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44:1  Ha, Meem.
44:2  And by The Obvious Book.
44:3  Surely, We sent it down within a blessed night. Surely, We were warning
44:4  Within it is distinguished every wise command.
44:5  A command from Us. Surely, We are sending messengers.
44:6  A mercy from your Lord. Surely, He is Al-Samieu (The Hearer), Al-Aalim (The Knowledgeable).
44:7  The skies’ Lord and the earth and what is between them, if you were certain ones.
44:8  There is no god except Him; He gives life and causes death. Your Lord and your former parents’ Lord.
44:9  Nay, but they are suspiciously playing.
44:10  So watch out for a Day when the sky brings with it obvious smoke.
44:11  Overcovering the people; this is a painful torment.
44:12  “Our Lord, uncover about us the torment, we are believers.”
44:13  How should they have the Reminder? And an obvious messenger has already come to them.
44:14  Then they turned away from him, and said, "[He was] taught [and was] a madman."
44:15  Surely, We shall uncover the torment for a little while. Surely, you shall return.
44:16  On a Day when We annihilate the grand annihilation, surely, We will take revenge.
44:17  And before them We had already infatuated Pharaoh’s kinfolk, and there came to them a noble messenger.
44:18  “That you release to me Allah’s slaves. Surely, I am an honest messenger for you.”
44:19  And, “Do not be haughty against Allah. Surely, I come to you by an obvious Sultan.
44:20  And surely, I am incanting with my Lord and your Lord, lest you stone me.
44:21  And if you do not believe me, so isolate yourselves from me.
44:22  So, He called his Lord: “Surely these kinfolks are criminals.”
44:23  “So, march with My slaves by night. Surely you will be followed.”.
44:24  And leave the sea (RAHU) in stillness. Surely, they are drowned troops."
44:25  How much do they left behind, of paradises and springs??
44:26  And vegetations, and noble sites.
44:27  And grace they were rejoicing therein.
44:28  Thus, and We inherited it, another kinfolk.
44:29  So, neither the sky and the earth wept over them, nor they were respited.
44:30  And We already saved Israel's children from the humiliating torment.
44:31  From Pharaoh, surely, he was haughty, from the extravagant persons.
44:32  And We already chose them upon knowledge over the worlds.
44:33  And We gave them among the verses, in which there was an obvious trial.
44:34  Surely, these will say.
44:35  “It is not except our first death, and we will not be propagated (raised after death).
44:36  So, bring our parents, if you are truthful ones.”
44:37  Are they better or Tubbaa'’s kinfolk and those before them? We destroyed them. Surely, they were criminals.
44:38  We did not create the skies and the earth and what is between them in play.
44:39  We did not create them except with the right, but most of them do not know.
44:40  Surely the decisive adjudication day is their appointed time altogether.
44:41  A Day when no guardian will avail about his ward of a thing, nor they will get victory.
44:42  Except whoever Allah has mercified. Surely, He is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Raheem (The merciful to his creation and himself).
44:43  Surely the Zaqqum Tree.
44:44  The sinner ‘s food.
44:45  Like the molten brass; boiling inside the bellies.
44:46  Like boiling the scalding water.
44:47  Take him, so drag him into the midst of The Hellfire!
44:48  Then pour over his head among the scalding water’s torment."
44:49  "Taste! Surely, you are the precious, the noble!
44:50  Surely this is what with it you were skepticizing.
44:51  Surely the pious are in secure sites.
44:52  In paradises and springs.
44:53  They shall wear fine silk (Sundus) and thick silk (Istabraq), (sitting) face to face.
44:54  Thus. And We married them by nymphets with beautiful large eyes.
44:55  They will be invited therein by every fruit, securely.
44:56  They are not tasting the death therein except the first death, and He has protected them from the Hellfire’s torment.
44:57  A bounty from your Lord. That is The Great Winning.
44:58  So, only We ease it with your tongue, perhaps they may be remembering.
44:59  So watch; surely, they are watching.