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44:1  Ha Mim - Allah is Praiseworthy, the Lord of all Honour
44:2  This perfect Book that makes (the truth) perspicuously clear bears testimony (to the above statement)
44:3  Truly, We revealed this (Book) in a Night full of blessings (Lailatul Qadr, as) it has been Our wont to warn (people against evil)
44:4  During this (night) every matter full of wisdom (and substance) is explained distinctly
44:5  (Every matter to be decided and done) by Our own command. Verily, We have ever been sending (Messenger)
44:6  As a mercy from your Lord. Behold! He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
44:7  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them, if you would (only) be convinced (to have faith in something) have faith in Him
44:8  There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He. He alone gives life and causes to die. (He is) your Lord as well as the Lord of your forefathers
44:9  Yet (they have no faith,) they are steeped in doubt (and) occupied with unreal things
44:10  So (Prophet!) watch for the day when the sky will bring about a clear drought
44:11  That will envelop these people. This is that woeful calamity (which is foretold)
44:12  (Seeing this the people will cry out,) `Our Lord! rid us of this calamity, truly we will be believers.
44:13  How shall they take heed (now in this condition) for there has already come to them a Great Messenger telling the right from the wrong
44:14  Yet they turned away from him and said, `He is a man tutored (by others), a man bereft of his senses.
44:15  Look! We shall relax your punishment for a short while (but) you are sure to revert (to your former evil ways)
44:16  (After this respite) We shall again seize (you) with the mighty onslaught one day, then We shall inflict a sure and stern punishment
44:17  And We afflicted the people of Pharaoh with a torment before them for there had come to them (too) a noble and respectable Messenger
44:18  (Saying,) `Deliver to me the servants of Allah (- the Children of Israel). Infact I am to you a Messenger, faithful to (my) trust
44:19  `And do not rise up in defiance of Allah. Surely, I bring to you a clear authoritative proof
44:20  `And I have taken refuge with my Lord and your Lord lest you should stone me (to death)
44:21  `You had better leave me alone if you do not believe in me.
44:22  Thereupon (when they denied him) he (- Moses) called to his Lord (saying), `These are a people guilty indeed.
44:23  Then (the order was), `Set forth with My servants in a watch of the night, (for) you are going to be chased
44:24  `And leave (when) the sea (is calm and not in tide) by its depressed portion (crossing on the dunes). Surely, these (pursuers, Pharaoh and his people) are a host (of people) doomed to be drowned.
44:25  (So they were drowned;) and many a garden and springs they left behind
44:26  And the cornfields, and how beautiful a place of high status
44:27  And the prosperity and comfort that they enjoyed and took delight in
44:28  That is how it shall happen (now with the rejecters of the prophet). And We gave all such things to another people
44:29  And neither (the residents of) the heaven nor (those of) the earth mourned over them, nor were they reprieved
44:30  Look! We delivered the Children of Israel from the disgraceful torment
44:31  From (the torment of) Pharaoh. He was surely haughty (and one) of the transgressors
44:32  And We chose them (- the Children of Israel) on the basis of Our knowledge, over all their contemporary people
44:33  And We gave them some of the signs wherein were (placed) unmixed blessings
44:34  These people (of this time) do say
44:35  `It is but our first death (- the only one we will encounter) and (after that) we shall never be the revived ones
44:36  `So bring our forefathers (back to life) if you (O Muslims!) are truthful (in what you say about Resurrection).
44:37  Are they superior to the people of (Yemanite King) Tubba`, and to those (who flourished) even before them? We destroyed them (all) because they were certainly guilty
44:38  And we did not create the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them just because We were doers of some purposeless work
44:39  (That) We created them, (it was) only (for an eternal purpose) to establish the truth, yet most of them do not know this
44:40  Verily, the Day of Decision is the promised time appointed for all of them
44:41  The Day when no friend shall avail a friend in the least nor shall they be helped
44:42  Different however shall be the case of those to whom Allah will show mercy. Verily, He alone is the Mighty, the Ever Merciful
44:43  Verily, the (despicable) tree of Zaqqu
44:44  Shall be the food of the arch-sinners
44:45  (It will act) like molten copper. It will boil in (their) bellies
44:46  As the boiling of scalding water
44:47  (The word shall then pass about the guilty,) `Take hold of him then drag him into the midst of Hell
44:48  `Again pour boiling water upon his head, by way of torment (to him).
44:49  (It will be said to him,) `Suffer this (punishment of yours which you doubted). You (deemed yourself) as if you were the mighty, the honourable one
44:50  `This of course is (the very punishment) about which you used to wrangle.
44:51  As for the righteous, they shall be (lodged) in havens of peace and security
44:52  In the midst of (a land of) gardens and springs
44:53  They shall wear fine silk and heavy brocade (and will be sitting) face to face
44:54  Thus (shall it actually happen). And We shall pair them with pure maidens having beautiful large eyes
44:55  They will order therein every (kind of) fruit, and will be safe and secure
44:56  They will meet therein no death after the first death (met by them in the world). And Allah saved them from the torment of the Hell
44:57  (All this will take place by way of) grace from your Lord. That is the very great achievement indeed
44:58  And We have made this (Qur'an) easy (by revealing it) in your (Arabic) tongue, so that the people may take heed
44:59  Now await (their end), for they are (also) awaiting (yours)