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44:1  Ha. Meem.
44:2  Consider the enlightening Book.
44:3  We bestowed it during a blessed night for We wanted to forewarn.
44:4  Within it, every aspect of wisdom is distinguished.
44:5  [It is so] by command from Us, for We grant,…
44:6  …as a mercy from your Lord. He truly is the All-hearing, the All-knowing.
44:7  [He is] the Lord of Heavens and Earth and all among them. If only you were certain!
44:8  No god is there except Him! He gives life, and He gives death –the Lord of you and your earliest ancestors.
44:9  Yet, they flit in doubt.
44:10  Watch for the day when the sky will erupt in thick smoke.
44:11  [The smoke will be] enveloping the people. This will be a wretched penalty!
44:12  “Our Lord, remove the penalty from us, for now we really do believe!”
44:13  How shall the message solidify for them, seeing that a message clearly explaining had come to them?
44:14  Yet they turned away from him and said, “He’s been coached! He’s possessed!”
44:15  We shall indeed withdraw the penalty for a while, but truly you [sinners] will lapse [back to your wicked ways].
44:16  One day We will seize you with a mighty onslaught. We will indeed exact retribution.
44:17  Before them, We tried the people of Pharaoh. An honorable messenger came to them.
44:18  [He was] saying, “Restore to me the servants of Allah. I am for you a trustworthy messenger.
44:19  Do not be arrogant against Allah. I come to you with evident authority.
44:20  Indeed, I have sought refuge, with my Lord and your Lord, so you will not stone me.
44:21  If you do not believe in me, separate yourselves from me.”
44:22  [After their aggression], he cried to his Lord, “These people are lost sinners.”
44:23  [Allah’s orders:] “March forth with My servants by night, for you will certainly be pursued.
44:24  Leave the sea as a furrow, for they [Pharaoh’s army] are a host to be drowned.”
44:25  They left behind many gardens and springs.
44:26  [They left behind] cornfields and splendid buildings.
44:27  [They left behind] luxuries that made them happy.
44:28  That’s the way it was. We made other people inheritors [of what they left behind].
44:29  Neither Heaven nor Earth shed a tear for them. They were given no respite.
44:30  We delivered the Children of Israel from humiliating suffering.
44:31  [The suffering] was inflicted by Pharaoh for he was arrogant among the sinners.
44:32  We chose (the Children of Israel), with knowledge, above all other nations.
44:33  [We] granted them signs in which there was evident trial.
44:34  As for these [Quraysh], they say this:…
44:35  …“There is only our first death, and we will not be raised again.
44:36  “Return our ancestors if what you say is true.”
44:37  Are they any better than the people of Tubba and those who came before them? We destroyed them because they were guilty of sin.
44:38  We did not create the skies and Earth and all among them merely for sport.
44:39  We did not create them for anything except a purpose. Most of them do not understand.
44:40  Truly, the day of distinction is the time appointed for all of them.
44:41  [It is] the day when no friend can avail his/her friend at all. They can receive no help.
44:42  The exception is those who receive Allah’s mercy. Truly, He is the Victorious, the Most Merciful.
44:43  Truly, the Tree of Bitterness…
44:44  …will be the food of the sinners.
44:45  [It will be] like molten brass. It will boil in their bellies.
44:46  [It will be] like the boiling of scalding water.
44:47  “Seize him/her. Drag him/her into the midst of the blazing fire.
44:48  Pour over his/her head the torment of boiling water.
44:49  “Taste! Truly, you were high and mighty!
44:50  “Truly, this [Hell] is what you used to doubt.”
44:51  The righteous will be in a position of security.
44:52  [They will be] among gardens and springs.
44:53  [They will be] dressed in fine silk and rich brocade. They will face each other.
44:54  Thus shall it be. We shall join them to companions with beautiful, wide, lustrous eyes.
44:55  There they can ask for every kind of fruit, in security.
44:56  They will never taste death, except the initial death. He will save them from the penalty of Hell.
44:57  [That will be] a grace from your Lord. That will be the ultimate achievement!
44:58  Truly, We have made this [Qur’an] easy in your tongue so that they may pay attention.
44:59  Wait and watch. They also are waiting.