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54:1  The Hour came near and the moon was split.
54:2  And if they see any sign, they turn their faces and say this is magic perpetual.
54:3  And they belied and followed their desires, and every affair has already been resolved.
54:4  And undoubtedly, there has come to them those tidings wherein there was enough to check.
54:5  Perfect wisdom, but warners profit them not.
54:6  So, turn you away from them. The day when the caller will call towards a harsh unrecognized thing.
54:7  Casting down their eyes, they will come out of the Graves as they are locusts scattered.
54:8  Hastening towards the Caller. The infidels will say, 'this day is hard'.
54:9  The people of Nuh belied before them, they declared Our bondman to be liar and said, 'he is a madman and scolded him'. me.
54:10  He therefore prayed to his Lord, saying 'I am vanquished, do then take revenge for me.
54:11  Then We opened the doors of heaven with forceful flowing water.
54:12  And We made the earth flow with springs, so the two waters met to such a quantity, which was already decreed.
54:13  And We bore Nuh on a thing of planks and nails.
54:14  Floating before Our eyes, a recompense for him who was rejected.
54:15  And We left it as a sign. Is there then any one who would pay attention?
54:16  Therefore, how were My torment and My warnings?
54:17  And verily, We have made Quran easy for remembering, is there then any one to remember?
54:18  Aad belied, then how was My torment and My warnings?
54:19  Surely, We sent against them a strong windstorm in a day whose ill-fortune remained lasting over them.
54:20  It used to beat down the men as though they are the roots of uprooted palm trees
54:21  Then how were My torment and My warning?
54:22  And undoubtedly, We made the Quran easy for remembering is there then any one to remember,
54:23  Thamud belied the Messengers.
54:24  And they said, 'shall we follow a man from among our selves? Then we in deed are misled and mad.
54:25  Has the Reminder been sent down upon him from all among us? Nay, rather he is great liar, self-boaster.
54:26  Very soon, tomorrow they will know who was a big liar, self-boaster?
54:27  We are to send the she Camel for their trial, therefore O Saleh! Watch them and have patience.
54:28  And inform them that the water has been divided between them in shares. He who has his turn should be presented at the share.
54:29  Then they called their companion and he after taking the sword hamstrung her.
54:30  Then how were My torment and My warnings
54:31  We sent against them a single uproar, hence they became like the left over grass of enclosure builders, dry, trampled.
54:32  And verily, We made the Quran easy for remembering, is there then any one to remember?
54:33  The people of Lut belied the Messengers.
54:34  Verily, We sent over them a storm of stones except the family of Lut. We rescued them by early dawn.
54:35  As a favour from Us. Thus do We recompense him who is grateful.
54:36  And surely, he had warned them of Our grasp, but they doubted in the Commandments of warning.
54:37  They intended to solicit him from his guests, so We obliterated their every saying, 'taste My torment and My warning.
54:38  And undoubtedly, there came upon them early in the morning a lasting torment.
54:39  Taste then My torment and My warning.
54:40  And undoubtedly, We made Quran easy for remembering. Is there then any one to remember?
54:41  And verily the Messengers came to the people of Firawn (Pharoah).
54:42  They belied all Our signs Then We seized them with a grave befitting to the dignity of the Honourable and the All Authoritative.
54:43  Are your infidels better than those? Or have you an exemption in the Scriptures'
54:44  Or is it that they say, 'We shall take revenge all-together'.
54:45  Now this multitude is being driven out and they will turn their backs.
54:46  Nay, rather the Hour is their promise and the Hour is the hardest and bitterest.
54:47  Surely, the culprits are misled and mad.
54:48  The day when they shall be dragged into the fire on their faces and it will be said to them, 'taste the flame of the Hell.
54:49  Undoubtedly, We created every thing according to an estimate
54:50  And Our work is only a matter as the twinkling of an eye
54:51  And undoubtedly, We have destroyed your likes, is there anyone to look into?
54:52  And whatever they have done is in the Books.
54:53  And everything, small or big has been written down.
54:54  Undoubtedly, the pious are in gardens and stream.
54:55  In the sitting of truth before the sovereign Most Authoritative