denounce you. None can answer you better than God the Most Knowledgeable
35:15  Let it be known well that you are poor [owning nothing] and God is the wealthiest [the owner of everything] and not in need of yourpraise
35:16  If God decides, He can get rid of you and replace you with a new kind of beings…
35:17  this is the easiest thing for God to do
35:18  No one is responsible for somebody else’s deeds and no one can assume responsibility for somebody else’s acts. Not even the dearest ones are capable to respond to someone’s begging them to assume the least of his sins. O Mohammad, only those who respect their Lord has the capacity of absorbing the admonition. Although they do not physically see the Lord, they regularly worship Him. Whoever purifies his soul, does it for his own good. Remember that you all have to face God eventually
35:19  The blind [the one who closes himself to the truth] and the one who sees are not alike
35:20  The darkness [the one who prefers the ignorance] and the light are not alike
35:21  The coolness of the shade [the peace of mind of a believer] and the heat of the sun [the ever present anxiety of a disbeliever] are not alike
35:22  The living [the believer who is attached to the source of life] and the dead [the zombie whose living is reduced only to physical activities] are not equal. God makes those who are willing to hear, to grasp the reality. However, you cannot make a dead person to hear in his grave
35:23  O’ Mohammad, you are only a Warner [it is up to the individuals to hear you or not]
35:24  O’ Mohammad, you are armed with the truth. You bear the good news [for those who have chosen to believe] and warn [those who still have the chance to improve themselves.] I have sent a Warner to every nation [none can claim that he has not been warned.]
35:25  Never mind if they call you a liar. The nations before you also called their Prophets names and this in spite of the fact that they came with the miracles, the Psalms and the enlightening scriptures
35:26  That is why I punished them. What a terrible punishment they had to face
35:27  Do they not see that it is God Who sends down water for them from the sky [and they respond this favor of Him with denying Him!]. Then it is God Who brings forth a variety of fruits with different colors [which the disbelievers eat and then deny Him!] The same God has created the mountains too in different colors: different layers of white, red, intense black as well as other colors with different shades
35:28  It is God Who creates the human beings, the animals and the livestock in different colors. Only the knowledgeable servants of God respect Him [through pondering upon His Creation]. God is Almighty, the Most Forgiving
35:29  Those who read the Qur’an, worship God regularly and devote a part of their God given income to charity (openly or secretly) are engaged in a business which surely has no loss
35:30  God will fully reward them and shower them many times out of His Grace. God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Appreciative
35:31  God is the One Who has revealed this Qur’an to you which is the same eternal truth preached by all Prophets. God knows His servants [better than they know themselves] and watches over everything [therefore, God is the only One Who knows and reveals nothing but the truth.]
35:32  Then I made the chosen servants of mine [the Muslims] to become the heirs to this great book. Among them [the Muslims] you will find some who are unjust to their soul, some who are half obedient and some who [have deserved to] have received the assistance of God in becoming wholeheartedly devoted to the good deeds, which is the supreme success
35:33  They will enter to live permanently in the gardens where they will be dressed with the silk cloths and carry gold and pearl bracelets
35:34  They will express their gratitude by saying: “Thank you Lord for relieving our [worldly] worries; God is indeed Forgiving and Generous.”
35:35  “God, out of His Grace, has admitted us in an eternal residence where we will never get bored or tired.”
35:36  As for the disbelievers, they will be constantly thrown into the Hellfire. Their punishment will never be reduced and they will never die [which will be a blessing for them.] This is the way that your Lord deals with those who chose the disbelief
35:37  Therein they will beg: “Our Lord, please give us a second chance so that we engage in good deeds to cover our wrong doings.” The reply will be: “Did I not give you a lifelong chance? Did I not sent you a Warner? Did I not warned you enough with My Revelations? Now taste what you have sown; there is no help for the wrongdoers here.”
35:38  God is aware of every (open or secret) thing that takes place in the universe and the earth. He is aware of all innermost thoughts
35:39  God is the One Who has appointed you as His representative on earth [to take care of life on earth.] Now whoever chooses to disbelieve [and resign from such a high position and disturb the life on earth say for personal profit], does so to his detriment. The disbelief does not lead to prosperity; it simply brings the curse of God. The only thing that the disbelievers will obtain is a great loss
35:40  Ask them: “Have you ever considered those whom you worship instead of God? What have they created in the earth and in the other planets? Do they have any written book from God [in which it is written that such and such boss can guarantee their job, that such and such woman can guarantee their happiness, that such and such sum of money can offer them security, etc.] to justify their disbelief in the Oneness of God? What the wicked ones are promising to each other is nothing but an illusion
35:41  God is the Only One Who sustains the heavens and the earth. If God holds His support, there is none to stop the destruction of the whole universe. God is indeed Patient and Forgiving
35:42  The disbelievers used to swear to join the religion of God, if it is purified out of its man made amendments. But when a Prophet was sent to them with the authentic/ original religion of God, they plainly refused it
35:43  They even turned to more vicious people as they started to recourse to evil plans; not knowing that the evil plan will backfire. What else do they expect but the fate of those who rejected the previous Prophets? Do they think that God’s way of dealing with the disbelievers will change? No, you will never find a change in the God ordained procedure. God’s laws are unchangeable
35:44  Do they not take a field trip in the history to see what happened to the nations even stronger than them? There is none in the heavens and the earth to challenge God. God has knowledge over everything and has power over everything
35:45  If God wanted to punish every one for his sins, not a single creature would have remained on earth. Instead, God gives a life-long time to the people so that [they have the opportunity to purify themselves and] when the Day of Resurrection arrives, they stand in front of their Lord