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44:1  Ha. Mim.
44:2  By the book that makes things clear.
44:3  We indeed sent it down in a blessed night. We indeed are warners.
44:4  In it [that night] every wise commandment is put in detail,
44:5  a commandment from Our presence. Truly it is We who are the senders.
44:6  A mercy from your Lord. Truly He it is who is The All-hearing, The All-knowing;
44:7  Lord of the heavens and of the earth and what is between them if you truly are people of certitude.
44:8  There is no deity except He. He gives life and puts to death; your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.
44:9  Nay! They are in incredulity, playing.
44:10  Therefore watch out for a day when the heaven will bring forth a smoke most evident.
44:11  It [smoke] will cover the people. This is a painful punishment.
44:12  “O our Lord! Lift off the punishment from us we are indeed believers.”
44:13  Where will they now find the remembrance when a messenger most evident had already come to them.
44:14  But they turned away from him and they said, “A madman who had been instructed.”
44:15  We are indeed going to lift off the punishment for a little while for surely you are going to re-offend.
44:16  The day [is coming] when We will deal out the greatest strike, truly We are going to exact Our right.
44:17  And We had indeed tried before them people of Pharaoh and a messenger most gracious had come to them.
44:18  [He Said], “Give unto me the slaves of Allah. Truly I am for you a messenger most trustworthy.”
44:19  And that, “Do not raise yourself high above Allah. Truly I am coming to you with an authority most evident.
44:20  And I indeed seek refuge in my Lord and in your Lord lest you stone me.
44:21  And if you do not believe me, then keep yourself aloof from me.”
44:22  So he called his Lord [saying], “These are a people who truly are evildoers.”
44:23  [Allah said] “Then go forth at night with My slaves for truly you are going to be pursued.
44:24  And leave the sea in complete stillness. Truly they are a host who certainly are going to be drowned.”
44:25  They left behind how many a gardens and springs,
44:26  and crops and places of dwelling most gracious,
44:27  and a graceful life in which they were in full indulgence.
44:28  Thus [We had blessed them] and so We made other people inherit it.
44:29  Neither the heaven nor the earth wept for them and they were not looked upon.
44:30  And We did save the children of Israel from the humiliating punishment
44:31  from Pharaoh. Truly he ranked high among those who have wasted their souls.
44:32  And We had indeed chosen them knowingly above the people.
44:33  And We had granted them from the signs those in which there is a trial most evident.
44:34  Truly these ones they indeed say,
44:35  “There is nothing except our first death and we are not going to be resurrected.
44:36  Then bring back our fathers if you are indeed truthful.”
44:37  Are they better or the people of Tubba and those before them? We destroyed them. Truly they were evildoers.
44:38  And We did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them sporting.
44:39  We did not create both of them except by the truth but most of them do not know.
44:40  Truly the day of the final decision is their appointment altogether.
44:41  A day when no master can avail a subject in the least nor will they be helped,
44:42  except one whom Allah has blessed with His mercy [can avail]. Truly He is The All-mighty, The Most Merciful.
44:43  Truly the tree of Zaqqum.
44:44  Will be the food of the sinful one.
44:45  Like molten brass; it simmers in the bellies.
44:46  Like the simmering of scalding water.
44:47  “Seize him and lift him up into the middle of the burning fire.
44:48  Then pour over his head from the punishment of the scalding water.
44:49  Taste it! Truly it is you [who thought you] are The All-mighty, The All-gracious.
44:50  Truly this is what in which you used to be in confusion.”
44:51  Truly those who revere Allah will be in a station most secured,
44:52  in gardens and fountains.
44:53  They wear from fine silk and from embroideries, facing one another.
44:54  Thus it is and We married them with ladies of paradise with beautiful eyes.
44:55  They will call therein for every kind of fruit while they are in complete safety.
44:56  They will not taste the death therein save the former death and He will save them from the punishment of the burning fire.
44:57  A favor from your Lord. That is the most magnificent success.
44:58  We have made it [Quran] easy with your tongue only so that they may come to remembrance.
44:59  Therefore watch for they too are watching.