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44:1  Haa. Me’im!
44:2  By this divine ‘Book’, which reveals the ultimate truth, is a revelation from Allâh.
44:3  We sent it down on a ‘Blessed Night’. We truthfully are ever warning.
44:4  On this night, every wise command is made distinct.
44:5  A command from Us, We truthfully are ever sending ‘Messengers’
44:6  As a (divine) clemency from your Lord. Indeed, He is All-hearing and All-knowing.
44:7  (Allâh is) the Lord of the heavens and of the earth and of all that is between them if you do have a definite faith.
44:8  There is no God but He. He is the One Who gives life and causes death. He is your Lord and the Lord of your fore-fathers.
44:9  Nay, they harbour doubts, playing.
44:10  Then wait for the Day when the sky brings dense smoke,
44:11  Enveloping the people. This is an agonizing chastisement.
44:12  (They will say): "Our Lord, has put an end to this chastisement. Of course, we are really of those who are inclined to believe in Him.”
44:13  How could there be remembrance for them, when a ‘Messenger’ distinctly had come to them.
44:14  But they turned away from him, saying: "(He has been) taught, (and he is) a lunatic."
44:15  Indeed, We will put an end to the chastisement for a while. Indeed, you, , (‘Polytheists’), will return again (to your sinful & impious acts).
44:16  On the day when We will seize them with the most fierce seizing. Definitely, We will exact divine retribution.
44:17  Indeed We tried the clan of ‘Pharaoh’ before them, and there came to them an honorable ‘Messenger’,
44:18  Saying: “Deliver to me the servants of Allâh (among the ‘children of Israel’). I am truly faithful ‘Messenger’ to you.”
44:19  Exalt not yourselves against Allâh. Indeed, I come to you with a manifest authority.
44:20  I truly seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord, lest you stone me to death.
44:21  But if you do not believe in me, then at least stay away from me.”
44:22  Then he appealed to his Lord, saying: “These are a folk of ungodly sinners .”
44:23  (The Lord Allâh said): “Then set out with My servants by night. Surely, you will be followed,
44:24  And leave the sea as it is. (“Pharaoh” & his) army are (doomed) to be drowned."
44:25  How many they left behind of gardens, springs,
44:26  Cornfields, luxury homes
44:27  And other bounties which they enjoyed.
44:28  Thus, (it was). We caused all these things to be inherited by other people.
44:29  Neither the sky nor the earth shed a tear over them; nor were they reprieved.
44:30  Indeed, We saved the ‘Children of Israel’ from the humiliating torment,
44:31  Inflicted by ‘Pharaoh’. Indeed, he was supercilious and one of the prodigals.
44:32  We chose them, out of a knowledge, above all creatures.
44:33  We gave them of the signs that in which there was a hard test.
44:34  Indeed, these people, (-the Quraysh Tribe of Mecca-), are saying:
44:35  "There is naught but our first death. And we shall not be resurrected.
44:36  Thus, bring back our fore-fathers, if you are truthful.
44:37  Are they better or the folk of ‘Tubba' and those before them? We annihilated them because they were truly ungodly sinners.
44:38  We created not the heavens or the earth, or all that is between them, for no reason.
44:39  We created them not except for a specific reason, but most of them don’t know.
44:40  Absolutely, the ‘Decisive Day’ is the term for them all,
44:41  The day when no friend will be able to avail his friend in any way, nor will they be helped,
44:42  Except the one to whom Allâh will show (His) mercy. Indeed, He is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.
44:43  Indeed, the tree of ‘Zaqqum’
44:44  Will be the food of the sinful,
44:45  Like the murky oil boiling in the bellies.
44:46  Like the boiling of scalding water.
44:47  (It will be said): "Seize him and thrust him into the midst of ‘Hellfire’.
44:48  Then pour over his head the chastisement of scalding water."
44:49  (It will be said), “Savor! Indeed, you are the mighty, the generous!
44:50  Indeed, this is what you used to doubt.”
44:51  Indeed, The ‘Pious’ (whose faith is unfeigned) will be in a safety place
44:52  In gardens and springs,
44:53  Clothed in fine silk and rich fabric, sitting face to face with one another.
44:54  Thus, (will it be). We will wed them to fair women with beautiful wide, lustrous eyes.
44:55  They will enjoy therein all kinds of fruits, in perfect peace and tranquility.
44:56  They will taste no death therein, except the first death. And He will save them from the chastisement of ‘Hellfire.
44:57  As a Bounty from your Lord! This is indeed the ultimate success and the supreme one..
44:58  Verily, We have made this (‘Qur’ān’) easy in your tongue so that they may be able to remember.
44:59  Wait then, (O ‘Muhammad’); indeed, they (too) are waiting.